Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Friiiiddaaay!

After the first week after surviving the treacherous Claws of Mercury in Retrograde...I present to you two NEW Creative shindigs to make you all happy!!!!

First the official Visual for "No No No Don't Do It" off of the 80/90 EP!

No No No Don't Do It (Don't Be Afraid to Fall in Love) from M. Ayesha Edwards on Vimeo.

Directed and Edited by Meleka Edwards
Co-Director and Cinematographer Shantre Pinkney
Starring Tyree Bursey (My Son) and Caillyn Gilliam

Share This visual!!!!

also Got a new Song produced by the dopest Jomac!

Be Blessed!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

"Pretty Bird, Song Bird.." Vol.2....

Do you mind if I sing you a Song of Lessons Understood?

"Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Vol.2 is available for Download on Bandcamp!

Please make sure to like, share, and play all of these songs with your friends.

Check out some Awesome Visual clips of my top three Fav songs!


"Thirty and Flirty"


Will there be a Vol.3? As the Journey continues why yes..yes there will be... This is a whole Audio Book Series filled with DEBAUCHERY!

Thanks for Enjoying Vol.1 and 2! and if you haven't heard Vol.1...The time is NOW!!!!!

Press Up's (CDS) coming soon so you can like lick me sooner than you know!

CD PRESS UPS Will be available at all upcoming shows because i hired My mom to do the merch table work so make my mom proud and purchase your copy!

Harambe! UHURU! PEACE!

Wait! Stream on Soundcloud also so volume 2 can become massively popular!



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Music Love

Oh. There are some Gems to be shared with you and I am excited to be the mother who is about to tell you about them!

I'm a little late but my Brother From a similar galaxy dropped a Project called "Ethics"!

A follow up to his Debut "Mathematics"

I am proud to share I am on this album. The whole project is fire and I was super excited when he asked me to partake in the "Ethics" project as I am a super fan and Enjoyed "Mathematics"..

I love his vocal delivery and production. But most importantly the LYRICAL CONTENT. The lyrics of every song. just take you there. a beautiful thing. worthwhile experience!!
Check out the track I am featured on called "Wildflower"...

Also the Cosmic Brethren Duckwrth dropped a new project called #Taxfree! The whole project is simply amazing.

I was super excited the first time I heard it had to bring it back a few times and repost on the soundcloud! I love the whole project! My favs though are "Travel" because of massive great vibes through out the whole song and "Voltron" Because Queens D. Light ripped so beastly like and I love the Sankofa Nigga at the end! You will love it too!



Monday, February 10, 2014

here goes. 2014

i can't say i approach new man made years with super excitement because i still see a world in chaos. and i wonder what year would be the year the world stops in rotations and the humans fall off the planet into space. thats where they need to be. with me.

anywho. well its here.2014. and it started off awesome. because God answered my mums prayer for me to express myself as a songwriter. not just on my stories..the gift to interpret other life stories. so i went to atlanta. a place that loves artist. felt right at home like a true ATlien. even gained 10 whole pounds off of the fried chicken with gravy! wow in all of my fat girl years i have never done that! (for all pictures of this journey go to my Instagram! EYEISBIRDIE)

got to even work on the project at the legendary patchwerk studios. where they provided fresh chocolate chip cookies and lemonade which was amazing true Southern Hospitality.

so i got to spread my wings and songwrite from a more pop-ier perspective and i would love to do that again and again. and again.

then i came home and rocked two really awesome shows!!!! that was so awesome! two shows in one day! it was a great welcome back home.

And now in February I will invite you to some more shows.

In Honor of Black History Month they have a Black bird twirling at Three Stages and I am super Stoked.

So Mark your Calendar and Come see me like you Love me.

First up. I will Be at the Malidoma Collective hosted Event Called "The Mating Dance"

I am so excited to share the Stage with my Sisters in Music. J. Mitchell

Queens D. Light

Kara Kersey

Just want to get your loveday kicked off the right way. in Song!

Check out the Flier! Dig the Flamingos of Love! Bring your mate or Meet your mate.

On Feb 18th..A few days Later...Come Love me as the Featured Artist at "Open And Out" A Queer Open Mic! I will be playing all the grooves from "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Vol.1

and you know the routine. SING ALONG so come Prepared to show out with Birdie..

Also Make sure to Check out "Qwest" another open mic that has a film flare.

To stay on calender lets talk about New Music dropping on 2/22... 2nd Volume of "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" coming to you live and direct from my galaxy to yours. lol.

available for streaming on my SoundCloud.


OK. Then the next day on 2/23 I will be at my favorite Party "Club FIST"

Very Special edition because It's Black History Month!

And I will be performing Vol.1 and Vol. 2 of the BirdieTape Saga "Pretty Bird, Song Bird"

New SONGS! what a great way to end February!

I really enjoy all of my friends at this party! Especially My Girl Friend SanCHA.and my Two Toned, gap tooth twin Cle.

Well thats all for now. Thanks for reading. in 2014 as you have since 2010.

Peace and be blessed!

Monday, December 2, 2013

"Pretty Bird, Song Bird" A BirdieTAPE Vol. 1 is here!

Whassup Birdies...So a lot of you have been streaming on Soundcloud The Official first Volume of the BirdieTAPE series...And I thank you Mucho Grande!

Now that you have been listening for a few days I must tell you the synopsis of it all..

So here is a breakdown of the five song project and what was happening with me in the midst of conjuring up these lyrics...

"Happy Birthday" was so real to me...It was a few days before my 30th birthday last year...When I wrote it and I just wanted all the things to be great with the decade switch off. To me it was like leaping in to the 30s galaxy so If I was going to take that Leap....I for sure wanted it to be major bountiful...I was really excited especially since prior to this song epiphany I had a Conversation with Zoltar to make me "Thirty and Flirty"

So this Birthday song is special to me. I hope it finds you well..

"I Don't Like Him" I feel the song speaks for itself. lol You know in your late 20s the pressure is on for you to start playing with the idea of settling down. Well you know there is that fear there to fall in love... with *gasps* the wrong person...This song is connected to a song I wrote on the "80/90" EP "No No No Don't do It (Be AFraid to fall in Love)" So I was all afraid then I was like Hold up. I don't even like Him. ugh. I resonate here. I have the face that guys love to make sweet promises to. LIKE. "I want to have a picnic with you by the Lake" Then No Action. I don't have to continue to put any pups on blast but we will just say they key words in the song are "When honesty is so close to the truth" if you feel that way then make it happen. No No No I don't Like him!

"LittleBoy Pup" I wanted to give the planet a Ballsagonistic song as I am so tired of the misogyny that occurs all day everyday in your hip hop tunes and your rippity rap. So hear goes. A Nice ball Crunching song. Also to let you know love is a responsibility that I am willing to take if you are willing to put on your collar. Your wedding ring.

"People Hold On" was a Freestyle. I let my heart get on the mic. My heart spoke everyword. And I hope you see what I see through my blind eyes.

"Call It(How I see It)" A message to hopefully open up minds rapidly. For the sake of our future. It's easy and simplistic.

Thank you for vibing to the first volume of the BirdieTAPE series.

We plan to drop the second Volume in January near Auk the God's birthday for Good Juju...

You can download your Copy of Volume one on Thursday Dec. 5th at MayaSongbird.Bandcamp.Com

Hardcopies will be available on Bandcamp on December 16th...A very Special Edition...

Also I will be Performing these new grooves live in LA thanks to Kyle Guy.. Two Dates with Special Guest...

12/15 MidNite Records


YAY! I'll post Fliers for the LA BIRDIES at and on Twitter...Facebook also!

Thank you for always visiting my planet with such happiness and positivity!

Massive blessings to you and yours.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Attention! All Media Outlets! Official Press Release for "Pretty Bird, Song Bird

Greetings BirdieFreaks...

It with big smiles I share with you the Official Press Release for my latest project, A Mixtape (A Birdietape) Titled "Pretty Bird, Song Bird".

Please share with all Media Outlets as we Celebrate new Music from Birdie! For Booking radio please email!

To share write-ups on Social Networking..@YOMayaSongbird and

Pretty Bird Song Bird Press Release