Friday, September 2, 2016

September Shows and well did you hear it is fucking Retrograde!

Hi everyone. Here we are. Still here in the tricky glitch called planet Earth and it is September 2016 and we seem to have survived the year of the tricky Monkey...Sorta.

Here are my shows for this month and I am only playing two.

And I will tell you why if you stick around I will tell you all about it!

So Saturday, the 3rd of September I am playing a live set on KALX radio with the hostest with the mostest, DJ PENNY ROYAL!

I will be playing along with o)x_3y3

Here is the official press release!

"Tune in to KALX Live! on Saturday, September 3rd @ 9PM to hear live performances by Maya Songbird and o)x_3y3, hosted by DJ Penny Royal!

Maya Songbird is a lady of the night. The Queen of Darkness. The most enchanting Chanteuse! Magically mixing musical genres to soothe and seduce your eardrums to new dimensions.

The musical talents of Bay Area electronic artists Miss Moist and Paralycyst combine to form the freaky mutant of electronic improvisation known as o)x_3y3. Too beautiful for this earth, too weird for words."

Well there you have it and you can read that at the website for KALX, Here!

Then 10 days Later, We have a very POPington party at crate on Tuesday the 13th..."The other Spooky 13th"..

Catchy, I know!

Excited because Tig Bits is coming to town along with Bobby Wasabi hailing from Portland! This will be all the way live! Also Tainted Pussy will be destroying. I will be playing a set also!

So please RSVP on Facebook!

Click here...

And don't just like look..RSVP..Say you will be there!

Ok so you stuck around so I will tell you now why only two shows this month for Maya Songbird?

I am going to Disneyland this month. No really. A little Family Vacay to Disneyland. How cool is that? A sweet get away and I have my posh Mickey ears ready for the adventure. I have been twice in my lifetime but for a special guy it is his first time soooo WE are going! A little break and I am happy to take it!

Also I am retreating in to write a new project that will be coming to you in October to Ratskin Records.

This will be my second project released on Ratskin. Lets here it for us!

This project is special to me because I would have produced every song on the project!

Let's rewind back to my first release on Ratskin, "Queen of Darkness"...Back in January and I thank everyone who purchased a tape and a CD because they did sell out like three batches of press up! Thank you so much for that. Lots of love for that project! I have to shout out OJI for the awesome production. Also tell you about how I produced "Delicate Chemistry" (Purchase "Queen of Darkness" here)
So producing a whole project on my own. I could feel some type of way.

And you will feel it when you press play. Hmm I will announce the title of the top secret new project sometime either this month or Next month but here we go..Chapter two?

And if you haven't heard my production debut "Delicate Chemistry" then take a listen here.

Also We made a Super Soler Video for this song..

Press Play...

Well I hope this gets you all excited for what is to come in October.

I am feeling ultra inspired in the midst of retrograde. In the midst of Retrograde! My God! lol

We could be dodging meteors on earth instead right.

However it does feel like our electronics are stuck in slow motion and I find myself tapping the screen so many times and clicking the mouse to the tune of a frozen dimension.

Oh this will be great. There will be pure unholy retrograde rage.

Thanks for always reading and supporting. And if you would like to book me and never scam me please email


Wishing you all the rainbows and the brightest Sunshine from planet utopia high to your real realm. PEACE.

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