Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Video: "NiteMare"

I am so happy this finally got done.

I have been trying to shoot this video with Quincy forever!

So when I saw him at line at SAFEWAY and he was like Yeah lets! I was like omg thank you most high.

We had so much fun like a year ago making this song. At the time I was dating this new guy. So yeah pretty awesome what I was feeling.

Love can be so complicated when you aren't what is the norm.

I think Quincy and I killed this song. We flowed so well together. I love you Quincy.

"NiteMare" Quincy Mosby featuring Maya Songbird from Maya Songbird on Vimeo.

October Shows (Calling all Spirits and Spicy Pumpkins)

Well the best season is here. Fall and Winter is upon us and the energy feels so good after all this planet mischief's adding up to be the number of 2015.

I am happy to be performing on 10/8 for GoodShow.Org presents "The Afro-Funk Experience"

Performing an all dance set and 50% of all ticket proceeds go to Larkin Street Youth. Which is so near and dear to me because I was a wild SF teen at one point in these mean SF streets where we grow up so fast with the lure of parties and drugs. City life is intense. How did I ever survive? Surely lots of prayer from my mother. Also thankful for the toughen up experience.

DJ JUSTIME will be in the building with me. Playing my set and his own set Keeping the party all the way live and colorful like always.

Along with The AfroFunk Experience band, Kate Lamont, and Marshall House Project. Thank you Amber.

Purchase your Tickets here.

On October 9th, I Will playing at El Rio along with Adonisaurus.

This is a Free Show and I am playing a 45 minute set where I will be debuting some songs for my community that are produced by me! Wow! To be producing my own music and two new songs at that! I am on the moon right now! Thank you Noelle.

Looking to keep the calendar nice and full so please book me to twirl in your galaxy.

Peace and Pumpkins.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Questions you have been asking..."Where on Earth can I purchase hard copies of Maya Songbirds grooves?"

Well some Good hardcore Birdie Musical art grooves are available for purchase at 1-2-3-4 GO! Records (420 40th St. Oakland CA)

The two available Projects for sale is a Compilation of all of my projects over the years titled "The Evolution of Maya Songbird".

The following Projects on "The Evolution of Maya Songbird" are....


80/90 EP

Pretty Bird, Song Bird Vol 1 & 2


All Handmade, Handpainted, and super Heartfelt from your birdie with a heart on her shoulder.

Also have the "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Vol 1 & 2 available to be purchased.

All collectible and authentic product so please pick up a copy!

Thank you so much for the support and for folks not in the bay who would like to make a purchase of my musical art, you can purchase online here. Click the project and you will be directed to the 1234 GO site where my project is available to be purchased and shipped.




Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Upcoming Shows. (Dancing into Spectacular September)

So we Hit September cute with a cool album listening party at First Friday for "Zen Emo" and "Writing My Life"...Both Projects produced by

TRIPPY :-) Who the world also knows as Stephen Rigmaiden. (had to put the government name out there so you know!) lol

That's the latest track produced by Trippy/Stephen...Well I am really excited that you will hear Some of Two great albums on September 4th at The Good Mother Gallery

Going to be performing a few songs from the Album and Trippy will be Spinning some from both albums. There will also be some interactive experiences for you as well. After all it is The Artistic World of First Friday!

Allow me to reintroduce you the world of "Writing My Life" with the debut Single..."Dumbphones"

I'm going to say two things. This Album is for my chill thirties like Maya and Trippy fam. you born up in the 80s. Tired of Trap ready for something straight up TRIPPY...Something for us in our damn 30s and up but never any discrimination cuz music and love is universal. Just wanted to give something to my age realm. lord knows the 90s babies have their moment but can the 80s babies get down on the get down. WE lived through some good era of music so I dedicate this album to you. I dedicate this album to Oakland. I was inspired about my life cycle and experiences in Oakland. Thanks Oakland for inspiring me to write my life in this moment of occupying. Just a black girl from the FRISCO. Loving on Oakland.

So Lets Keep the Party going. Having a Pop Up Shop. Where I showcase my Musical Art collection. It's something when you can combine your music and turn it into an Art show. I have physical original handmade one of a kind Musical ART being shown on 9/11 at Concept 47 in Temescal.

Looking like an evil genius allergic to those cute and sassy pumps.

This event is so Lady like. And of course we will be listening to that "Writing My Life"

Excited to debut My musical art, along with my jewelry collection and other fun original art. Nothing over 20$ but everything all Quiche and Sparkly.

And What is a Birdie Pop Up without the WINE?

Come Shop at Concept 47 in TEMESCAL. Everyday and especially on 09/11.

I also have an announcement to make so there will be a toast!

Then on September 13th(DAY PARTY)...We celebrate the release of my great friends GAYMOUS new video for FEMME ON FEMME

It is going to be a DISCO WITCH COVEN of delightful adventure.

SO READY. I get to give you some new dance moves in celebration!


And check out the Award winning Debut from GAYMOUS "(Lets Pretend We Don't Have) Feelings"

Hit it Alex! Hit it Noelle! AKA GAYMOUS

(Let's Pretend We Don't Have) Feelings from GAYmous on Vimeo.

Peace and PARTY.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Perfect Body....

The Perfect Body

Is a Body that is able to hold a spirit.
A body that is capable to hold a soul.
An Imperfect Body.
Is a dead one.
Now Go live.
In your Perfect Body.
That is how you solve the case. Decode the situation.
Why too many people hate the smallest thing of themselves.
To shake hands with death and it steal ain't gonna be right.
Filling it up with PLASTIC!
What is it to be someone else.
What is it to smoke cigarettes.
If the men did it would it be right?
If it was only pale would it be white?
When you could be a teen.
Your name could be Doris.

No Dorises were hurt. I love all you Dorises.

Don't be mean! Don't laugh out loud!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Come Out and Support 'Art and Love in a Time of War'!

On august 21st at Regina's Door in Downtown Oakland, Kris De La Rash, Alysia Simmons, and Myself take on the worlds energies healing through art and love. The ultimate Vibration which is music! So please RSVP here....