Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July Shows+New Video+Free Download=BELIEVING IN MAGIC!

Good Day and Hi Yes, July is pretty cool so far considering we are completely out of retrograde. July is Fucking Fly, Actually! Hug yourself if you agree! (heads up...The video on this post is temporarily on Auto Play because I want to be Obnoxious in hopes that you download the song for freeeee)

Well I won't be taking in the fact that I am completely not a fan of FireCrackers....

Yet I took one for the family team. July 4th was beautiful. Kinda sorta got over my fire cracker fear and such. I feel weird like it will fall from the sky and attack. Don't tease me for this. A lot of people prob feel this way. lol Firecrackers are only fun if you are in love and kissing every time the firecrackers are going off in the sky. Like a Hollywood movie.

Well, So far this first week of July has been.... you guessed it #MAGICAL. Well I have to tell you all it must be because lately I have been using "magical soap" to enhance the magic! (holler at me for all of your magical soap needs)

Ok so I am completely excited for July Performance Dates!

And that is all I currently have for now but I will be back with event updates...For now save the date if I am in your town.

Excited for a performance trip to LA! Glad to reconnect with my other half AMRA so we can prepare to bring you our full debut album collaboration, "POLOAPACHERY" out on RATSKIN RECORDS Spring 2017.

Now Let's get in to this new video for an old song remixed years ago by Nigel Geiger.

My favorite remix for this song has been up and out since like 2012? But a lot of people still tell me how they dance to it. So Why not re-release it for new dancing feets.

This video was shot at Del's birthday party. We had hella fun. Takes place with all the cool queer kids. Just want to say that Queer parties are the best parties. Been proudly attending since about 97. Way back when. This is home. This is Safety. So when things happen like the incident at PULSE Nightclub, it makes me think of all the parties I have been too and how it has always been a safe haven for individuality. A celebration of your own identity no matter what others might feel about your existence. So yes I completely dedicate this art to all who lost their lives. We continue to dance and feel safe in our Queer environment. That is the thing. All are invited to be themselves in Queer spaces. Barely negativity at a Queer party. Pray for our world. Everyone has Obvi lost their minds and need to dance more! I am Glad I got to express what I feel and I have a place to express that. Thank God for that. We all have the right to be ourselves fearlessly and my friends in this video wear their identity so freakin loud and proud! Big Thanks to Jasmine Infiniti, Cali, Ahlya, JShelley, Julez, Del, Lichen, Steve, YOYO, and Bo.

"Cosmic Experience-The RMX"-Maya Songbird from Maya Songbird on Vimeo.

A fun video featuring most of my brilliant Queer artist friends. Song produced by Nigel Geiger. Available for a free download https://mayasongbird.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-experience-the-rmx

"Searching for the Full Cosmic Experience, No Superficial Thrills"

What does that cosmic dialect mean? Well it means on this Journey only entertaining supreme love in its fullness. None of that fake shit. True love. That real good love of all eternity!

So now you know! I hope you get that too!


And now to the free download. Now Streaming on Soundcloud.

Thank you for Playing my songs and for the awesome love and support. I got that Cosmic Experience through everyone who has been faithful in support of what I am doing here for over the last seven years. Say What?

Stay Blessed and Never Stressed. To book me to play or to say loving things contact theweirdestmaya@gmail.com!

Also please check out our site for Wired Weird Entertainment. We have been active since 01/28th but as of 08/01 we will have a new and improved Website! Coming straight to you. A sweet, next level #Relaunch! That is Super Soler! Will you be tuned? Let's make it an online celebration! Save the date!

Peace and Rainbows.

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