Wednesday, December 5, 2018

End of the Year...December is here...

I can not believe I have not updated my site but TBH I have been busy but never to busy for a post. So here I am catching you up!

So last time we talked was in September and as you know I lost my sister and that sucked.

Since then We debuted my band Telepathic Children and that was amazing and I thank you for that love and support world. Ya'll showed up to our rave debut and danced and sang along and we were all shocked at how ya'll knew our songs. Must be our Telepathic connection. #TotallyTelepathic.

We have a Rave we will be closing out the year with. Just waiting for Retrograde to end so we can share all the fun deets. Follow our page on Instagram. @TELEPATHICCHILDREN.

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Ok so November 26th was my birthday and it was amazing. We partied at the Stud and brought my birthday in beautifully.

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Happy Birthday to Maya Songbird. I just want to say last year this time I had got out of a very toxic situation with someone who never deserved my trust. I felt broken but mostly upset that I lost so much in one day putting my faith in someone unfaithful. Please leave abusive relationships so you can continue to enjoy birthdays. Someone who loves you does not hit you. I have left so many men and will continue to as many times as it takes to end it all. I have survived so much and am committed to exclusive self love. I’m commencing on a 26 day journey of self discovery alone. Scared but open to the freedom and growth that has chosen me. I am thankful for the light despite the dark days that still shines in me. But most importantly great friendship and sincere birthday wishes. And an amazing rhinestone birthday cake from @aliend0g. And a family of freaks who always comes out to my shows around the globe and dances with me. Sincerely 36 yr old tits. Also @mayasmagicshop launches online today and @creepyjoni and I drop our song “Chocolate Cherry”

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This birthday for me was a chapter closing on a level for me. Just a realization of where I have been appreciating. Where I am going...forgiving people who tried to stop or harm me in my past. Moving on.

I launched my online merch store. For years I have vended Maya's Magic Shop at shows and on the road and I have attempted many times and failed with going online with the storefront and this year the match finally lit. I am glad to have opened a physical storefront and Online Storefront and of course you can catch Maya's Magic Shop in stores nationwide. I have an option to blog from the storefront site and will also update where you can shop restocked items nationwide for 2019.

This has been a blessing. A true testament to hard work and never giving up. Shop our inventory here at

Three more things. I play three more shows this month. Up Next I am in the NOLA ready to Dance! A dream come true thanks to Maria from Special Interest and Edge RA. 12/17 at Banks Bar in the Nola!

12/22 or 12/23 TBA TELEPATHIC CHILDREN Party

12/28 Party at the Dildo Factory TBA More

Also this Techno Collaboration with K Hole Kardashian, Jasmine Infiniti and I has been released and it is all the stir! "Coming for my gig" which is scene kid term for someone who is coming for your life. A leach and psychic vampire. An internet thief for likes. "Did she Just come for my gig...Look at her she's trying to be meeeee"


Also collaborated with Zedgar Infinitii for a cute little song called "The Blame Game" in a true lovers quarrel.

Lastly....The Debut for my new video collaboration with the legendary Creepy Joni....Is on Youtube...You have been dancing to this song for a whole year at my performances and now the official video! "Chocolate Cherry"

Thank you for reading and subscribing and supporting all these years. Happy Holidays and stay blessed. #SAGSEASON

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September Shows. #LetsDance

Hey Virgo Season participants. So far all the season have been intense but Virgo season feels smooth as I literally organized the hell out of my closet and have been catching up with work like posting this blog post. The end of August was the worst so I am sorta healing it out and picking up the peaces. On August 25th my biological sister Alice passed away and it shook up my world and I am very saddened by her death. I am going to say it really sucks when you don't get access to proper healthcare because of money. My sister in her own words told me that they never offered her a cure just day to day survival in which she felt like a guinea pig. She did not deserve to go out like that! I am going to miss my sister always calling me and being in my business and telling me family tea. I am going to miss her bad ass cancer woman behavior. Her slick talk. Talking on the phone for hours and when she would visit me as a kid. When she went through this phase of piercing everyone's nose in the community and she called me as a kid and said for me to ask my mom if she could pierce my nose and my mom said no and I was all upset because I wanted my cool big sister to pierce my nose. I am going to miss Her power but most of all her love. So when you see me hug me because I am still very much mourning the loss of my big sister. Glad for family love and support. Family is all of y'all giving me kind words and hugs without stabbing my back. Can you dig that?

RIP My sister.

Thank you for letting me vent. So here are the places that you can meet me at on the dancefloor.

On Sept 8th I will be at Classic Car West performing to raise funds for The Oakland LGBTQ Community Center and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. An event called Punx Saturdays which will occur from 3pm-10pm on Saturday the 8th of September! This is the only place where I will be performing at for Oakland pride!

My set is at 7pm so come ready to dance.

So on the 9th of September I launch my very first tiny pop up storefront. I am literally stepping out in to the unknown on this one. I have been vending my handmade merch out of a suitcase for some years now and now finally a actual storefront and I am excited about this opportunity and their will be champagne and tiny treats to celebrate. So if you would like to come shop please RSVP at this email by the evening of 9/8 at I have a special guest who will be blinging out everyones teeth. My friend Shamar will be in the house with his tooth gems. Check him out on Instagram..

I am excited y'all and I have spent many long days and night prepping for the launch and I am happy to also host art from Jean Eric.

Okay on 9/13 I will be playing at the Whitehorse along with touring experimental hip hop trio from Seattle, Nauticult...bay Area's own Najee Amaranth, the leader of the Oakland Mind..., And Band Worshiprr. You can see us at the Whitehorse. My set starts at 10:45 pm!

On 9/22 I am scheduled to play a house party in the city. I don't have all the details but will update you on all social media platforms because you are invited. Tune into my stories on instagram my screen name is @theweirdestmaya....Everything goes down on instagram! That is my favorite platform next to facebook. So tune in.

9/25 at Au Lounge I will be freestyling my set with a band. I will be sitting in on an intimate band so be ready for that. I haven't freestyled with a full band in a long time so this should not be missed Oakland!

On 9/26 I am excited to perform at the second edition of @TidesSF at El rio. An all femme kick ass event happening once a month so save the date and i will have a flyer coming at you soon.

On 9/28 I am excited to play at Queerspace for the very first time and I can't wait LA Lets DANCE!All my LA friends and Family mark the calendar!

Also a Second KIKI has been added but it is super underground so just know LA 9/29 I got something special part 2 for you. we gonna keep on dancing.

And that is that! i am so happy to dance with everyone! Thank you for supporting me. I will update this site with the flyers soon and follow me on instagram (@theweirdestmaya) and Facebook (!


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

August Shows...Lets Dance.!!

August 2018 is in the building. That was so corny...Who am I? lol

Ok so here are august shows!

On Thursday 8/9 I am at The Stud for a Queer Cannabis Social Event giving you all these dance moves in honor of weed. The event is called Puff and there will be all kinds of weed goodies so come enjoy this cannabis event! There will be a drag show and a Stoner raffle so come ready to dance and win! This is a monthly event so make sure to support every month!

The Universe is Lit Festival is back and I am excited for 4 days (8/9-8/12) of Black n Brown Punk Bay Area! I perform on 8/10 on the Friday evening night...which is day 2 of the festival! I want to say wow my twin sister Shawna Shante and Jade Ariana did that! They worked so hard to provide a 4 day platform for your favorite brown and black punks to rage so make sure check out every day and it is not too late to donate to the festival. Show your support and see this years lineups and showtimes at

My set time on friday for the Universe is lit is at 6:45pm and the show is at Pro Arts in Oakland! Last year was lit and I know this year will also be Lit so Lets Dance. See photo for evidence!

On Sunday I am excited to return to my neighborhood that I grew up in to play an awesome fundraiser for a special organization near and dear to me and that is Lyric! So come out to Cafe Flore to raise money to keep Lyric thriving. The best thing about Lyric is when I was a teen and we went to the dances for queer teens and also they hired all the queer teens. Lyric is an awesome organization so come out and donate and if you can't make it donate to them online!

Thank you for having me this is literally legendary considering I grew up dancing on the Dancefloor at all the Lyric Dances now I am commanding the dancefloor to raise funds for Lyric. This is like totally full circle!

On Monday 8/13...I play a show with Touring act Blacker Face from Chicago, My favorite band Copyslut, and NezBeat at The Dildo Factory...Secret Location to protect all the dildos so please message me for location at!

As you know 8/19 is ChokerFest and I am not performing but I am vending amazing chokers and more and I have a whole bunch of Awesome Local Artist with me on this vending celebration of DIY Chokers so come through!

So its on 8/19 from 3pm-8pm at Oakland Secret...So don't you do it don't you dare be late.

Last but not least I have a real life announcement to make. Dorsey and I started a band. I met Dorsey a while back when she was in Spray tan and we went on tour and we clicked so tough and decided we wanted to make music together on the one. We share a love for the funk, oldies and disco so we did it we started our band! And after jamming with two other band members we found our match in Lindsay and the rest is history. We are a three part band called Telepathic children and we rock. Check us out on the gram @Telepathicchildren! But most importantly come to our very first show together at @MassmanGallery in Oakland on 8/24! We are debuting a 4 song set and we are dope....

Nothing but good times. All the time. We were meant to be the power of three! Ok so going to close out this post with some photos from Rebecca Heikkila aka @dalmation.dimension on instagram from the Party at Granny's Oakland where everyone came out and danced all night long to raise money for the families legal fees and the families that are stuck at the border and I want to let ya'll know that $1500 was raised and donated. All that matters is serving each other in the name of liberation. Love still rules here!

Thank you for eight years of unlimited unconditional love and support on the dance floor. Can't wait to dance with you....I've got a rainbow in my pants and can't wait to see you dance. It is way past my bedtime. XO

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Choker Making workshop at East Bay Creative Depot was Awesome! Also mark your calendar for Chokerfest 2018!

I recently hosted my first DIY Choker Making workshop at the East Bay Creative depot and it was pretty dope.

A cute group of awesome unique individuals came through to get hands on with choker making.

The East bay Creative Depot supplied us with so much good unique items to make our unique chokers and all that participated made nice homemade chokers and I am sure are inspired to make more!

And now Pictures! Warning! We had a Blast!!

My class was phenomenal and brilliant in their creativity.

If you are interested in taking this class let me know and I will do it again!

Now on 8/19 is a big day on Planet Earth in Oakland because we are having our Second Annual Chokerfest at Oakland Secret! Last year we had it at Perch and it was lit. This year we are expanding and I am happy to invite you and welcome you to the one and only event hosting DIY chokers created by the top select Local Artist! This is your chance to have one of a kind unique chokers in your stylish jewelry collection so come out ready to purchase, Drink, Eat, Dance, and Be Merry. We will also have a Free Bin...Proceeds go to purchasing and arming femmes with Tasers!



Thursday, July 12, 2018

#TBT...Traveling on that Cosmic Spaceship...Featured on @AdolescentContent Magazine

Last year, I sat with my friend Ericka Clevenger (@erickaclevenger @erickapedia on the gram) and we discussed what it is like to daily experience life in a fat body while on a fat phobic planet. What is the worst thing you could ever be as a human on planet earth...? FAT. Someone once told me that you could at least change being fat but you can't change being black. Being fat is the worst thing you can be to a lot of people to where a lot of people harm and starve themselves to not be considered FAT. Body issues are a real issue on this planet where people undergo life risking surgery to be a part of this perfect body culture. It is really scary. People can come on and say that I am encouraging unhealthy bodies but this misguided idea that a skinny body is a healthy body is absurd. I am sure people will not embrace the idea of fat vegans but they exist. Fat bodies are real. Fat bodies excercise, eat healthy are healthy and if they aren't is it your business or place to correct someones lifestyle. Anywho check this video and article out and Subscribe to @AdolescentContent!

Keep the love flowing. I hope this helps everyone who might feel insecure about their bodies because you are perfect.

Please keep your negative thoughts or comments to yourself especially when approaching someone in fat skin who loves themself. You should take inspiration from that daring act of self love to love your self. There is no weight, height, skin tone, or gender requirement for bold self love. All are allowed and deserve to be loved and love themselves. #cheers!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

July Shows. #LEtsDance

Excited to have a good calendar of dancing this month.

So On July 13th meet me on the Dancefloor.

Excited to play with Mallrat, Cat Mahatta, and Lucky Cat....At Octopus Literary salon Oakland!


Then on July 14th I will be at two shows and I can't wait...

First up is a performance to raise funds for legal support for immigrant and refuge children at Bottoms Up Community Garden.


Then Later on that evening I take on a little Risque performance for a monthly event called Body taboo Defiance and I am stoked about it because I get to do something different from the norm which I am always up for. So It is very Body positive and real and personal so come out it will be so rare and shocking. Maya exposed. I am excited. And it is at the Legendary Shelton Theater SF! SAy What!!!


On July 15th I will share the stage with Drew Trap Girl at the Knockout SF. I will update with more info on that show once I have it!

July 20th I will be at Slut Island Festival in Montreal, Canada! This will be my second year playing this show and I can't wait to dance with everyone because last year was special and lit.

Happy to be playing the same evening as London Jade and look forward to the whole weekend of amazing performers. Slut Island Festival is lit and should not be missed!! RSVP HERE!

On July 25th, Oakland! I will be hosting a DIY Choker making workshop...inviting 15 individuals to come and play with our imaginations and vast creative minds using recyclable products to create unique chokers. That happens at the East Bay Creative Depot Reuse and is sliding scale 5-10 for materials and NOTAFLOF(No One turned away for lack of funds)!


LAstly I will be closing the month in Fontana CA playing the Decompression Chamber With Fattycake and the Puff Pastry and Squid Ink and I am excited of course because I love Manny. Can't wait to see everyone on the dancefloor and at the workshop this month. So far so great! July...JuLying. LEts Dance!