Thursday, April 14, 2022

Harmony- Maya Songbird

Very excited about this new Video directed by my fav Director, Santiago. So far we have collabourated on three videos. " I don't have to be nice", "People Hold On" and Now "Harmony".

This song is off of the "Darker" album and can be streamed on spotify so please add it to your favorite playlists and jam it in yo car for good affirmations in your life always.

When we shot this video it was Video number 2 on a 3 video day. Every one was tired at this point but we had one more visual to shoot "People Hold on" and if you read the post about that video you know it was creeeeepppppyyy. This video was fun because I was with my homies and we were just in our natural element so its Candid. A little behind the scenes photo with my Friend who is also named Maya who is literally amazing. Not going to be too bias when I say all Maya's are amazing.

Yes Thats my bby Maya and she got me all the way together to be cute for my video along with Krista! It was a lot of fun. I love making videos as much as being on the stage. I got a lil actress in me so I be ready for each scene. So here goes... Harmony! Share this cuz the world needs more of it. Don't forget the joy and happyness that was placed in side of it. Things might be bad sometimes and the rent and gas is high but joy and Harmony are priceless and you own at least a batch of the both of them.!

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

"People Hold On"

Although this is a song that was written and recorded in 2014. I felt the need to shoot a video for it because the message is still so very important and real.

I Shot this video in a place that I was unaware of where I was until we were really there. And I don't want to really tell you the things I saw while there because I am still traumatized about it. But you can surely feel the soul of it and I hope this song helps us all.

I am tired of our world and our human interactions. I hate that a lot of us feel like we might break daily with no real outlet but the internet which is a complete disaster. I hate that the sky is falling daily but everyone is to fixated on what they look like, how much money they can make to show off on instagram and buy bbl's surgeries that they have no real idea on how to catch the sky from falling. Not to mention all the other fuck shit that happens on our planet!

But has it completely fallen. My friend Krista who is Virgo says the planet is a whole hot ass mess!


So please hold the fuck on! Maybe this song is a new age Chicken Little Song. And I am happy that people looked up the definition of morals and realized they have none and they should get some. I mean they are free. And Freeing! so try them out!

My new video directed by Santiago ( with Krista as 1st Assistant(

Really thankful for Santiago and Krista because we did some swaggy shit all day that day and this was the magic that was created. It was a day filled with endless sunshine. Until we got to this bridge. I truly pray for our world.

Thank you for watching and Sharing. I hope you are well and if you need a friend message me I'll listen. I'm easy to be reached on my Facebook messenger.

Monday, December 6, 2021

Telepathic Children Debut Project "Threesome" out on Spotify now.....

We have waited for this moment since March and for some reason we had some prolonged issue with getting it up everysince our release party and debut on to bandcamp!

I am spilling indie artist tea. Do you know how hard it is to get in touch with people. Well magic happened and we made it on to Spotify. Stream us so we can look cute at the end of 2022 since we completely missed 2021.

I am so happy this happened. We lowkey about to have a little party to celebrate so stay tuned. Or stay glued to us on the gram @Telepathicchildren!


Also we have the official "BodyBag" Visual here....

Announcing upcoming shows in the next couple of days so once again tap in @telepathicchildren

Monday, November 29, 2021

My new Parade Undies!

I am happy to show you my new Parade Undies! OMFG when I got this edition of their new collection Jewel tones I instantly fell in love. Parade knows what I like.

I really love how this set feels on my body and the color how it looks good on my complexion. These are thee most comfortable undies on the planet. Ya'll know I hate bras! In these bras I feel like I am not wearing a bra at all it is so comfortable so consider Parade Bra's a complete miracle to all us big boob babes who hate the bra struggle. This is comfort.

And Now me Parading in my undies!

Are you in love like I am?

Great! Click THIS link and use my discount code THEWEIRDESTMAYA!


Friday, November 26, 2021

Happy Birthday to me...

and in true birthday bird fashion...

I put out Vol.2 to a lil series called LOVE BITES on Bandcamp

These series are usually just old songs unreleased being released. Check it out and enjoy

Thank you for all the love.

Friday, November 12, 2021

New Maya Songbird Merch Haul!

Hello! Excited to drop this new handmade merch and want to thank my friends Manny and Jeff for helping me with pictures! Always gonna give thanks for such an amazing logo From Laurie Shapiro, Please check out their site and purchase some art at

So happy to restock/re-up my face mask!

We now have Ski Mask in stock as well so Grab them up!

And The official Maya Songbird Back pack!

Also included with every purchase is free stickers and a free song download! Also Stay tuned for more Merch drops coming soon! The official link to shop is! Thank you! Official Link to purchase Songbird merch