Tuesday, December 9, 2014

if ever a love song...

My collaboration with Jalal Salaam...Off of his album "Ethics".

I love his flow rhyme and message in all of his collection.

Blessed he pulled me to feature on this ultimate love song.

we both agree on what a true love story is.

Press Play and explore not just this song but the full collection.

Monday, December 8, 2014

"DUMBPHONES" and December

Wow. Did we really just wake up in January blink our eyes and end up in december?

What a fucking year! So fast much?
I just want to thank the Most High for the life, The lessons, The growth, The lost of the unreal, The Betrayal. But everything that matters would be the Music. The Gift. The Blessing. The Full Magic.

A lot of folks seek the money and are blinded to what is happening not just on our planet but the current lineup of our solar system. Galaxies in between reality play a big part in this planet energy.
I think back to when I actually wanted a record deal. Lets all laugh in correlation right now. For to be incarcerated and puppeted out like a slave just ain't the life the most high scribed for me.Watch out for them chains disguised as contracts.

Excited to soon share a full life album with everyone. Independently. My Debut Full Length Album is called "Writing My Life" produced by the God of TRippy. My Big Brother Trippy Swaggert. AKA Trippy Sanders.

I would say making this album has been an experience pushing my levels of openness and creativity to the levels of expansion. The left side and right side of my brain came together and congregated quite well.

We welcome you up into our world with our debut track from "Writing My Life" ~~~~> #DumbPhones....

This year has been a mighty one in the realm of performances and I close off this year at Fresh Steps at Lukas in downtown Oakland.

Gonna be in the Space with a Plethora of Beauty. All Ladies showcase curated by the Creative Young God Leon "DNASTEE"


Friday, November 7, 2014

Bam Biggity Bam...Birdie on INSTAGRAM...

Well I guess it's cute to post pictures and videos of strange magic on such a platform.

Follow my Instagram and such....

Friday, October 31, 2014

"Live Again" Full EP now Streaming on Soundcloud!

Yay! "Live Again" MayAmra's Debut EP is now Streaming on Soundcloud.com!

Here is the Cosmic Alignment!

"Human Life (Intro)" Produced by AMRAisland Lyrics by Maya Songbird
"You Should Be Dancing" Produced by AMRAisland Lyrics by Maya Songbird Background Vox AMRAisland
"Little Black Boat" Produced by AMRAisland Lyrics by AMRAisland and Maya Songbird Background Vox AMRAisland
"Live Again" Produced by AMRAisland Lyrics by Maya Songbird

What makes this project the best ever is two witchy women came together and created this 4 song EP with love!

Look forward to more from #MAYAMRA! STREAM ON CHILDREN! Soon we will have the full project available for download!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"You Should Be Dancing!" #NewMayAmra

As If. You are sitting around looking for a reason to hop out your scattered retrograde enhanced human soul...

MayAmra now gives you a reason to shake that a$$...3 minutes and 36 seconds of complete a$$ $haking.

Our 3rd release from our debut EP titled "You Should Be Dancing" and if you pre$$ play...I will tell you why!!

have a fabulous blood moon and eclipse. together we shall howl at the moon collectively!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I am on Onepluslove.Com

Thank you so much Onepluslove.com for the awesome feature and the even awesome kind words!!

Thanks for understanding me!

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Also Check out OnePlusLove.com indie gogo campaign! To help fund an awesome Queer community app while on the go!