Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Parading in my undies again....#PARADEambassador

I am back with a new Parade Campaign. This time I am wearing undies, bra, and scarf from their Fruit Salad collection.

We shot at the legendary Noah Purifoy Museum... Nothin like wearing your undies in a legendary Public art space installation right in the middle of the desert. What makes this place even more Iconic is that Noah Purifoy a Black man artist built this installation the last 13 years of his life. From 1989-until 2004. Check out more about this legend at www.NoahPurifoy.com..

All photos are by Dottie Lux.

Shop at Myparade.com.....Use my code THEWEIRDESTMAYA for 20% off!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

New video "I don't have to be Nice"!

So I am hella Happy to debut this new video "I don't Have to be nice"!

I wrote this song in 2015 and I want to tell you I am excited to finally start to get ready to share my album "Cats from Venus" so very soon. Just wrapping up the final song and then Wallah it goes through the rigamorow of being put out and I hope you anticipate because it is really good and has songs that I have been performing live for years and now you can hear it in yo car and yo house.

So here goes....I don't have to be nice....This video was directed by SANTIAGO. A really good sincere guy with great character. I was so happy to work with him. I had literally met him on the weekend and by wednesday we were shooting this video and he was on time and ready to work. We created a masterpiece. Also he is a sagitarrius like me so you know he is great. But please connect with him on Instagram. @Santyi_._._ and @Santyisgallery. Hire him because he is great. You will see cuz I am about to post our video.

SO ideally writing this song was just an ode to me and you not having to be nice. You can hold space for how you really feel and if being darksided and mean works for you well then tap in to that. I consider myself mean when I have to be. Kind and loving if I feel moved. But Maya is not nice!

Everyone always told me I was and bitch I am not. So now you know.

This song is produced By Amra Island.

Here goes....

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Parade Ambassador

Hello World. Excited to share my body in fancy underwear. I was tapped to model for Parade and I am very excited.

What I liked about Parade is that they are a Sustainable creative underwear that is pretty affordable. The underwear is super unique and stylish. My first tool kit came for their Summer Daisy collection which is entirely carbon neutral and I gasped because there was a thong. lol

Now yall know I am a grandma drawls type of gal but my friend Dottie Lux coached me and wallah. My ass is in a thong. I will say this thong was very comfortable and I could wear it all day.

I got my favorite photographer @_Ren_rut together with me to help with making these photos come to life. I cherish Krista because we work so well together. And our collaborations always inspire others and push boundaries. Krista is all the way bad ass and has always been supportive of me and my gifts. Its a dynamic Duo vibe and I am here for it.

I am proud to share me modeling in the Dandellion underwear set.

To shop Parade with code go to yourparade.com and enter in THEWEIRDESTMAYA for 20% discount on all undies.

Also please book your sessions with Renrut Studios at Renrutstudio.squarespace.com

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Welcome to Maya's Magic Shop....

Hello. It has been so long since I posted. I am stil here. It is just that I dealt with losing my sister and then I lost my dad. That was very hard to go through.

But Life was not done with me. I also lost my favorite black cat Uti, a good frend that was like a second mom to me since I was 18, and My Aunt who I am named after. Damn. Yes I have spent the last few years in a place of grief.

As we all had to make shifts and learn lessons during this pandemic. Something really good happened. Magically of course.

For many years I have handmade my own merch as I didn't have money for fancy merch like a lot of artist so I took matters in to my own hands literally and from that Maya's Magic Shop was hatched. Started out with a table at shows. Then evolved to a suitcase for many years. The merch turned it to its own lane and I would get vending oppurtunities at Markets outside of shows. You all fell in love with my magic candles and more and that really helped me survive as an artist.

I was able to launch the first pop up out of a home I was living in which was super underground but a location you could come through and shop and that was from 2018-2019.

It was trial for sure but successful nonetheless.

Fast Foward to 2020 and we were to move our pop up into Oakland Secret Store but Covid came through and stopped that plan. Amongst many other plans..And a lot of what the hell moments.

And then a miracoulous situation opened to where we were able to host the pop up as an installation inside Slurp art Gallery. Right next door to Gay 4 U resturant. Which means me eating really good vegan food all the time.

So I am posting this post to celebrate our one year anniversary of our installation inside Slurp Art Gallery. I have had the pleasure to be apart of such a beautiful artistic community as well as the beloved bottoms community which has been special to me in my life for the last 12 years. We house many local artist within the DIY scene in our space. Mostly all handmade divination tools within our space.

Check out these lovely photos celebrating our one year by Renee Lopez of Miss Lopez Media @misslopezmedia misslopez.media.com

So this Sunday we are having our installation celebration party.

There will be champagne and also a pop up with my good friend Avery Zues Next door making amazing Vegan soul food and also music to celebrate Gaia's 30th birthday!

Come thru.

Friday, March 15, 2019

March Dancing Schedule

My apologies for not posting sooner because I have been swept up in a big family situation that honestly has been consuming my energy since November. Just want to let you know how much family matters to me so I am glad to have been there for my family. I am happy to always go above and beyond for all of my loved ones.

Me personally in perfect timing and understanding that also taking the time out for myself helps no matter the situation and the best for me is when I am dancing with you so lets dance. And hopefully soon I will be able to post on here how dancing with y'all brought me so much Joy in January and February.

Also when I am not posting from this portal I update on shows on Instagram at @theweirdestmaya and on facebook at MAYA SONGBIRD...

I do also want to say that I am in production for something new. In a lot of areas and will be sharing something about that at all Solo Shows.

Tonight I am in New York and I play SBR for the first time. Thanks to River aka Ghostpiss.

An official New York Selfie.

Here is the party tonight 3/15 and I am excited.

And then tomorrow Evening I will play Thirst a new party by My Bandmate Lix and Drea!

BRB with more show announcement because its retrograde and I have to get ready for toniiiighhht.

Ok I am back! So! I am happy to be back in Oakland to play the new legendary art party called "Ignite" at The Alena Museum on 3/23. I get to co-host this amazing event and close the night with a solo set.

Its going to be an amazing night filled with Music, Art,and Vendors. Everything and I have a free pass and Discount codes so holler at me.

Buy your Tickets here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ignite-illuminating-the-bay-tickets-57839894682

Use my discount code of mayasongbird to get your 10$ tickets.

Very excited to be apart of Ignite(Illuminating the Bay) presented by @WeCreateSparks!

On the evening of 3/24 I am excited to play @GayGutz! So LA Fam Lets Dance. You know how we do! All fun! <3

On 3/25 I play at El Rio with Telepathic Children. We Are playing a cute Monday show with Batset and Sigsaly.

Totally Sexcited. :)

And then...that very next day we hit the road with Sweetie Darling. AGGGHHHHH. Telepathic Children is on tour with Sweetie Darling 3/26-3/31!!

3/26 Santa Cruz at Subrosa with Sweetie Darling, Chelsea Jones
3/27 Fresno at La Maison Kabab Bruise Violet Collective presents:School Night Series Vol 2 with Sweetie Darling, Daze Baby
3/28 Los Angeles at Junior High with Sweetie Darling, Cat Mahatta, Bedroom Witch, and GhostPiss
3/29 El Centro at Discordia Records with Sweetie Darling, Nemesis Nel, Nydia Flores, Julissa Castro, Valendo Madre
3/30 San Diego at SDCP with Good Time Girl, The Davidsons, ConTact, Hexed, Sweetie Darling!
3/31 in Tijauna Mexico BRB with more info on that.

Thannk you Lets Dance!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Happy 2019...Let's dance!

Hello World! Happy New Year! It doesn't feel to knew because 2018 was strange and abrupt and it was like new fancy curtains that said 2019 on them and we all took a deep a breath and slowly gathered our minds and ended up here and I want to congratulate everyone for flipping their brain towards the new new. I personally was a bit groggy but kicking ,off the year with a good show was repowered focus and I am happy to invite you to my shows this month.

Well first show of the month has happened and when I don't get to post here I usually post show updates on my Facebook page or my Instagram Feed or stories. (I made those two linkable so you can ,subscribe)

I Played my first show at Body taboo Defiance which is a monthly that takes place in San Francisco at the Legendary Shelton Theatre. So you might have missed the first show of 2019 but you can check the schedule over at sheltontheatre.org.

A Beautiful cast of Variety burlesque brought to you by the Burlesque legend the Lady Dottie Lux! @dottielux

Next Show is this Thursday at the legendary Stud SF from 9pm-2am...I present to you "Lustful....A night of forbidden pleasure"...Featuring Maya Songbird, Zedgar Infiniti, Dingbat Superminx, Yocheved Zenaida and Dj Siobhan. It will be SEXY. But most importantly filled with lust and forbidden desire.

Official Flyer...

And official Facebook Event invite is here.

Then that Saturday 1/12 meet me on the Dancefloor at #Queerspace in LA.

Thank you Peter for having me I love you so much.
On Jan 22nd it is International Trans Prisoners Solidarity Day and a very special Benefit Show and Release party for Psychic Eye records compilation that benefits the TGI Justice Project...Supporting incarcerated trans Women. So come out and dance.

My Song "Wicked Attraction" is on that Compilation. I will also play some new music at #QueerSpace and The release party so come ready to dance.

A pleasant reminder also that my song "Chocolate Cherry" is playing on my Youtube! Watch and subscribe here youtube.com/mayasongbird!!

I want to close out this post with a thank you for supporting Maya Songbird for the last 10 years.