Thursday, August 2, 2018

Choker Making workshop at East Bay Creative Depot was Awesome! Also mark your calendar for Chokerfest 2018!

I recently hosted my first DIY Choker Making workshop at the East Bay Creative depot and it was pretty dope.

A cute group of awesome unique individuals came through to get hands on with choker making.

The East bay Creative Depot supplied us with so much good unique items to make our unique chokers and all that participated made nice homemade chokers and I am sure are inspired to make more!

And now Pictures! Warning! We had a Blast!!

My class was phenomenal and brilliant in their creativity.

If you are interested in taking this class let me know and I will do it again!

Now on 8/19 is a big day on Planet Earth in Oakland because we are having our Second Annual Chokerfest at Oakland Secret! Last year we had it at Perch and it was lit. This year we are expanding and I am happy to invite you and welcome you to the one and only event hosting DIY chokers created by the top select Local Artist! This is your chance to have one of a kind unique chokers in your stylish jewelry collection so come out ready to purchase, Drink, Eat, Dance, and Be Merry. We will also have a Free Bin...Proceeds go to purchasing and arming femmes with Tasers!




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