Thursday, July 12, 2018

#TBT...Traveling on that Cosmic Spaceship...Featured on @AdolescentContent Magazine

Last year, I sat with my friend Ericka Clevenger (@erickaclevenger @erickapedia on the gram) and we discussed what it is like to daily experience life in a fat body while on a fat phobic planet. What is the worst thing you could ever be as a human on planet earth...? FAT. Someone once told me that you could at least change being fat but you can't change being black. Being fat is the worst thing you can be to a lot of people to where a lot of people harm and starve themselves to not be considered FAT. Body issues are a real issue on this planet where people undergo life risking surgery to be a part of this perfect body culture. It is really scary. People can come on and say that I am encouraging unhealthy bodies but this misguided idea that a skinny body is a healthy body is absurd. I am sure people will not embrace the idea of fat vegans but they exist. Fat bodies are real. Fat bodies excercise, eat healthy are healthy and if they aren't is it your business or place to correct someones lifestyle. Anywho check this video and article out and Subscribe to @AdolescentContent!

Keep the love flowing. I hope this helps everyone who might feel insecure about their bodies because you are perfect.

Please keep your negative thoughts or comments to yourself especially when approaching someone in fat skin who loves themself. You should take inspiration from that daring act of self love to love your self. There is no weight, height, skin tone, or gender requirement for bold self love. All are allowed and deserve to be loved and love themselves. #cheers!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

July Shows. #LEtsDance

Excited to have a good calendar of dancing this month.

So On July 13th meet me on the Dancefloor.

Excited to play with Mallrat, Cat Mahatta, and Lucky Cat....At Octopus Literary salon Oakland!


Then on July 14th I will be at two shows and I can't wait...

First up is a performance to raise funds for legal support for immigrant and refuge children at Bottoms Up Community Garden.


Then Later on that evening I take on a little Risque performance for a monthly event called Body taboo Defiance and I am stoked about it because I get to do something different from the norm which I am always up for. So It is very Body positive and real and personal so come out it will be so rare and shocking. Maya exposed. I am excited. And it is at the Legendary Shelton Theater SF! SAy What!!!


On July 15th I will share the stage with Drew Trap Girl at the Knockout SF. I will update with more info on that show once I have it!

July 20th I will be at Slut Island Festival in Montreal, Canada! This will be my second year playing this show and I can't wait to dance with everyone because last year was special and lit.

Happy to be playing the same evening as London Jade and look forward to the whole weekend of amazing performers. Slut Island Festival is lit and should not be missed!! RSVP HERE!

On July 25th, Oakland! I will be hosting a DIY Choker making workshop...inviting 15 individuals to come and play with our imaginations and vast creative minds using recyclable products to create unique chokers. That happens at the East Bay Creative Depot Reuse and is sliding scale 5-10 for materials and NOTAFLOF(No One turned away for lack of funds)!


LAstly I will be closing the month in Fontana CA playing the Decompression Chamber With Fattycake and the Puff Pastry and Squid Ink and I am excited of course because I love Manny. Can't wait to see everyone on the dancefloor and at the workshop this month. So far so great! July...JuLying. LEts Dance!


Thursday, July 5, 2018

The official video for "Wicked Attraction" is here!

Excited to share the official video for my song "Wicked Attraction" produced by Oji. This song is special because Oji produced it just for me. So I am excited to share the official video! The video is Directred by my friend Jessica Gonzales from @FoldWorld...In the video I am a lady of the night being stalked by a hidden figure in which we have a special dark connection hence the #WickedAttraction. Shot in DTLA on a hot and steamy night. The hidden figure stalking Maya Songbird is actually Detroit legend @CreepyJoni. Check it out on YouTube!

And on Facebook!

The song is also available on all digital platforms... Like stream on Spotify and purchase on Itunes.

Single Cover is also by Jessica...Check out their website

This is my artist profile on Spotify!

"Wicked Attraction" is also available on hard copy on cassette and CD. I am sold out but will have a re-Up for August.

thank you xo

Monday, July 2, 2018


Now you know SF Pride this year was the ultimate because it took us all a week to recover! Everybody I know all last week was recovering from Pride weekend Bliss!

I am literally gonna Just post Pictures without Descriptions to show you how much fun we had.Gonna keep it short and sweet. Like me! ;)

I will say the moon sequence for this year is the same as 1999 so it felt like it might have been some similarities to the good time that was had that year. Me personally I remember everyone was afraid of Y2k. So it was a special year where everyone had bought all the batteries and the water. My favorite memory of 99 pride was turning off all the lights and dropping condom filled water balloons out of our window. We were party teens with no rules. Just a memory. Well yeah Pride 2018 felt Just like I was a party teen all over again.

Lets hear it for Pride 2018 ya'll it was great! May all the future prides strive to top 2018 Pride with a strap on.

The last two weeks of June were intense in the media with the murders of XXXTentacion, Junior from the Bronx, Immigrant Children being separated from their families. Just very unreal. The violence and hate in this world is ongoing but Pride is evidence that love is still alive. It definitely was the highlight of a dark June. Glad to have shared so much love with loved ones. Performing on the Faerie Freedom stage was alive. Everyone danced and made me feel like a star. I thank you for that. Until next year. I wish everyone a peaceful July filled with Rainbows and Sunshine....Have a great Week. I have some special updates for July!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Happy Pride...SF last minute party guide!

2018 Pride is upon us and it is time to party. I can't believe I have been attending SF Pride off an on since 1989. And although its gotten real commercial like the whole planet. I am happy to be attending in 2018 and look forward to all the fun in store.
First off going to plug where I am playing and as a Sf Historical Castro native I am truly happy. I will be playing the Faerie Village Stage hosted and ran by volunteers of the Calamus Fellowship nonprofit. So make sure when you stop by to dance and to donate and support online....(Calamus Fellowship)...I will be playing a 30 minute happy dancing set and can't wait to bring the sunshine! My set is at 3pm! You can find the Faerie village stage on the map and it also is a non commercial authentic stage ready for some good ole fashioned faerie action.

Here is some colorful happy propaganda to get into...

Ok so now here are some place to dance at all weekend...

So the trans March is today and the festivities start at 11am and end at like 2am... There is even a Sober all age after party... Check out the schedule in the event and hope to see you there!(

Also a party called Uniq will happen tonight at Slate Bar SF...Facebook event RSVP duh.

Then Saturday is the 26th Dyke March celebrating continued resistance...All info here in the event on Facebook.

But also before the Dyke March begins a little Kiki...a quick kiki actually...called Pre pride parade... Flyer here...Jasmine Infiniti will be DJING...I saw they will also have a PRIDE Kickoff short and sweet kickoff tonight so check that out there will be free food...same name on the event just type it in! Check out Jasmine Infiniti's page on Facebook to keep up with her schedule for Pride so you can meet her on the dance floor. Let's send my sister off well before her European tour. Slide her all the money.

Got your interest? RSVP here...

Some parties to hit up after the March are wild things featuring Kehlani...Facebook Event here...

... This ongoing party that will go from the 22nd-25th sponsored by Uhaul SF...Facebook Event here

Ok and my last two events I recommend areee...first off the legendary club SF STUD which you should just occupy every day of pride weekend of course and here is their schedule so make sure you come in and drink up like a fish.

Looking forward 2 Teenage Dream!

Make sure you like and follow my Favorite party spot in SF for a lifetime...THE STUD..On Facebook...

Also my favorite bay area QPOC (for the squares that means Queer person of color) is GOOD VBZ...PRIDE EDITION! At the CHAPEL SF and its sliding scale and its lit! So I know yall are coming. You can pay what you can and dance...The Good Vbz parties are always Lit.

Here is evidence of the Good VBZ...and make sure to follow them on Instagram and like all their pictures and like their page on facebook here!

RSVP here.

wait hold up...can't forget SF Oasis Pool Party! You know got to get wet sometime during the day of pride and nothing like making a splash at Oasis. I am going and I am taking my wig off for this!

RSVP here.

Also shout out to the hip and fly Grand Marshalls this year! Special shoutout to my friend Aria Said! Being commemorated for all the awesome things she does within the community so make sure to cheer and wave when you see her ride by at 2018 Pride. Make sure you have greas yt safe happy pride. wishing you rainbows in your pants and liberating dance floors.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Radio Interview with @DivineDiosa!

Hello World!

I was recently in LA and got the chance to not only just play shows but got a chance to sit down with Christian on her podcast and discuss music, magic, and more with her. I also got to give her an amazing candle that I made her which was awesome. It was a great collaboration so take a listen, Share, follow her on Instagram and soundcloud and all of that.

Here we are!