Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Ultimate Bubble Gum Theory!

Let's See. Ideally things to get me through hard times (like change or closed doors or feeling like the weirdest woman alive)... even with an optimistic mind I do have my moments where I am completely like crying and such on this journey of what seems like an endless destination filled with strife!

Well do you feel that way too? Especially in a fast paced planet where everything is always moving moving gone and communication has slipped from our reach effectively it feels.

Here our my secrets and may it help uplift us all and get us through....

I Enjoy chewing bubblemint by Orbit.

I know that might of sounded like I am promoting them and what not and maybe I am because it works for me.

I am not like gonna tell you the gum is super hollistic or like gluten free. But I will tell you that I live for Orbit Bubblemint. It last long and gives a good bubble and is pink. But I will tell you for $1.50 it releases my stress so much instead of talking to a therapist I really get happy chewing and making bubbles....

And now pictures!

Here's me Popping my gum into another galaxy...

Here's me Popping my gum with my spaceships out.

But lastly. Here goes Me Popping my gum and beating the hell out of adversity.

Enjoying that Positive Pop in all dimensions.

Always share your Positive Bubblemint Pop with me!

Wishing us all continued Rainbows and Bubble Pop. Like no matter what life hands you..Lemons, Lies, Deceit, Scams and Strife...You have Bubble Pop to get you through.

Pop On sister. Pop on.

#LoveNote #SoMoteItBE Send me pics of you with your bubble gum to ilovemayasongbird@gmail.com I will share them here. I am happy.

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