Thursday, November 19, 2015

Saving Aura.

You know life is so funny how events transpire.

Kinda just have to give thanks for every moment on this journey of the unknown.

Flash back to about late September, I had started to hear a cat meowing and I would think it was my cat but it was not her at all. I would look at her like girl what is up and she would look at me like girl it isn't me meowing in your head.

Now first thought would be am I going crazy? No way! Why would I snap to that extreme to where I am hearing cats meow in my head now.

So the madness continued and then finally one night the meows got really really loud.

I was actually trying to record a song and I could not because the meows were so loud. I even posted on Facebook like who the hell has there cat in the hallway!

Everytime I would walk into the hallway the cries would stop. I thought the madness would never end because as soon as I went back in my living space the cries would start again.

Then finally at 4am, I found the culprit. A baby black kitten! I liked to have fell out the irony. You know how much I love my black cats. This Baby was outside our gate and peaked at me and screamed and then ran away. I said oh My. I must save it.

So I go in the house and get my cats traveler carrier and flashlight and come to find the kitten had ran and hid behind a rock. The kitten hissed at me and spit at me so violently, But I was able to get her in the carrier.

Come to find out our apartment manager had been chasing the cat around most of the night. She had to have a cigarette to calm her nerves.

So the kitten was very mad about being saved and was extremely feral and I called up the nearest SPCA to get advice on handling the cat but they would not even see her without me paying massive amounts of money up front.

So I took matters into my own hands. I had a very wild kitten in my bathroom and I was terrified of her.

This Kitten was really mean. Growling, Hissing and spitting. I thought would I ever get close to this kitten?

I was afraid of her. Lol

I would like open the door, slide her cat food in and shut the door so fast.

I even experienced the treacherous kitten growl.


To make her more at home. I made her this little bed shindig.

And this was the first time she let me hold her.

Just like that those big growls turned into soft purrs. Must have been the contact with my heart. I had a new friend.

I even gave her, her first bath.

There was just one problem. Kitten Aura and our Cat UTI hated each other. The fur just would not stop flying. No matter how much we tried to make them get along. :(

It is true. The women are feline. And everyday my house was like an episode of Love and Hip Hop.

Things was tense in our home. So I had to find Aura a good home. Even though I really wanted to keep her.

Look at all that love.

Well we ended up this past weekend giving Aura to my friend Georgia who lives in our building so I would still get to see her and be apart of her life. Kinda like a good Co-Fur mom.

Look At Aura! Look at what some good loving can do for you!! Love is so good.

Our last few days together I made sure to overdose Aura with lots of kisses, so she would be ready for her new home.

Kitten Aura loved me so much, She even would get in the bathtub with me. I took time off from my everyday schedule to invest love into Aura. I had a dream when I went to sleep after rescuing Aura that if I had not I would have found her dead outside my window.

God Bless the world. Save all of our babies whether they have skin, scales, or fur.

Friday, November 13, 2015

#FLASHBACK Traveling on that Cosmic Spaceship...Sessions With Sasha Kelley

In Early 2012, I was introduced to Sasha Kelley at Omiroo Gallery in Downtown Oakland by KT the Groovy Tiger.

We immediately hit it off. Two sweet souls meet and the rest is history.

We scheduled a session for Sasha Kelley to come over and shoot me at my Palace and interview me on my release "80/90" that was out at the time.

I don't know why I never officially shared the picture collection. Just bits and pieces here and there..

But I was on Dropbox last night and came across the full collection and thought to share it with you and to further share with my readers the magic of Sasha Kelley and any good that can go to this incredible phenomenal woman please direct it to


What Made this day even more special? We had some of the best Ice Cream I Have ever had in my life in the Fruitvale when we walked to the bart station after our session. I never saw that Ice Cream Cart again. The guys wife with the ice cream said he had finally got the courage to share his ice cream. It had a peculiar feel on my tongue. Tasted like sweet vanilla cold sand. It was so good and I never saw him out there again. From time to time I still look for him in the Fruitvale. Must have been magic?

Continuous blessings from the most high to you Sasha! Check out To keep up with Sasha. Follow her Magic on Instagram @YesSashaKelley.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

November Shows...Bring me my Hoes! It is my Birthday Month.

When I think of my birthday as I age, I think a black space in my head about it all.

It is really weird, like when I was a little girl, I could remember this whole spectacle where I would have a serious countdown and be all excited about it.

Now I am more so having blah thoughts. Hmm and I think another chance to achieve life at a new level and you so know how much I am completely in to Numerology so the big 33 for me seems divine.

Especially since most of my numbers in my numerology chart are 3. Most things in my life come at me in threes. 333 is me. Now I am turning 33.

I am really excited about this although it feels like I am a bit of a late bloomer. I feel the journey has been long and now I just really want to be in the best place to preserve what is left of my "sanity". Whatever that means. Surely, I must say when 11/1 hit I put on my birthday suit and never looked back. I was like wow, it already is now my birthday month and I am already always in my Birthday suite and now I have the excuse to wear it so much, my cats will want one also. Everyone in honor of my birthday,may even WEAR one! Send me pics if you do.

One thing that remains for all of my human years I will say I am in my skin all the way deep in the flesh.

But Most importantly, here are some places where you can see me in the Flesh.

On 11/13 I will be playing a fun set at Grease Diner Art Gallery in Oakland for the Paintings of Love Event by Laurie Shapiro.

and here is the official Facebook invite.

Thank you Laurie and Jon Jon for having me and thank you Pineapple.

Then On 11/20 I will be performing an all dance set where I will twirl us out of this world and back.

I will be at ASSTROLOGAY... A dance Party celebrating all of the Scorpittariuses of the world like myself. Those born on the cusp of Darkness and Debauchery. So much fun.

And you can RSVP on Facebook here...

Thank you Foxxy Newport/Jesse for having me.

Now I will tell you were I will be celebrating my Birthday officially.

On 11/25 (the day before my actual birthday which is 11/26)I will be super disorderly with my New World Dysorder family for my birthday at their weekly event that is at the Rock Steady in Oakland. This is the ultimate dance weekly party happening at Rock Steady every Wednesday. I am so excited because Jasmine is throwing me a party because she loves me. I will also play a small set!

You know what they say about the friends that Slay together...

I will post a flyer for that event when I have one.

It is so weird because I was thinking about all of this birthday stuff all day today and 2015 has been so weird. I feel like as I get older, all I have is Air in my head. What has happened to my brain here? It is that feeling to constantly know whats next you know. Even though you are getting old and you don't really care. I am so happy with the patience of a saint who is glad all of her wishes are coming true.

But surely it is my birthday every day this month and I will act accordingly and soak up the sunshine, metaphorically because it is getting cold. I also noticed how great it is to be born in November and hi-five to all of my gracious and genuine fellow November natives...we are DOUBLE SEASONED. Able to navigate fall and winter. Wow, we are great. If you would like to send me birthday gifts because you think I deserve them for being such a good girl. ;) Send to!

Happy BIRTHDAY to you and to me!!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

New Age Women on the Go...#CamperBabes Part Two..

Ok. As Promised. We are back with Part Two featuring Ily Cortez Aka Ily Queen.

So this is so cool. I met Ily through my friend Amelia aka AMRA, while in LA and when we Journeyed back to take Ily home after a fun day of rehearsal for a show we had together. Low and Behold She had a glorious and groovy Camper. I said, "Wow, ILY! I have another friend who lives in a cool camper just like you and I plan to write up about her life living unconventional in a camper to inspire women to branch out on their own camper adventure. I want to feature you also."

And so now we are here!Ily is going to take us into her world of unconventionalism and total #camperbabe power. Enjoy.

What inspired you to live such an unconventional life in an RV?

What inspired me to live an unconventional life the most was Honestly my love for music for creating as a musician, writer, and artist and the punk movement and music specifically the anarcho/beat punk movement and anarchist squatter free punk lifestyle. Anarchist literature from all over the world inspired me and gave me knowledge to know that you don't have to enslave yourself to meet societies requirements and expectations. Also Quiet frankly, I was a musician working an office job 9-5 Monday thru Friday and one day I woke up and said I don't want to spend my life and youth like this. Life's too short to not do the things that make me ultimately happy in life. From that moment on I decided to "get out" of the routine that the system has and throw everyone's opinion about what's right and wrong and what a good citizen should do out the window and decided to free myself. I've never been happier.

How long have you lived in a RV?

About 6 months now, I just bought it off which means basically I'm living on my own and rent free ! :)

Do you plan to travel more with your RV?

Definitely! Another reason why I decided to purchase my rv is because I realized Im young and I have not traveled enough and it's time to start doin just that! Also I'm planning on using it for touring purposes for my band "CXA". Whenever we decide to do a DIY tour that is.

What are some of the perks?

Living rent free! Only requires maintanence every now and again and gas to get around. You can drive anywhere and anywhere can be your backyard or front yard! Rvs are cozy. Not costly at all.

What are some of the hardships?

You gotta switch up the parking by moving forward or backward every once in a while so parking enforcement doesn't get on your case. You gotta clean the waste tanks every once In a while like twice a month at least. If you do it on the street make sure you have access to water and it's at a time where no one can see u. You have to be selective about where you station (park) gotta make sure it's safe and that you can get electrical hookups and water cause it's an rv if you need electrical and water you need a hookup !

Any inspiring words to ladies who might want to become an RV living girl?

I think that the most important person in life is yourself. As long as you know the value of your own life just know you can do anything in life you don't have to be tied down to any type of lifestyle because you're a woman. Yes living in an rv can be risky and it's not the easiest thing in the world either. But what In life is easy? Anything can be a task in life and if it can be done it can be done and it can be the best thing ever if done right.

Well there you have it. What more better way to convince you to try something new and dance while doing it.

I hope you are inspired to think outside the box on your path and live your life how you please.
I hope if you are a woman who has read Part One and Two of the #CamperBabes Story, that you are inspired to live a super independent and unconventional lifestyle. Meaning you are the author, editor, and director of your life.

Keep in touch with ILY on Facebook

And on Instagram.

Thank you so much Ily for sharing your #camperbabe life with us.

Peace and Unconditional Love to all readers.

Wishing you lots of Rainbows and Sunshine along the path.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Magic Maker Spotlight on Trippy Sanders...Check out "Zen Emo"

You know me. Always got to let you know what is the best for your ears in these streets, and it is not like I am being Biased or anything because you see it is one of my favorite producers to work with I am about tell you about's new project. But OMG world. "ZEN EMO" is where it is at.

Lets see. Great music is so needed to play the role of the soundtrack to your life and this is a great album to accompany you along the life path. "Zen Emo" has much meaning to your soul. Play this album when in search of chill flotation purpose.

Two ways you can hear this album. You can stream first on Soundcloud.

You know put it on when you are about to get some work done on your computer machine and need some good inspiration. Play this album loud when you are about to pull up to the easel and need some colorful inspiration.

Also available for purchase on Itunes. You know tickle the pockets of TRippy so he can eat off of his art.

Also Check out Trippy's unique art collection. Just recently taking it to the next level after much popular demand you can purchase his cool art online.

Head over to


Friday, October 16, 2015

New Age Women on The Go...#CamperBabes Part One...

As we progress further into exploring our liberation hand in hand with our womanhood, I am so happy to share with you the new on the go movement for the new age woman. I like to call it #CamperBabing...AKA Babes living life unconventional, single, and free in Campers.

Keep reading and I will introduce to you in a two part series to two of my great friends, La Rosa Luna (Rose for Short) and Ily Cortez.

First up meet my #CamperBabe friend who I met last year at a cool Halloween party in West Oakland. She is also a November baby like me on the Scorpio/Sag cusp and we clicked instantly and I enjoy visiting her Camper for girl time and was like, "Oh My God, Rose...You have to share your story with the women of the world. They have to know about the magic of living creatively in such a space that holds such freedom." and well now here we are.

Originally from Santa Barbara, CA. Rose now lives in West Oakland and here is her fairy tale about camper life.

What inspired you to live such an unconventional life in a RV?

My life has been unconventional, so living in a way that is not convenient from the perspective of our society or culture is very natural for me. It’s not even so much the fact that I am used to an unconventional life but that I could not imagine being any other way. I would have to change my ethics and morals to live in this world, rent a room, have a job that pays the kind of rent it costs to live here, and sort of forget that which inspires me because I would be too wrapped up, or trapped, in the structures that most people find them selves living. Which is generally thrust upon them. Ever since 9/11 our economic climate, political climate and social system have shifted into a space where critical thinking is a rarity. Radical thinking is not common knowledge. Questioning notions of comfort is not common. Thinking about navigating privileges we have been born with are a rarity. And thinking with the heart is a rarity. I have been forced to be conscious of a lot of these complex ideas and realities because I grew up in the system and have been in Foster homes from a very young age. I most of the time find myself unable to understand or relate with people because I didn’t have a family that could project confidence in me and the experience of not Having a space of my own to feel safe has dominated my life, especially in the Bay Area where there are a lot of privileged youth that are not navigating their shit. I have felt the direct affects of this kind of ‘Lord of the Flies’ environment that exists here, being displaced time and again by troubled kids that had more power than they should have been allowed, and very little compassion or knowledge of what it was they were actually doing, or who it is they really are. Living in an RV is the only way I could have a space of my own, it is my safety and sanctity. No one can take this away from me.

How long have you lived in a RV?

I have been living in my RV now for 9 months exactly. I had previously bought it a year ago this month, it was in the shop being repaired for nearly 4 months, I endured a lot of hell to get here.

Do you plan to travel more with your RV?

I plan to travel with my RV! It needs a little more work, and I’ll be here in the Bay finishing my education and working so I have plenty of time to prepare. I have an affinity with the desert and have plans to run away into it one day and kind of disappear. I also want to travel up north where other people are living this way and experience a community more like my own because so much of that kind of thinking has left the Bay. I even think about shipping it over sea’s one day when I’m ready to get the hell out of here.

What are some of the perks?

The main perk is that I don’t have anyone in my business. Living with people isn’t easy, especially when your almost 30. Living with people is especially difficult if you are systematically disadvantaged like myself. People can often times get really high off of power and when people don’t have self respect or know how to be with themselves they can Wiesel themselves into your life and suck your energy. When you don’t have a lot of support or an identity connected to a family it makes it a lot easier for negative or tyrannical people to deconstruct a lot of the work you have done. Work that they can’t even see or understand. I don’t have to deal with that anymore. The other perk is that I am not stuck and never will be. Obviously, I can leave a space and take all my things and myself with me in the blink of an eye. Freedom. Like the documentary film that I love so much says, (‘Tiny,’ which is about the construction of small or tiny living) ‘’when you live small, the world feels bigger.’’

What are some of the hardships?

The hardest thing about this kind of living is the location. For example, here in the Bay Area it is just still barely possible for myself and others to live this way, in a trailer or camper in a back yard, lot, or even drive-way. But just barely. Soon it will be an issue because of the looming demographic change and I won’t even give a shit about this place anymore because whatever ‘culture’ existed here is displaced in essence already.
I guess other things could be seen as being difficult, like needing to park somewhere safe and with people that would accept me into their community and give me a bathroom and shower to use (mine are still in the process of repair) and perhaps it will be much easier once I have repaired these things. I honestly don’t see any of this as problematic. After having me homeless, family-less experience, it really is a complete and total joy to wash my dishes in a little bucket in my sink, to only have one burner to cook food on, to pee in a little rusted tea kettle that I keep in the non working toilette--who the fuck cares? I’m happier than most people that have all of their needs met.
Basic maintenance is a must…. But who’s complaining?
I own my house. My self.
I don’t need many people around. My safety affords me self love and self respect that are beyond what any superficial scene could give to my ego. I don’t think many people could even get half of what I receive from this living situation. In some ways a difficult childhood is a privilege because I know the truth about security. I would rather live in this RV for the rest of my life than have a room of my own or a house of my own. I don’t have to live in other peoples space any more. I don't need to fuck with that other people have to feel good about myself. And i don't need anything but myself and the love of friends to be happy. I'm good.

Any inspiring words to ladies who might want to become an RV living girl?

For people, especially women or female identified, or feminine spectrum folks out there; I would just say that this is only meaningful if you know how to be alone. Other wise, it’s probably just a fad that will play itself out n your life. it’s not hip and cool. This is about survival and separation. Doing your own thing. Being autonomous, and maybe somewhat of a necessity because you are a little poor. If your heart is in it you can do it.

Thank You Rose for being an Unconventional Woman in this day and age encouraging women to be liberated and free.

Keep in touch with Rose on Facebook.

Thank you for reading Part One of this two piece journey. Stay tuned for Part Two coming next week with Ily Cortez.
Peace and Rainbows. Lots of Unconditional Love.