Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Oh November...I am here and it is my birthday month!

WEll. I know you were all like Maya Songbird is tardy on her blog post for this month and well I must admit I did take a little Sabbatical for the mere fact that the Elections had everyone's brain focused on Donald Trumps Toupee and Hillary Clinton's pussy power at stake and such and then it got all crazy because then Donald Trump and then real terror begin like Halloween all over again. Who so ever thought that Micheal Myers would be president and we would all be Jamie Lee Curtis.

It has to be against the law for the President to be completely overly malice to its people so well I will move on to better ideas that we wont have to run for cover to much. We can always impeach Donald Trump and put Shirley Caesar in office because she has always been great but mostly excited for the level of worldwide success she is achieving for a song that was a particular favorite when it came on KSOL Sunday mornings in the am back in the eighties in the car on the way to church...Just my comprehension of all the current events happening this month when I come out of my consistent daydream.But this chaotic society makes me feel so safe to drift away and pop my head in from time to time like oh hey yeah maybe I should move on again. Oh the joy of living in my head.

As you know this is my birthday month and I am over the moon ecstatic for this next chapter. I just kinda dived in and performed with out telling you here but I told you on places like my Facebook...Have you liked my page? Super Corny and Cheesy but you can do so here..Facebook.Com/MayaSongbird

I also shared on Twitter, but my page has been private because of insidious behavior and bullying and honey I am not here for it...But if you are feeling pure and true follow me

Do I have an Instagram? Yes I do..Follow @TheWeirdestMaya and @WiredWeirdEnt....

So Some amazing things have been happening in my life and I am so thankful. First things first. Thank you Ratskin Records for supporting me heavy this year. Whatever I ask you make it happen and that is imperial.

The best birthday gift is knowing that my tapes "Queen of Darkness" and "Welcome to the Darkside" have sold and been received well. And here are some places you can cop them at. It is a dark commodity you absolutely need in your life.

You can purchase my tapes at Vamp Vintage Art in Oakland CA.

Econo Jam Records in Oakland

And Vacation SF in San Francisco not only has tapes but also some Birdie handmade products.

I have a big surprise for December to announce in the tape realm.

So also I am excited to tell you about my Collaboration with Talia M Taylor. We originally collaborated like in 2013 and we liked it so we formed a supergroup and called it Black Girls in OuterSpace...

So this is our second collaboration titled "Up Above My Head"...

This all went down in a day. My Counterpart Lady Talia hit me and was like I have had this song by Kirk Franklin and the Family in my head all day and I think if we did an uplifting version on it the world would go mad. Well I added the last part but it was like similar sentiments. lol Any way Now we are here. With "Up Above My Head" which was originally a free style. Check out the Video Directed by Trippy Sanders. @Trippy_Sanders

And listen on Soundcloud.

So our full Debut hits you live in direct for Black History month and we got something real real and relevant to say.

I want to close off this blog post by Thanking West Oakland Holistic Health Center for having me perform at their Amazing turnt up Benefit show earlier this month!

Thank you Justime and Joshua for having me at Afternoon Delight in Retrospect cheers to another successful year under the belt. What great parties are made of and you know a party is amazing if it conjures the rain in the summertime.

Thank you Kevin for capturing that moment.

Thank you Comfort and Joy (Beatrix, Joshua, and Ultra) for having me Twirl.


A thank you to everyone who is always kind to me and just loves me. Feels good to have that in a world of hate. Some real good Utopian ass SunShine!

It is my birthday on Saturday and I am ready for the blessings a new year brings.


Peace and XO's
Maya Papaya

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