Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Be A Kid Again" event was a SUCCESS!

And then pretty much everything in life after that wonderful day got tumultuous as Mercury in Retrograde unleashed her wrath...but for that Magical day in the wee beginning phases of Retrograde shenanigans...01/24 was complete magic for all who participated!

Coming together with Krowswork Gallery to have an event where we invited all adults to come in to the gallery for a Radical Medicine/Walking Meditation series setup literally asking them to leave all adult life at the door and embrace your inner child!

That was the Flyer and the Welcome description when you first walked through the doors!

We had everything a adult kid could ever want!

We had candy! We had Cake and Ice Cream! At our treats activity station!

We had our art Station with coloring Books, chalk, Paper, Paints!

What's a Be A Kid Again event without DJ Kelp on the Ones and Twos spinning all your adventurous Kiddie Grooves! She had an awesome Collection!

This was my personal Favorite! Disco Mickey en Espanol! You haven't lived until you heard Donald Duck quack to a Disco song in spanish! Best laugh I have had in a lonnnnng time!

We had an awesome PlayDough set up! Put together by My Friend Helena and what was so awesome about this playdough was it had essential aromatherapy oils in it. Playing with the playdough was an healing and senses stimulating experience!

Some of the awesome Playdough creations made by the participant!

We had an awesome Silly String fight also! That was the highlight for me along with DJ Kelp playing some of her AntiNote collection as we laid on pillows and had quiet time...back in my kindergarten days, My teacher Ms. Kardos used to take us down to the school auditorium where we would lay on the stage on cots and play a game she called Dead Fish. Sounds a bit outrageous now but for us it was fun because we got to use our imagination and lay still and not move. Me of course, I always got in trouble for being the chatter box.

We had a nice turnout. Some people walked in from off the street. Some came out knowing we were having the event and were ready to dive right in to the fun! My favorite guy in particular was the guy who came in and said instantly he didn't even know how to connect with his inner child and was a bit hesitant about everything! But after we had that Silly String fight (which I won, lol) ...It was on! He participated in every activity! I know he had a good time!

The Be a Kid Again was just a great experience for all who attended! I hope that it Spreads like Wildfire and the event is carried on through out the world! Hosting a "Be a Kid Again" for your community is magical and FUN!

Thank You to the Owner of Krowswork Gallery for extending this opportunity to me to open up the portal for Adults to be children! I love you so very much!

Also Shout out to the real Kid that came through and inspired us towards the end of our event!

Keep in Contact with Krowswork Gallery and become a Krowsworker! Support KrowsWork Galleries Kickstarter to keep the doors of Krowswork Gallery open! Become a Krowswork Member! Check it out!

A special thanks again to Jasmine, Andi, Helena, and Andrew!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Black History Month!

Well Everyday is a special day to remember our ancestors fight for our rights to have equality in this world. But as we are currently in the shortest month of all the months that they have branded us to have Black history month celebration..well then Let the festivities of Black Power commence! As we continue to make strives towards making much more history for generations to come!

I am excited to tell you about this Saturday where you can check out the opening of a brand new Black business in Berkeley. A nice Jewelry/Accessory store by the name of Ankara Style!

They will be opening their doors to celebrate Black History Month with an awesome Mixer that shouldn't be missed hosted by Kadesh Carter, Owner of Sankofa Vine.

On Sunday at Leo's Club, Life is Loving will be occurring and the positive vibes will be thriving. My friend MADlines ( invited me to perform a bit with her so come out and support as we unveil our new collaboration efforts M.U.S.E

Ok last but not least! I had to share this awesome fundraiser to send a group of Oakland Mclyemonds High School students to Africa! How cool is that experience for our youth! Please contribute! They have 29 more days!

Check out this awesome Website curated by Khaya Wig and support these youth!

Peace and Black Life Positivity!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Music: "Take Me To The Moon"

What a way to start off the New Year. Wow. So blessed already! This song is produced by Bayroo Burner and when I first heard it I was like What a great groove.

The words flowed. The rhythm and arrangement just was all cohesive. The ultimate test was performing the song for the first time. That in turn was an awesome response from the crowd. I knew Bayroo and I had gold on our hand. So when he posted the song I was to hyped. And HEAR it is...

"Take Me To The Moon"

Enjoy the Flow. Enjoy the Vibes...

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

if ever a love song...

My collaboration with Jalal Salaam...Off of his album "Ethics".

I love his flow rhyme and message in all of his collection.

Blessed he pulled me to feature on this ultimate love song.

we both agree on what a true love story is.

Press Play and explore not just this song but the full collection.

Monday, December 8, 2014

"DUMBPHONES" and December

Wow. Did we really just wake up in January blink our eyes and end up in december?

What a fucking year! So fast much?
I just want to thank the Most High for the life, The lessons, The growth, The lost of the unreal, The Betrayal. But everything that matters would be the Music. The Gift. The Blessing. The Full Magic.

A lot of folks seek the money and are blinded to what is happening not just on our planet but the current lineup of our solar system. Galaxies in between reality play a big part in this planet energy.
I think back to when I actually wanted a record deal. Lets all laugh in correlation right now. For to be incarcerated and puppeted out like a slave just ain't the life the most high scribed for me.Watch out for them chains disguised as contracts.

Excited to soon share a full life album with everyone. Independently. My Debut Full Length Album is called "Writing My Life" produced by the God of TRippy. My Big Brother Trippy Swaggert. AKA Trippy Sanders.

I would say making this album has been an experience pushing my levels of openness and creativity to the levels of expansion. The left side and right side of my brain came together and congregated quite well.

We welcome you up into our world with our debut track from "Writing My Life" ~~~~> #DumbPhones....

This year has been a mighty one in the realm of performances and I close off this year at Fresh Steps at Lukas in downtown Oakland.

Gonna be in the Space with a Plethora of Beauty. All Ladies showcase curated by the Creative Young God Leon "DNASTEE"


Friday, October 31, 2014

"Live Again" Full EP now Streaming on Soundcloud!

Yay! "Live Again" MayAmra's Debut EP is now Streaming on!

Here is the Cosmic Alignment!

"Human Life (Intro)" Produced by AMRAisland Lyrics by Maya Songbird
"You Should Be Dancing" Produced by AMRAisland Lyrics by Maya Songbird Background Vox AMRAisland
"Little Black Boat" Produced by AMRAisland Lyrics by AMRAisland and Maya Songbird Background Vox AMRAisland
"Live Again" Produced by AMRAisland Lyrics by Maya Songbird

What makes this project the best ever is two witchy women came together and created this 4 song EP with love!

Look forward to more from #MAYAMRA! STREAM ON CHILDREN! Soon we will have the full project available for download!