Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hello Darksided Pumpkins, "Welcome to The Darkside" that is OCTOBER!

Hi everyone. Thank you once again for a fantastic never dull year. Lucky for me I am the captain of the Space Cadets and most things go completely over my head and I am ok with that here. Keep it Pure.

Well. We are in the last Two months of the monkey year and I plan to release two more projects before the year is out.

Starting with A All Songbird Produced project from the darkside of the moon. With brilliant co-production by my friend and collaborator Jon Jon from the Grease Diner.

This feels good to have produced a project. I feel like I took matters into my own hands. I feel like I created a sound like no other. When I took matters into my own hands and produced "Delicate Chemistry"

and got such a positive response, I figured how could I not go on to continue on the path. So This project is the next chapter to the "Queen of Darkness" which dropped in January on Ratskin Records. Well this is "Welcome to the Darkside" which is the complete darksided follow up to what was written in the beginning.

Well here goes some photos to show how much fun we have been having recording.

My only show this month will be centered around "Welcome to the Darkside" as there will be a tape release party on the 15th at the Oakland Secret! Where you will be able to hear my new project and three more amazing tapes out on Ratskin this season.


Hope to see you there. You can pick up your physical releases at Oakland Secret on the 15th and digitally on the 31st. Which we have super surprise in store.

Enjoy a sneak peak of the process!

I will also be performing and debuting new art at the Good Omen Market. So come out and meet new/familar vendors. Enjoy some Hella Vegan Eats.

xo's peace and rainbows!

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