Friday, May 6, 2016

Give us more Magic for Magical May! (Shows and Such Magic)

Pretty Excited for May. Got some big shows but not as much as last month. Which is great to chill a bit because I go on my first tour ever in life next month with Ratskin Records.

I'll tell you more about that later.

Let's hop into this month's shows.

Out of this world excited to play the Oakland Indie Awards this year on May 12th at the Oakland Museum.
The massive award show where Oaklands amazing indie community is rewarded for outstanding work. Proud to be apart of Oaklands Major Indie Scene amongst the elite of business owners and Artists holding it down independently bringing the best of beauty to Oakland. Our Bay Area Home/Community where everybody knows your name.
I was nominated last year and this year again for the Oakland Soul category. How great is it this year to now twirl on the stage.
Playing an all Dance set because there is an everlasting rainbow in my pants and I can't wait to see you dance. Also I must tell you that the food is so amazing! This is the event of the year! You do not want to miss this!

Really excited because I get to share the stage with Greats like Mistah Fab and Mara Hruby. Thank you Aja for your continuous support and love. Oakland, Shall we dance? Lets Dance!!!

Also Can't wait to hang out with my Wear Your Voice Magazine family! They will be the Media coverage for the event. Purchase your tickets now at OaklandIndieAwards.Com!


On May 16th, with my Ratskin Family, We will take over KFJC 89.7 FM RADIO!

Hella Sexcited for this. To play a live set on the air. Going to debut some new grooves produced by me.


Last but not least. Excited to be playing the legendary Voltage Drop (Industrial/Electronic Dance Party) on May 27th at The Legionnaire Saloon in DwntnOak.


This month is totally new music from me. Produced by me. And I want to encourage artist to produce their own music. Especially Femme identified artist. Use that power in all forms of artistry like its our world. Our Planet.

Gonna Close out this blog post with a musical selection from the past. Originally recorded in 2012 and produced by B.East. A Song called "Regal N Royal" Share the groove if you love it.

Peace and Rainbows...Have a Fabulous New Moon Weekend!


Friday, April 8, 2016

April and Much Magic. #TotallyUpdated

Hello Beautiful eighth day of April. Maya's Walking on Sunshine here and I have some fabulous life celebrations to invite you to.

Here are April's performances! (and as I get more info and updates I will add)

On April 8th I will be at Laney College with a bunch of cool artist for a performance put on by Kinfolkz, a Performance piece called "Outvoices:Unapologetically Queer". WE will be performing art at Odell Johnson Theatre. Show starts at 6:30PM.


Then On April 10th we will celebrate 11 years of Ratskin Records and Mikey (the head honcho) is also celebrating a birthday! I will be performing and I am happy about it!


Tune in April 12th To Aporeia Radio show on 104.1 FM I will playing a live set! So Tune in! Here is some Propagandas.



I am so happy for 04//16, Jasmine Infiniti and I debut our new party ,Holy Rocket Ships #CUNTY at One FAM... Here is our cool Video Flyer to entice you.

Jasmine Infiniti and Maya Songbird Present: Holy Rocket Ships! #Cunty from Maya Songbird on Vimeo.

Jasmine Infiniti and Maya Songbird make their very first party debut collaboration on 04/16 at ONE FAM in West Oakland (1606 7th St)

Hosted By Generic
Jasmine Infiniti

Special Performance by Tyler Holmes
6$ all Night

Shot by Mike Daddona and Maya Songbird

You Guessed it! RSVP HERE!!!


Then 04/20 I will be playing a set at the coolest Punk party ever! Bone Alternative Wednesday in the city at Powerhouse.

More info soon about this gig! Just waiting for the official flyer and event page!

Now on 04/24, I am excited to play OAKHELLA. An event put on by my cool family, Bottoms Up Community Garden that is going to be a spectacular Day party!

Thank you Seneca! Seneca Scott is the man over at Bottoms Up Community Garden. They have brought a beautiful garden and Cafe to the Bottoms Community. Also Seneca is an excellent cook! Support His fundraiser to keep everything funding and running smoothly.

Got some cool acts on the bill for Oakhella. Along with myself, Queens D Light, Cav Magus, Zoo Labs Crew, And hella dope artist. It is all the way live.

So Please come out. But first...RSVP HERE.

Then on 04/30 I will playing "Twillight Bay Fest" a Fundraiser for Bay Area Girls Rock Camp.

A lot of my cool Friends are playing so I know we will pack the place and make sure we reach a great goal to keep the bay area Girls Rock camp, ROCKING!

A big thank you for supporting me. Headed on our seventh year in May and I pretty happy to keep growing and rocking crowds in my home filled with love. Thank you for looking out for me. To book Maya Songbird, Please email Thank you

Peace and Cunty!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March Performances, New Video, and New Song. Chilling on a 3 cloud.

Hey here is March filled with a super Powerful Solar Eclipse that has been felt. Not to forget along with a brilliant new moon. And all though it feels like Nothing was ever the same every second of the day. Like maybe an alien invasion is occurring in our heads. Well.

I Just want to say hello to all the Souls hanging on to Life and dancing while doing it.

I am happy to be Playing two shows this month.

I will be back with my Asstrologay friends playing at midnight...3/18 At ONE FAM. 1606 7th st..

Which will be fun and you can call me Midnight Maya as I plan to dance us into a new oblivion. Thinking to debut some new Soler grooves.

It gets pretty packed and it is always a cute event. Glad to be back.


Then the next Night 3/19, I will be playing a set for the Berkeley Liberation radio Benefit. Lets all show our support for liberation on the airwaves. We need your help to keep Berkeley Liberation Radio on the air.

The show is put on by the Aporeia Radio Show

So here is the official video for "Fucking My Life Up". We shot this end of summer 2015. Thank you Cleve and baby Pharoah!

A day in the life of Utopia...Now Playing exclusively on #Facebook. The official video for a song called "FMLU (Fu*&^king My Life UP)"Shot by Cleve. Produced by OJI.Download link in the comments!

Posted by Maya Songbird on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

and now a new song. "How The Sunshines"...It's Pretty Much A form of Disco from my world. Produced by OJI.

It is a happy song. That is all that matters.

Keep it Soler.

I hope everyone is having a great 2016 so far. Stay Up. No matter how crazy this world gets.

Peace, Magic, and RAINBOWs.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Two Year Anniversary to Lessons Learned..."Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Vol.2!

Happy Two Year Anniversary to "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Vol.2 released on my Pisces risings birthday 2/22.

What better way to celebrate then with a video for "Heartbreak is OK"...

And Also I am pretty excited because "HeartBreak is Ok" is in the Movie "Frisky" which has been winning all types of prizes all over the world. Cheers to Claudia Pickerling!

"HeartBreak is Ok" -Maya Songbird

Celebrating the two year anniversay of "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Vol. 2 with a surprise video for the song "Heartbreak is OK" Exclusively playing on Facebook. Download this project here to Lessons well Learned. #HeartBreakisOK

Posted by Maya Songbird on Monday, 22 February 2016


Friday, February 19, 2016

Welcome to the world where "No one is turned away for lack of funds" #NOTAFLOF Community Collective

Wouldn't it be nice to have more community driven organizations....

Where you can go to your neighborhood salon and Not be turned away for not having all the money in your pocket.

It is sad we live in a world that does not invest more in the positive side of the life spectrum.

A shame we live in such a cutthroat world that bases the worth of human existence upon the amount of money you can spend and how rich you look.

Every person should feel the beauty of being able to not feel worthless because you don't have all this fake money in your pocket.

At #NOTAFLOF Community Collective you can get beauty services for the amount you have in your pocket because you are worthy of that.

And on 02/26 you can support NOTAFLOF by coming out to a 3 day benefit special! I will be performing and we are going to dance! Its a Party!

Check out the space.

Now we need your help, The Community, to make this a super Plur Beauty Services Space where no one is discriminated on for not being super rich. A space where we all chip in to service our community with their beautifying needs.

Come out and support all three days of fun and art in the official opening of NOTAFLOF.

I know I am proud to support this fabulous movement. I hope the spirit of NOTAFLOF becomes a serious positive rainbow effects among communities worldwide. What will it take? If everyone was poor would we all laugh and agree how money completely got out of hand and everyone was totally unrealistic in the torment of attempting to harm or destroy lives or label worth. NO you are not going to be turned away from this establishment if you do not have money.


The people who are broke just want to get their hair done!

Also,if you would like to sign up to volunteer and work this event...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Finally. "Writing My Life" is here.

Thank you to the people who have waited for My debut to drop! "Writing My Life" is here. Just in time for Valentine's day. Such a loving album sweet expression. From me to all my Lovers. Ugh this album is totally the mush you been needing to serve up on a spoon straight to your heart. It is so sweet.

I would describe this era of creating this album was a journey of real life growth as I went through a lot of unfortunate events during this time period. This release in lyrical form help me come to terms with my loose grip on reality. All is never a loss when you put your faith in the right place. YOURSELF!

So I am so happy this album is now available to the public via all musical outlets like ITUNES, SPOTIFY...

And we have three album covers. All shot by my friend @Dnastee who I met on myspace in like 06! Wow Leon I have known you for about 10 years! We got some good memories.

Super Gracious to Trippy( Stevie) for this amazing album. We did it. Jessica wanted us to do this years ago and we Did It! Now Here goes "Writing My Life"

Indeed everyday I am Writing My Life and While in production for this album I was detaching from a lot of people who felt they held the pen in regards to MY STORYline! No! I have full power in the way my story turns out. Never forget that! I hope you choose to write your Life everyday all day. Like you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is take that pen to hit that paper and open up your daily endless possibilities. Never Forget who has the power. Your Soul holding hands with your spirit living up in your fleshy body.

Here is the direct Link to Play My Album on Spotify...

And Here is the direct link to ITUNES...

Also Purchase my EP "Queen of Darkness"

All this new Music from Maya Songbird! I am so happy to share. Soon Details for an Album release party for "Writing My Life" and Visuals and all the fun.

Peace, Rainbows, Happiness, Love, and Power. All things bright and sunny out in the Open.