Wednesday, August 8, 2018

August Shows...Lets Dance.!!

August 2018 is in the building. That was so corny...Who am I? lol

Ok so here are august shows!

On Thursday 8/9 I am at The Stud for a Queer Cannabis Social Event giving you all these dance moves in honor of weed. The event is called Puff and there will be all kinds of weed goodies so come enjoy this cannabis event! There will be a drag show and a Stoner raffle so come ready to dance and win! This is a monthly event so make sure to support every month!

The Universe is Lit Festival is back and I am excited for 4 days (8/9-8/12) of Black n Brown Punk Bay Area! I perform on 8/10 on the Friday evening night...which is day 2 of the festival! I want to say wow my twin sister Shawna Shante and Jade Ariana did that! They worked so hard to provide a 4 day platform for your favorite brown and black punks to rage so make sure check out every day and it is not too late to donate to the festival. Show your support and see this years lineups and showtimes at

My set time on friday for the Universe is lit is at 6:45pm and the show is at Pro Arts in Oakland! Last year was lit and I know this year will also be Lit so Lets Dance. See photo for evidence!

On Sunday I am excited to return to my neighborhood that I grew up in to play an awesome fundraiser for a special organization near and dear to me and that is Lyric! So come out to Cafe Flore to raise money to keep Lyric thriving. The best thing about Lyric is when I was a teen and we went to the dances for queer teens and also they hired all the queer teens. Lyric is an awesome organization so come out and donate and if you can't make it donate to them online!

Thank you for having me this is literally legendary considering I grew up dancing on the Dancefloor at all the Lyric Dances now I am commanding the dancefloor to raise funds for Lyric. This is like totally full circle!

On Monday 8/13...I play a show with Touring act Blacker Face from Chicago, My favorite band Copyslut, and NezBeat at The Dildo Factory...Secret Location to protect all the dildos so please message me for location at!

As you know 8/19 is ChokerFest and I am not performing but I am vending amazing chokers and more and I have a whole bunch of Awesome Local Artist with me on this vending celebration of DIY Chokers so come through!

So its on 8/19 from 3pm-8pm at Oakland Secret...So don't you do it don't you dare be late.

Last but not least I have a real life announcement to make. Dorsey and I started a band. I met Dorsey a while back when she was in Spray tan and we went on tour and we clicked so tough and decided we wanted to make music together on the one. We share a love for the funk, oldies and disco so we did it we started our band! And after jamming with two other band members we found our match in Lindsay and the rest is history. We are a three part band called Telepathic children and we rock. Check us out on the gram @Telepathicchildren! But most importantly come to our very first show together at @MassmanGallery in Oakland on 8/24! We are debuting a 4 song set and we are dope....

Nothing but good times. All the time. We were meant to be the power of three! Ok so going to close out this post with some photos from Rebecca Heikkila aka @dalmation.dimension on instagram from the Party at Granny's Oakland where everyone came out and danced all night long to raise money for the families legal fees and the families that are stuck at the border and I want to let ya'll know that $1500 was raised and donated. All that matters is serving each other in the name of liberation. Love still rules here!

Thank you for eight years of unlimited unconditional love and support on the dance floor. Can't wait to dance with you....I've got a rainbow in my pants and can't wait to see you dance. It is way past my bedtime. XO


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