Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August Already? Wow here goes August Magic! See you on the DanceFloor!

Happy August....

I feel like dancing all month!

And I will!


Now the Question is...Who is going to meet me on the DANCEFLOORRRR!

Here are some dates where we can link up!

Kicking off This performance real Lady like at the SLO(St Louis Obispo) LADYFEST

ST Louis Obispo is having a huge Lady Powered Rock Fest this Saturday!I will playing along with 25 other Bad Ass Ladies to inspire and motivate other ladies to be complete bad ass who take no ish!

Check out the official Press Release here....

I am super excited to be playing the Debbie Harry Stage! Gonna get all caught up in the Rapture!

RSVP Here..

On 08/08 I am at Crate for an awesome show headlining Baltimore Band WET BRAIN...

It will be an awesome night with Wet Brain, DidISDEAD, Born Yesterday, and Me...Maya Songbird!

That Show starts promptly at 9..Doors are at 8...Party is at CRATE....Dig the Rhyme? lol MEEEE TOOOOO. Crate is at 420 14th St.


Then on Friday the 12th I will be playing PERMABLUSH at the Starliner

This is the best flyer I have ever seen in my life! So you know this party is too lit! I can't wait! I forgot to say I have new music. On top of the songs you might already know if you are a devout Maya Minion. If you are my Black Cat.


That Next evening I will be At Diego's Birthday party festivities. It will be a pretty cool party at the Speakeasy.

The Lineup is Bonus Beast, Counter Vulture, The Noreiegas, Maya Songbird, and Jerk Lewis


Ok so My next gigs for the month have no Flyers or Completed storylines...

But I will be playing Popular Slut Clubs party on the 14th at the Night Light..More Deets coming soon on that... And a small Mini 3 day Tour to Olympia with Scorpion Warrior and Tyler Holmes the Last week of August..

Last show is in Oakland with Ahmerasu, Tyler Holmes on the 30th..

I will update you as the info is all primped and polished.

...Peace n Rainbows....for now.

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