Monday, February 8, 2016

Finally. "Writing My Life" is here.

Thank you to the people who have waited for My debut to drop! "Writing My Life" is here. Just in time for Valentine's day. Such a loving album sweet expression. From me to all my Lovers. Ugh this album is totally the mush you been needing to serve up on a spoon straight to your heart. It is so sweet.

I would describe this era of creating this album was a journey of real life growth as I went through a lot of unfortunate events during this time period. This release in lyrical form help me come to terms with my loose grip on reality. All is never a loss when you put your faith in the right place. YOURSELF!

So I am so happy this album is now available to the public via all musical outlets like ITUNES, SPOTIFY...

And we have three album covers. All shot by my friend @Dnastee who I met on myspace in like 06! Wow Leon I have known you for about 10 years! We got some good memories.

Super Gracious to Trippy( Stevie) for this amazing album. We did it. Jessica wanted us to do this years ago and we Did It! Now Here goes "Writing My Life"

Indeed everyday I am Writing My Life and While in production for this album I was detaching from a lot of people who felt they held the pen in regards to MY STORYline! No! I have full power in the way my story turns out. Never forget that! I hope you choose to write your Life everyday all day. Like you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is take that pen to hit that paper and open up your daily endless possibilities. Never Forget who has the power. Your Soul holding hands with your spirit living up in your fleshy body.

Here is the direct Link to Play My Album on Spotify...

And Here is the direct link to ITUNES...

Also Purchase my EP "Queen of Darkness"

All this new Music from Maya Songbird! I am so happy to share. Soon Details for an Album release party for "Writing My Life" and Visuals and all the fun.

Peace, Rainbows, Happiness, Love, and Power. All things bright and sunny out in the Open.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Featured artist at Regina's Door this month! Check out the Re-Launch of #Birdie

Hello again!

I am happy to have my cool and original wearable art on showcase for Purchase at Regina's Door in downtown Oakland. Check it out!

Regina's Door loves Oakland Creatives! And we are now carrying these magical handmade pieces by the awesome Maya Songbird who is also a fantastic singer! Wow! Check out some of her pieces below!

"Oaklands Favorite Magical resident, Maya Songbird, has re-launched her Jewelry line under the name of ‪#‎Birdie‬. Showcasing a peculiar inventive world of wearable art filled with glitter, gold, darkness, and Soul. Regina’s Door will be featuring six unique pieces from the #Birdie Collection for the month of February!"

Price List Black Ankh Chokers: $12

Picture Window Earrings: $10

Star Earrings: $7 each

Regina's door is a super groovy collector High end vintage store gallery located at 352 17th st Oakland CA

Monday, February 1, 2016

"Queen Of Darkness" EP release and WiredWeirdEnt.NET Launch was a complete SUCCESS!

I am so excited everyone! This feels really great! I want to start out saying a big thanks to Erin and Nastia for the the beautiful article in the EAST BAY EXPRESS! It feels good to get started in the right direction on this new Path of owning my own entertainment company. Ya'll gave a birdie blessings to fly on this and that is true woman empowerment! I thank the most high for your existence!

We Had a awesome open for WiredWeirdEnt.Net and a great Release dance party for the "Queen of Darkness" EP!

On 01/28 we all got together at LCM (Life Changing Ministries) in West Oakland for a night of Magic. WE started the night out right with Performances from some of my great friends Tyler Holmes , AH MER AH SU and Miss Moist.

DJ HEEESHEE had us dancing all damn night! It was so great! Everyone was dancing!


We debuted my video for my song "Delicate Chemistry" and the crowd went wild! (Thanks for that guys) That felt really good. Ensued me to feel like I had hella Kanye Moments!

WOW! And the Co-Director and Co-Star of the video were in the building it was magical! Shout out to @ScaryBlack13 and @Joacimsdotter! That is where you can find them on #Instagram!

I am still on a super galactic high from such a successful event!

We had the oh so Cool BirdieMade Collage Cassettes and CD's for sale!

Thank you to everyone who took home their Cassette Copy of "Queen Of Darkness"

Thank you for purchasing my Musical Art! My tapes will be available for purchase on WiredWeirdEnt.Net So very soon! They are currently available for purchase here....If you click the art thumbnail on the Bandcamp Widget!

Guys we totally had a party! It was a spectacular event!

DJ SAilor SAturn was in the building and Took everyone on a great galactic spaceshipe! Enough for Charmeelah to cancel her Lyft and stay a bit longer!

A now for the Outro. Thank you Everyone. I really just want to express more than just appreciation for all the serious love and support in flight of my ideas and dreams over the years. It is so much more than that. I love and support you back. That feels so good and I am thankful for that. I have so much love to give and I am thankful to receive that love back abundantly. It makes my heart bigger. I can combust many times have way more love to give so many times.

Continued Peace, Love, and Happiness.

The world of Weird is here. Your lovely new portal is and it feels so good because it is mine. I am so excited about each link/Page to be seen and Always make sure to watch me always on this site! I feel really awesooommmeeee! My Own super Serious world!It is Mine! Mine! All Mine! Thank God For magic!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#PARTY Alert...#RATSKINRECORDS presents "Queen Of Darkness" EP Release Party/Wired Weird ENT Launch Party at LCM

Gather around. Let me tell you a tale. About the QUEEN OF DARKNESS. #QOD.

Once upon a time, In a World colored WHITE. There was a Need for DARKNESS to appear.
Darkness wasn’t allowed to be happy there. Darkness was considered everything attached to phobias.
A big misunderstanding of the magic of darkness. Something completely to be feared.
Darkness was forced to hide from its true purpose. Darkness had no identity. Darkness was not allowed there.
Darkness had a hard time understanding how to be itself when Darkness had been banned, abused, killed, and neglected.
There was no protection of Darkness in an attempt to drain the magic of Darkness. For without DARKNESS.
There is no pure light. Polarity is everything.
So one day out of being truly tired of the bullshit, in steps courageously the boldest bad Regal Slut there ever was, A Ladybird by the name of, Maya Songbird.
She stood up and said, "Enough of this bullshit!!!" and that if you give her your ears ,and be open to hear then she will surely say this!
"Play my Song without a stupid hashtag!! Just good bloody ears, a pure heart, and magical dancing feet.
SO, Repeat after me and I will only say it three times!
'Maya Songbird is the Queen of Darkness! Maya Songbird is the Queen of Darkness! Maya Songbird is the Queen of Darkness!"

Join us January 28th, 2016 as we bring Maya Songbird all the way to life at Life Changing Ministries (1629 8th St, West Oakland). Show starts at 7Pm Sharp and also features performances by Tyler Holmes, AH MER AH SU. Hosted By Miss Moist. DJ HeeShee of New World Dysorder and DJ Sailor Saturn will be providing grooves.

CD and CASSETTE Tapes of the "Queen Of Darkness" EP along with memorabilia will be for sale!
CD Song Lineup is "How The Sunshine", "Wicked Attraction" produced by Oji and "Delicate Chemistry" produced by Maya Songbird!
Cassette Tape Lineup is "Universe" Intro produced by SANCHA, "How The Sun Shines", "Wicked Attraction" produced by OJI and "Delicate Chemistry" produced by Maya Songbird!

We will also be celebrating the Launch of #WIREDWEIRDENTERTAINMENT with lots of cake and a Video release of a song called "Delicate Chemistry" and the unvieling of WiredWeirdENT.NET

We are having a serious EXTRAVAGANZA. There will be lots of glitter! So please come prepared with your best dancing shoes!

Photos by Nex Iuguolo (

Thank you for almost seven years of love and support!

See you January, 28th! RSVP on Facebook here....

Peace and Rainbows...with massive amounts of DARKNESS!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year...#2016

WEll Hello.

Here we are all in 2016 looking all glitterized and rejuvenized with high hopes of a complete life story of 365 degrees fool circle and it is Chapter one. January.

For me I take the official leap with my launching of Wired Weird Entertainment. Which I have been putting together since 2013 and I wonder why my life always manifests in the form of three's.

I can't tell you fully everything about what I am doing with Wired Weird Entertainment, but I will tell you it is mine. Yes Wired Weird belongs to me. WE officially Launch on 01/28/16 at Life Changing Ministries in West Oakland. On that day the closet door will open and out will jump me With a big ole Upside down heart. It is my way of fighting back against such a controlled system. Hoping everyone is inspired to lighten up. To have something big enough to seriously touch all souls who are open to receive it. Might be starting a cult. lol If you are into cults. But most importantly. Black Power. Women Power. Weird Power. Wired Weird Power. Regal Slut Power. Mom Power.

More info and all of that as we go along the path.

I also want to apologize about my album "Writing My Life" not dropping on Christmas day. I guess it is hanging out with Rihanna's album.

Soon. Everything will be just fine.

A Big Thanks to the Magus @DuckWrth for bringing this baby to life...May the Most high continue to bless your brilliant life. Also a continous thank you to @DOSGLOBAL for the original #MayaSongbirdlogo Please hire these brilliant Black men to handle your creative digital art needs!

I want to tell you what I have learned from working for big corporations who did not care much about my life nor my families lives. I learned to DREAM BIG, at Comcast but it is massive contradiction in that but I took it wholeheartedly as I stood in that parking lot May 2009..almost seven years ago. Fresh out of Corporation prison. With that I take with me forever and in all future galaxies. Live your life your fucking best.

A Quote I take with me forever and may it bless your mind.

"The road to your dreams is somewhat dark and it's sometimes MAGICAL! But The Wizard of Oz had one thing right: It's ultimately about the journey and the characters who accompany you on it...NOT the Destination!" -Kelly Cutrone

The Journey is as important as the destination. Filter out the bullshit! #STAYBLESSEDandOPENtoMOREBLESSINGS!


Maya...The Black girl from 15th and Noe. #Frisco

Monday, December 21, 2015

"Writing My Life" The Album on Itunes, Spotify, And Everywhere on Christmas Day!!!

What a great way to end the year!

We started the year smoothly with "Take Me To Moon" Produced by Bayroo.

And Now We are closing the year with a whole Album!

Agh! I am so happy!!! Just for the fact that we put in work over the years and made a really good album, Brother Trippy and I.

We started production for this project in 2011. So it feels good in 2015 to be putting it out!

Here are some promo shots for the album taken by the great Leon "DNAS" Sykes.

How I felt when TRIPPY told a black girl her Album was dropping on Christmas.

I curled my hair for those pictures. I wrote all those lyrics and thoughts on my wall when I ran out of space in my writing book. While #WritingMyLife.

I am Happy this album is finally coming out. I am thankful to Express. Word to Trippy for believing in me and rocking with me all the way and always being good to me. God Bless you , brother. You are loved.

Make sure to follow Trippy on Instagram. He has the best feed on the gram. @Trippy_Sanders

See you in Five Days with where you can purchase and stream (Itunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud) And the tracklist (aka me describing the songs and story behind it all.)

Thank you. Stay Blessed.