Monday, February 27, 2017

Sister Spit Tour Kicks off March 1st!

Wow two post in one day. Just glad to be back in the mindset of being back here at my portal. Happy to announce here that I will be joining the Sister Spit tour 20th anniversary in a few days and I am excited.

Thank you Radar Productions for taking me on this new journey to celebrate 20 years of Sister Spit.

Here is a little history about Sister Spit ...

"Sister Spit was founded by award-winning author Michelle Tea in the 1990s. The tour was relaunched in 2007 with a revolving roster of established and emerging LGBTQ and allied authors, poets, and mixed media artists. The tour is produced by the Bay Area non-profit organization, Radar Productions.
Sister Spit has made a name for itself by spotlighting provocative, irreverent, and political artists whose work defies and subverts conventional notions of sex, gender, sexuality, race, size, class and feminism. Their work also views these issues with a critical, inter-sectional and humorous lens."

So here goes a happy 20th year anniversary to radical queer art! Glad to be touring 15 days with a powerful crew of talented individuals!

Here's a day by day schedule and Facebook event info.

Mar 1 - Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA
Mar 2 - Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA
Mar 3 - Timberland Library in Olympia, WA
Mar 4 - Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, WA
Mar 5- Portland State University Portland, OR
Mar 7 - The STUD in San Francisco, CA
Mar 9 - in Fresno, CA
Mar 10 - West Hollywood Library in Los Angeles, CA
Mar 11 - Art Xchange in Long Beach, CA
Mar 12 - Plus Bus in Los Angeles, CA
Mar 13 - UC Riverside in Riverside, CA
Mar 14 - Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA
Mar 15 - Scorpion Room in Palm Springs, CA

Well Here goes! Excitedddd!!!!
Thank you.

Is this mic on in this portal by way of this dimension? Showing up late to the 2k17 party...

Is it too late to say Happy New Years? I want to wish you one despite being stuck in a whole mother portal.

Saying most importantly the end of 2016 broke my heart so much that I was so speechless to even speak to everyone here.

I am sure the world knows about the Ghostship fire that occurred on 12/2 and just coping with the reality of losing a lot of friends who were like chosen family to me everyday has been hard to live in this current reality. I have tried everything to deal with the fact of losing people I loved and cared about at a massive amount at one time. I have tried EFT therapy and I hope to try EDMR therapy soon to cope with it all. Everyday is a traumatic nightmare just in the reality of things of everyday life we have to cope with. Maybe the idea that I have less Allies here hurts the most.

I refuse to say names though I feel like everyday in my existence I honor my friends missions by still being here. I really hate how this planet can be so completely despicable in their lack of compassion. Our days are so cold. Coping with the fact that sunshine barely appears. I refuse to exploit my friends like the world has and I am completely sickened by this planets exploitation of my friends in the aftermath of all this that NBC plans to exploit the Ghostship story for a tv episode only three months after the tragedy occurred. Not even giving us a chance to heal our hearts. Having to live through all of this again is more added trauma. So please help put an end to it.

Please Sign this petition.

To tell you the truth, Everyday is a complete nightmare being here still on earth but I promise to fight for the honor of my friends who are no longer here because I know they loved me so much and they would have done it for me. What hurts the most is the attack on our arts scene. Yes there is not much money for arts to be done on this bland planet and yes those who live unconventionally and have rainbow hearts will be punished for that expression. So much pain here.

Things that help me a lot is being able to travel and perform. Touring helps. Seeing and meeting new people helps a lot. People in other places on top of home are so supportive of my art and that feels good. Good hugs help. Complete honesty and good news and love helps at all times as I am completely fragile and immensely traumatized from it all. Glad for our community as this has made us so much closer. Performing in Puerto Rico was amazing and meeting new friends in the art scene there gave me so much life. I even got some cool tats that I had been wanting for a long time. Thanks to Efra and Carolina!

I have been wanting to get a symbolic grim tat on my wrist that said cut for the longest in the fashion of honorably knowing to end it all at one chance. Maybe its depression. Maybe we are all born with it.

Well it happened.

It is real strange how the Stick N poke tatting process actually was less painful then getting a machine tattoo. I guess I am used to being stuck by a needle because of acupuncture.

What is better than being caught on camera being a big baby. The pain felt so good. lol

I got to perform in Old San Juan at La Boveda which was such an amazing posh and beautiful venue in the heart of Old San Juan!

Talk about a pleasant life experience. Thank you Sandy and Lana. Thank you to All the women who I traveled with Sabrina, Sinuba, Dianne, Mara, Cammie, Rachel, Isador, Sharmi, Titania, Shawna, Jackie and our two Pups Henry and Sean!

Being with you guys were pure magic in the form of peace. Spending time on the beach with you ladies our memories I will never forget.

I have been hurt a bunch in my heart but to experience love and the ability to still love is amazing.

My mind is so scattered now and everyday I cry and that takes a lot from me to disclose that to the world because I am a sag and we hate to express vulnerability. I want to always be that pillar of strength to everyone but sometimes it is ok for the tough guy to say help. I can't believe I cried for help. HELLLP me on Planet Hell. Need some black girl deliverance right about now.

Performing at La Boveda on the last day of our festival was everything. I got to share the stage with amazing Puerto Rico's finest artist. AS well as Oaklands own Punk band Ugly.

I also randomly won a arm wrestling contest?

I went by Ball Crusher and I destroyed every opponent and won a few dollars and a glass of Champagne!

So far 2017 has been a year that says don't be sad Maya here is a blessing and I appreciate that.

Puerto Rico was great to me. Still got this SAdness with me that will be with me for the rest of my life. I lost someone I really loved in the Ghostship Fire. Like hella loved. My prince Charming. Feeling completely out of loop daily about why that happened. People will tell you to move on from it all but what do they know about how it all feels.

I just really wish our world was a bit more compassionate and a lot less petty. I wish to see a world of better understanding for each other not constantly hurting each other but protecting each other. People will say I am thinking of a dream world. Well why must it be a nightmare world. Society is miserable. This blog post is so Fin. Like our PLanet. Fuck it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Oh November...I am here and it is my birthday month!

WEll. I know you were all like Maya Songbird is tardy on her blog post for this month and well I must admit I did take a little Sabbatical for the mere fact that the Elections had everyone's brain focused on Donald Trumps Toupee and Hillary Clinton's pussy power at stake and such and then it got all crazy because then Donald Trump and then real terror begin like Halloween all over again. Who so ever thought that Micheal Myers would be president and we would all be Jamie Lee Curtis.

It has to be against the law for the President to be completely overly malice to its people so well I will move on to better ideas that we wont have to run for cover to much. We can always impeach Donald Trump and put Shirley Caesar in office because she has always been great but mostly excited for the level of worldwide success she is achieving for a song that was a particular favorite when it came on KSOL Sunday mornings in the am back in the eighties in the car on the way to church...Just my comprehension of all the current events happening this month when I come out of my consistent daydream.But this chaotic society makes me feel so safe to drift away and pop my head in from time to time like oh hey yeah maybe I should move on again. Oh the joy of living in my head.

As you know this is my birthday month and I am over the moon ecstatic for this next chapter. I just kinda dived in and performed with out telling you here but I told you on places like my Facebook...Have you liked my page? Super Corny and Cheesy but you can do so here..Facebook.Com/MayaSongbird

I also shared on Twitter, but my page has been private because of insidious behavior and bullying and honey I am not here for it...But if you are feeling pure and true follow me

Do I have an Instagram? Yes I do..Follow @TheWeirdestMaya and @WiredWeirdEnt....

So Some amazing things have been happening in my life and I am so thankful. First things first. Thank you Ratskin Records for supporting me heavy this year. Whatever I ask you make it happen and that is imperial.

The best birthday gift is knowing that my tapes "Queen of Darkness" and "Welcome to the Darkside" have sold and been received well. And here are some places you can cop them at. It is a dark commodity you absolutely need in your life.

You can purchase my tapes at Vamp Vintage Art in Oakland CA.

Econo Jam Records in Oakland

And Vacation SF in San Francisco not only has tapes but also some Birdie handmade products.

I have a big surprise for December to announce in the tape realm.

So also I am excited to tell you about my Collaboration with Talia M Taylor. We originally collaborated like in 2013 and we liked it so we formed a supergroup and called it Black Girls in OuterSpace...

So this is our second collaboration titled "Up Above My Head"...

This all went down in a day. My Counterpart Lady Talia hit me and was like I have had this song by Kirk Franklin and the Family in my head all day and I think if we did an uplifting version on it the world would go mad. Well I added the last part but it was like similar sentiments. lol Any way Now we are here. With "Up Above My Head" which was originally a free style. Check out the Video Directed by Trippy Sanders. @Trippy_Sanders

And listen on Soundcloud.

So our full Debut hits you live in direct for Black History month and we got something real real and relevant to say.

I want to close off this blog post by Thanking West Oakland Holistic Health Center for having me perform at their Amazing turnt up Benefit show earlier this month!

Thank you Justime and Joshua for having me at Afternoon Delight in Retrospect cheers to another successful year under the belt. What great parties are made of and you know a party is amazing if it conjures the rain in the summertime.

Thank you Kevin for capturing that moment.

Thank you Comfort and Joy (Beatrix, Joshua, and Ultra) for having me Twirl.


A thank you to everyone who is always kind to me and just loves me. Feels good to have that in a world of hate. Some real good Utopian ass SunShine!

It is my birthday on Saturday and I am ready for the blessings a new year brings.


Peace and XO's
Maya Papaya

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hello Darksided Pumpkins, "Welcome to The Darkside" that is OCTOBER!

Hi everyone. Thank you once again for a fantastic never dull year. Lucky for me I am the captain of the Space Cadets and most things go completely over my head and I am ok with that here. Keep it Pure.

Well. We are in the last Two months of the monkey year and I plan to release two more projects before the year is out.

Starting with A All Songbird Produced project from the darkside of the moon. With brilliant co-production by my friend and collaborator Jon Jon from the Grease Diner.

This feels good to have produced a project. I feel like I took matters into my own hands. I feel like I created a sound like no other. When I took matters into my own hands and produced "Delicate Chemistry"

and got such a positive response, I figured how could I not go on to continue on the path. So This project is the next chapter to the "Queen of Darkness" which dropped in January on Ratskin Records. Well this is "Welcome to the Darkside" which is the complete darksided follow up to what was written in the beginning.

Well here goes some photos to show how much fun we have been having recording.

My only show this month will be centered around "Welcome to the Darkside" as there will be a tape release party on the 15th at the Oakland Secret! Where you will be able to hear my new project and three more amazing tapes out on Ratskin this season.


Hope to see you there. You can pick up your physical releases at Oakland Secret on the 15th and digitally on the 31st. Which we have super surprise in store.

Enjoy a sneak peak of the process!

I will also be performing and debuting new art at the Good Omen Market. So come out and meet new/familar vendors. Enjoy some Hella Vegan Eats.

xo's peace and rainbows!

Friday, September 2, 2016

September Shows and well did you hear it is fucking Retrograde!

Hi everyone. Here we are. Still here in the tricky glitch called planet Earth and it is September 2016 and we seem to have survived the year of the tricky Monkey...Sorta.

Here are my shows for this month and I am only playing two.

And I will tell you why if you stick around I will tell you all about it!

So Saturday, the 3rd of September I am playing a live set on KALX radio with the hostest with the mostest, DJ PENNY ROYAL!

I will be playing along with o)x_3y3

Here is the official press release!

"Tune in to KALX Live! on Saturday, September 3rd @ 9PM to hear live performances by Maya Songbird and o)x_3y3, hosted by DJ Penny Royal!

Maya Songbird is a lady of the night. The Queen of Darkness. The most enchanting Chanteuse! Magically mixing musical genres to soothe and seduce your eardrums to new dimensions.

The musical talents of Bay Area electronic artists Miss Moist and Paralycyst combine to form the freaky mutant of electronic improvisation known as o)x_3y3. Too beautiful for this earth, too weird for words."

Well there you have it and you can read that at the website for KALX, Here!

Then 10 days Later, We have a very POPington party at crate on Tuesday the 13th..."The other Spooky 13th"..

Catchy, I know!

Excited because Tig Bits is coming to town along with Bobby Wasabi hailing from Portland! This will be all the way live! Also Tainted Pussy will be destroying. I will be playing a set also!

So please RSVP on Facebook!

Click here...

And don't just like look..RSVP..Say you will be there!

Ok so you stuck around so I will tell you now why only two shows this month for Maya Songbird?

I am going to Disneyland this month. No really. A little Family Vacay to Disneyland. How cool is that? A sweet get away and I have my posh Mickey ears ready for the adventure. I have been twice in my lifetime but for a special guy it is his first time soooo WE are going! A little break and I am happy to take it!

Also I am retreating in to write a new project that will be coming to you in October to Ratskin Records.

This will be my second project released on Ratskin. Lets here it for us!

This project is special to me because I would have produced every song on the project!

Let's rewind back to my first release on Ratskin, "Queen of Darkness"...Back in January and I thank everyone who purchased a tape and a CD because they did sell out like three batches of press up! Thank you so much for that. Lots of love for that project! I have to shout out OJI for the awesome production. Also tell you about how I produced "Delicate Chemistry" (Purchase "Queen of Darkness" here)
So producing a whole project on my own. I could feel some type of way.

And you will feel it when you press play. Hmm I will announce the title of the top secret new project sometime either this month or Next month but here we go..Chapter two?

And if you haven't heard my production debut "Delicate Chemistry" then take a listen here.

Also We made a Super Soler Video for this song..

Press Play...

Well I hope this gets you all excited for what is to come in October.

I am feeling ultra inspired in the midst of retrograde. In the midst of Retrograde! My God! lol

We could be dodging meteors on earth instead right.

However it does feel like our electronics are stuck in slow motion and I find myself tapping the screen so many times and clicking the mouse to the tune of a frozen dimension.

Oh this will be great. There will be pure unholy retrograde rage.

Thanks for always reading and supporting. And if you would like to book me and never scam me please email


Wishing you all the rainbows and the brightest Sunshine from planet utopia high to your real realm. PEACE.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Ultimate Bubble Gum Theory!

Let's See. Ideally things to get me through hard times (like change or closed doors or feeling like the weirdest woman alive)... even with an optimistic mind I do have my moments where I am completely like crying and such on this journey of what seems like an endless destination filled with strife!

Well do you feel that way too? Especially in a fast paced planet where everything is always moving moving gone and communication has slipped from our reach effectively it feels.

Here our my secrets and may it help uplift us all and get us through....

I Enjoy chewing bubblemint by Orbit.

I know that might of sounded like I am promoting them and what not and maybe I am because it works for me.

I am not like gonna tell you the gum is super hollistic or like gluten free. But I will tell you that I live for Orbit Bubblemint. It last long and gives a good bubble and is pink. But I will tell you for $1.50 it releases my stress so much instead of talking to a therapist I really get happy chewing and making bubbles....

And now pictures!

Here's me Popping my gum into another galaxy...

Here's me Popping my gum with my spaceships out.

But lastly. Here goes Me Popping my gum and beating the hell out of adversity.

Enjoying that Positive Pop in all dimensions.

Always share your Positive Bubblemint Pop with me!

Wishing us all continued Rainbows and Bubble Pop. Like no matter what life hands you..Lemons, Lies, Deceit, Scams and Strife...You have Bubble Pop to get you through.

Pop On sister. Pop on.

#LoveNote #SoMoteItBE Send me pics of you with your bubble gum to I will share them here. I am happy.