Friday, December 1, 2017

Official visual for "Staying Alive"

So yeah 2017 has been very interesting. A lot of endings which I am sure in the long run I will be all excited a lot of these things happened for the good of my soul to expand and elevate. But why lord did I have to go through all of this and why did you also? But as we are now in December. Thank Gawd. Things seem to have lightened up even though I am legit holding on to the ceiling of an upside down room like a frazzled black cat with her claws all the way out. This year was a painful one in the aftermath of loosing a lot of people I considered chosen family in 2016.

The universe sheltered me I feel though with a chance to lick my wounds and heal properly. I never thought I would be travelling the world. Playing shows. Meeting new audiences worldwide and that has been special and I promise a recap before the year is completely over.

I am proud to share with you the official Visual for my song "Staying Alive" off of the project collaboration with AmraIsland. Thinking maybe a full release for the project and you are in for a treat 2018.

I thank Ananyah and Nikki for bringing this idea to life. We shot this visual in London!!!!!!!!!!

This video is directed by Maya Songbird @theweirdestmaya and Ananyah (Nai Du) @yennavo and Edited by Nikki Kaplowitz @cockroach.princess

Just a example of that continuous lady power! Music production by @Amraisland and of course all of these @'s lead to pages on instagram!

This video was ideally trying to basically cope with the idea of how life can easily morph into death so take it easy and enjoy life smoothly as possible.

Ok so expect me to tell you about my 2017 adventures filled with ups and downs. I got some tea. I know my friends in heaven smiling down on me like she still crazy and full of life.

Also watch and share the video on YouTube.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Recap of the "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Tour with BbyBangz and Tig Bitty!

I must warn you. This was quite the adventure.

When Bby and I hit the road we had no idea what we were getting in to.

So we were like driving when all of a sudden my car decides to express his inner bucket.

I did all the things I was supposed to do by getting the car checked out and everything but surprise while we were driving down the highway to hell, my right tire exploded which knocked off my belt and damaged my Axle.

Which left us completely stranded roadside. A voice instantly went off in my head like "How bad do you want this"...But literally within minutes of being stranded a good Samaritan came to our rescue.

After two hours of getting the car back up in running we were headed to Salem, Oregon. Special thanks to John Bolles, who saved us with no hidden agenda, just a pure and kind heart.

So after 8 more hours of driving carefully in my fancy bucket who I have since named "Orion" in response to the tricky and troubled belt in my car. Named after the infamous "Orion's Belt"...I thought that would be awesome as now I would say a little prayer that our Good Samaritan taught us for the rest of our Journey. I was taught the St. Peters prayer and maybe you know it to. I will share it with you as you may need it for your journey's also.

"St Peter keep your shadow on me. Don't let me have any flat tires. Or accidents or any cops stop or arrest me or impound my car."

Well believe it or not that little prayer got us through. I swear every time we turned on the car it knocked and grunted and just was not trying to act right. By the Grace of God, stamina, We got through.

So we made it to our Salem stop at the awesome Space Concert Club. Late as ever. But we were greeted with this awesome name in Chalk...

Everyone at The Space Concert Club was so warm and kind to us. They fed us and gave us great liquor and I played a small set. We ended up actually rescheduling our show for the next Wednesday after it all though.

We then got back in Orion's belt and headed to Portland to crash at Vern and Ian's place. Thank you Vern and Ian for the Hospitality.

Got a chance to hang with Vern in the am and chill in Vern's Fern Garden.

Later that evening we had a gig at Le Voyeur. The legendary punk DIY venue of Olympia!

So we packed up Orion and said our St Peter's prayer. We magically arrived in Olympia.

Olympia was cool because that is where we met up Tig Bitty and we played our first show all together that night.

That is Bby opening up the evening with great Trap Queen Vibrations.

All in all the evening was interesting but fun nonetheless.

But the best was that evening meeting Caitlyn ( The Queen of Olympia who also happened to be a November Sagittarius) and Gabriel who just so happens to go by St Gabriel and is an awesome guy in two cool bands. So yeah we met them at Le Voyeur and then crashed with them for several nights. We even got to have a small house party where Tig Bitty and I performed. Every night spent in Olympia was well spent. Oly has my heart. Here are some Oly moments.

Gabriel took us to a swimhole. It was amazing. Also shout out To Dumpster Value for that amazing swimsuit!

The best part was when we were leaving and Bby picked up what she thought was to be a caterpillar but was actually a poisonous Centipede which secretes Hydrogen Cyanide. Omg.

Our Seattle gig. Well we didn't get paid. They paid the sound guy instead. It was about three touring acts and no one got paid. But the venue was nice. And the drinks were good.

Bby's Set was awesomee.

More beautiful pictures coming from Rachel soon of the Seattle Event.

(me and Tigbitty in between sets)

We didn't leave Seattle without visiting and hanging out in Seattle's night scene. Bby and I packed up Orions Belt and headed to Dwntwn Seattle to hang out with Rachel at a cool hip hop spot! Also thanks Rachel and roommates for letting us crash at your pad after!

We Then headed back to Portland to play The beautiful Twilight cafe and bar. We stayed with my friend Lauren. This was my look for the evening!

Instantly when we walked through the door of the Twilight we were drawn to the magic wall on the stage.

Portland was awesome, although we didn't have the best turnout.

My favorite about Portland is the pot shops everywhere and not needing a Pot card to get in!

We also enjoyed First Thursday's art walk. That was amazing.

Up next we were back in Salem Oregon and that was a majestic evening to be had.

We had a full house at The Space Concert Club and played with Salem legends Night Lizard and Oakland Goth Girl Band, Composite.

It was a smooth evening and every body danced! You would have to have been there to believe the magic was real and felt! Just want to thank Doug and Summer for being so great to us! Along with all the other awesome Salem native that were so hospitable to us not once but twice! The love in Salem is real and if you are ever in Salem make sure to stop by the Space Concert Club because the food is amazing!

So then we packed up the car and headed to our last gig in Arcata at The Outer Space Clubhouse!

OMG the ride down from Portland Oregon was delicious, De-Groovy, and DeGorgeous! Agh! Every single curve turn and uphill and downhill was imperial. Ugh I lived!

We made it to Arcata just in time for Soundcheck and also grabbed some good Pizza.

OMG so Good!

Arcata was perfect! Thank you Cole for this moment!

Thank you Lisken for these awesome photos.

Arcata! You brought it!!!!! Thank you for such good love!

But the After party was also so very lit! IT was so nice to meet and party with everyone!

Thank you to everyone who supported us on this tour! Thank you to our friends in Olympia who donated to our tour fund.

Thank you for the beds to sleep in. Thank you for taking care of BBY and I. Thank Tig Bitty for showing up and showing out! You are amazing and your Success is over the moon high! Love you much! BBY thank you for surviving this adventure with me! Excited for our September adventure. And all of our future endeavors together. You are the bomb my bby from the Bronx!

Listen to BBYBANGZ and Subscribe and Support! Soundcloud, FAcebook,

Listen to Tig Bitty and Subscribe and Support! Bandcamp, Facebook

Until next time! XO

Friday, May 12, 2017

May Tour Dates and flyers and Facebook Events!

I am so Excited! Well this is only my fourth tour. My Second one that I put together. What I am happy about is being able to bring two other artist with me. For me this is very important as a black woman hitting the road. On My own. Not under a man. I hope I inspire other artist of color especially women to do the same. Throw caution to the wind and glide glide glide.

Here goes a day by day synopsis.

On May 22nd we kick off the tour at Bocci's Cellar in Santa Cruz. RSVP on Facebook here.

On May 24th we are The Space Concert Club in Salem Oregon. RSVP on Facebook here.

On May 26th we are at Le Voyuer for an early all ages show from 6Pm-10Pm. RSVP on Facebook here.

On May 27th we merge with several artist at the Lo Fi in Seattle. RSVP on Facebook here.

On May 28th we are in Vancouver! We made it to Canada! I want to give a shout out to my mom who was in Canada pregnant with me hella years ago and together we ate Es cargo. RSVP on Facebook here.

On May 30th we are in Portland again for a show at the Twilight Cafe and Bar. RSVP on Facebook here.

We close out in Arcata and I am so happy my friend I met in Puerto Rico will be joining us!

There it is! The "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Tour. Thank you so much for supporting! I am glad to share the stage with Tig Bitty and BBYBangz.

In the words of Lady Miss Kier..."I believe in the power of love. Let the people call me naive. But I believe. Feel the power"

So yeah let me tell you how amazing to me Tig Bitty is. Wow. I met her when I was on tour with Ratskin Records last year this time. Tig Bitty is the Electronic Rap Queen of Portland! I saw her perform for the first time at Portland's Glitter Dome and the rest is history.

Let me tell you about Bbybangz. BBy is a brave young artist coming straight out the Bronx making Experimental pop/goth/electronica sounds. Getting real rowdy. Super original and free spirited. I am glad to share this experience with her.

Thank you for love and support.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May Shows, events and May tour?

Last post I told you about my road addiction and saying true to my Sagittarius nature I have aimed my arrow on some new fun adventures I can not wait to share with you!

Ok So May show kicks off with a performance at the San Jose Quilt Museum in honor of my good friend Laurie Shapiro who is currently in a residency at the museum. Her art installation is amazing. It is called "Before you were born"

So on the evening of May 5th, I will be performing in front of Laurie's painting she made of me which is super amazing.

How cool is that?

Read about the event here.

Then on Sunday May 7th, I will be with my Afternoon Delight family in the New Parish courtyard from 3pm-8pm.

This is the flyer. Say you will be there!

You can RSVP here.

Then on May 13th and every second Saturday of the month at the Stork Club there is an Electronica event you should check out that I will be playing at and I am excited.

It will be an amazing evening of the best Dance music. Starring Pretty Handsome, Vice Reine, Contxt and me!


Now I am ultra happy to tell you about the launch of Wired Weird Ent. We originally launched last year in January 2016 and since then kind of tested the waters to see how we can swim. I would not say we sunk, but I will say I took some things.. I am ready to now lick my wounds and start over again. It will be a bit hard because my good Friend Chase who supported me and worked with me on this particular endeavor passed away in the Ghostship. I have him hear with me on this journey. His love and support still remains. So without further hesitation I would like to share with you the official event invite to celebrate the launch of Wired Weird ENT and Maya's Magic Shop at Oakland.Secret. WE are having a carnival/freakfest/festival and it is our 1st installment and we would like to make this an annual thing.

So far we have an amazing supportive lineup. There will be amazing outside performances.


Creepy Joni
The Oakland Mind
Piano Rain

Stay tuned to all of the event info here on Facebook...

Ok now the Grand Finale to this month!

Surprise everyone! I will hitting the road to share the magic!

Check my flyer for your town!

So on May 22nd I will be in Santa Cruz at Bocci Cellar...

On May 24th I will be in Salem, Oregan at The Space Concert Club..where I will be joined with my tourmate Tig Bitty.

On May 26th we will be in Olympia at Le Voyuer.

May 27th we will be in Seattle at the Lo-Fi playing with Coreena, MMMelt, Anther, Le Fomo.

MAy 28th we will be at the Wise Hall and Lounge in Vancouver Canada! Playing a Show with Kimmmortal.

We are still waiting to hear back for two Portland shows. I will update accordingly upon the word it has been booked.

Thank you for your Continued support! I can not believe I am going to meet all new friends!

Thank you!


Monday, April 24, 2017

Recap of the Sister Spit Tour.

A babe gets a taste of the road and never wants to not be on it. For 15 nights and 15 days I was blessed to travel with a squad of amazing Poets/Writers.

We started out on March 1st completely unaware of how we would all vibe and get along for the next 15 days. I must say that Juliana put together a compatible respectable bunch of queers to take on the road of celebrated fans of the Sister Spit tour.

This was huge! This was the 20th year anniversary.

20 years of Poets/Writers taking on the road to venues to spit poems without boundaries or barriers. Just Explicit raw cut real life. I was here for the journey of it all.

There we are. The Very First day. A quick introduction to each other and we were off and this was proof.

We were headed to Arcata! Our first stop on the tour was Humboldt University.

Along the way we stopped at a few places. My favorite was Confusion Hill.

We Were instantly confused upon arrival.

We played with the magical love machines inside. I got an amazing majestic reading from the Wizard.

I was touched by what he had to say. He was real.

But the best was paying 5$ to experience the gravity house.

You can't stay in to long it will leave you confused for sure. Confusion hill was so Epic.

As we went back to the tour van which was a big black van we called Billy, to get back on the journey to Arcata..I just kinda watched the road how it winded and the trees and the secret passages that led to other roads. I wondered about each fucking secret road I saw. Where it led. ha.

So yeah we arrived in Arcata and the hotel was quaint and had great sugar cookies.

Me in the Lobby after eating a Sugar cookie. Not a single trace. haha

So yeah Arcata our first night was everything I dreamed of and more. The Audience brought it. They welcomed us. Chanted with us. Hooted and hollered with us! They were ready for a show and they supported us so tough and bought all of our merchandise!

Humboldt University was amazing.

This was a special moment. I made a new friend and she got my sticker and framed it and tagged me in it.

The next morning at the hotel we experienced the best Continental breakfast ever haha. My favorite was the exquisite waffle machine. Which I learned pretty much every hotel we stayed at had that special waffle maker. I said to myself wow.. I must live a life forever where I make Waffles at hotels while on tour and like make waffles for everyone who is awake to experience continental breakfast because you really have to be awake or you miss the courtesy breakfast train!

I had to post that picture of my tour mate Denise Benevidos (google her now) macbook. I remembered that moment in particular as I was eating like me too. Take that picture for real! haha....

I enjoyed taking lots of selfies in the mirror in my Mickey PJS

Then later on that day we headed back to Humbold University to lead a Writers Workshop and enjoy a great lunch with students on campus.

We also got to Sign autographs of our tour poster.

I had the pups on their knees by the way.

But the best was this awesome fortune cookie I got after convincing my tour mate Celeste and Tour Mom Jerry Lee to go explore this "Oriental" Buffet across the street that had amazing Yelp reviews but the food was not good at all. When we got there I knew we would all end up on the toilet and not for sport. haha!

I never knew Tupac was out here writing fortune cookies. haha.

So funny. Till this day my tour mates still mention this line. Ha Ha So Good!

The next day we were headed to Olympia and I must give a shout out to our Tour Mom Jerry Lee who was fantastic. Jerry Lee is Bad Ass! A true Road Warrior! Jerry if you are reading this take your bow! You are amazing!

So in Olympia the crowd was amazing.

We played in a library and I sung Regal Slut in the library. Don't worry all the children had left by the time we commenced to the exclaiming Slut slut Slut portion of the song. Going to plug right here that you can download "Regal slut" here for free.

Olympia was amazing but what was even more grand was the Olympia Libraries amazing Zine collection and my friend Maria gave me a few copies of her Zine "Dagger Glares" which is amazing and you should get a copy from her asap or if you are in Olympia you should go to the library and check it out because it is in the library.

Partial tourmate photo...Missing Tour Mom Jerry Lee, and tour mates Virgie Tovar and Denise Benevidos.

Olympia was great because I had my own hotel condo shindig. Also the night after the show we had really great pizza.

Any who enjoy these Olympia hotel Selfies.

I have to tell you though the Continental breakfast at this hotel was not good at all. They didn't serve bacon or sausage on the weekends. I woke up early for no reason lol.

We then headed to Seattle. Agh Seattle. I really love Seattle.

We played a day set at the Film Forum. What was great about the drive though to Seattle was I was able to sit in the front seat! Agh and see the road head on from the front of the van. It was so invigorating. But most importantly tour spy cam was in full effect. Got this Candid of tour mates Celeste Chan, Juliana Delgado Lopera, and Cathy De La Cruz. haha

The Film forum was awesome because I got to show video with my presentation. Thanks to tour mom Jerry lee who was also our sound technician who made sure all of our performances were smooth as butter. Perfection.

Our live panel was lit also afterwards...

Read about it here...

We headed to Portland, Where we ended our first portion of tour before headed back home for a day off before playing our San Francisco Show and heading down to LA.

Port;and was an amazing audience with some awesome Sister Spit Alumni. The support and love at every tour stop on this tour was outrageous and real.

We literally never had a bad night.

Thank you To Sailor for taking good care of us in Portland and taking us to Rimsky's. Also the spa time was decompressing and super relaxing!

Almost must say how awesome it was to have these pot diamonds to take back on our journey back to the bay for our home show and day off.

Omg pure magic.

On our way home we landed in a Snow Dimension.

It was amazing....

Isn't that beautiful.

The three Sags on our tour (Myself, Jennifer Joshua Espinoza and Cathy De la Cruz) I Think we were in Deep thought about the first part of the tour.

Our Home Show in SF at the Stud was amazing.

Next up we headed down to Fresno and that was amazing because we shared the bill with the best band ever Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries.

Our friends shared these awesome treats..

We then were headed to West hollywood and as soon as we touched down I had to make a meme because I was in the LA realm!

Also got inspired to start writing a little zine I named "Bad Grammar"...Here is a little of the beginning of that thought.

Random but I know you want to know more. So stay tuned as you will be able to experience the full experience sooner than you know.

West Hollywood was amazing and it was so great to see familiar faces in the audience.

Also sold these awesome birdie kitty earrings to this baby birdie. So Awesome.

We then headed to Long Beach. I learned that Long beach was not in LA. I instantly replayed the infamous Snoop Lyrics in my head "City of Long Beach"...Lightbulb moment.

Long Beach is Amazing. the livest Audience hands down. I saw a lot of familiar faces also. It was real.

This awesome announcement was at the venue upon our arrival.

Long Beach was the tour Stop that solidified our rockstar status I must say. It was amazing. Especially dinner that evening after our show and the cool neighborhood gay dive bar.

The next day we were headed back to LA for the Plus Bus event.

If you are still reading this post. I appreciate that you care. So I am going to wrap it up. The rest of this post will just be pictures. In the following order, Riverside, Loyola Marymount, and Palm springs where we ended our tour.

Damn Right. We ended our tour in Palm springs.

Cathy captured this photo of me as she was the first to exit Billy the tour bus.

Parting was such sweet sorrow. I honestly got to travel with 7 individuals that were complete strangers and we had to think fast and make consecutive decisions quickly as a team. We were an awesome team. We cheered each other on and supported each other tough and I love that. Now I want to connect you to all of my tour mates so you can follow and support and check out their work because they are the voices that need to be heard out loud so the planet will stay in rotation.

First up..the Lady Virgie Tovar..@VirgieTovar on instagram and every social media platform and at

Juliana Delgado Lopera. The Columbian Goddess @julianalopera on insta and @radarproductions on instagram.

Cathy De La Cruz @saddiego on Twitter and @cathydelacruz on instagram

Denise Benavides @denisebenavides on instagram and

Celeste Chan @celestiepie on instagram @celestechan2020 on twitter.

Jennifer Espinoza @Sadqueer4life on instagram and twitter...

Tour Mom!!!! Jerry Lee... @itsmejerrylee...

And that is it!

Thank you for reading. Sister Spit 20th anniversary tour was an amazing experience to be had by every one of us for sure.

I learned so much about the road. I feel extremely confident in approaching a new crowd every night for hella nights in a row.

agggh Xo.