Thursday, July 12, 2018

#TBT...Traveling on that Cosmic Spaceship...Featured on @AdolescentContent Magazine

Last year, I sat with my friend Ericka Clevenger (@erickaclevenger @erickapedia on the gram) and we discussed what it is like to daily experience life in a fat body while on a fat phobic planet. What is the worst thing you could ever be as a human on planet earth...? FAT. Someone once told me that you could at least change being fat but you can't change being black. Being fat is the worst thing you can be to a lot of people to where a lot of people harm and starve themselves to not be considered FAT. Body issues are a real issue on this planet where people undergo life risking surgery to be a part of this perfect body culture. It is really scary. People can come on and say that I am encouraging unhealthy bodies but this misguided idea that a skinny body is a healthy body is absurd. I am sure people will not embrace the idea of fat vegans but they exist. Fat bodies are real. Fat bodies excercise, eat healthy are healthy and if they aren't is it your business or place to correct someones lifestyle. Anywho check this video and article out and Subscribe to @AdolescentContent!

Keep the love flowing. I hope this helps everyone who might feel insecure about their bodies because you are perfect.

Please keep your negative thoughts or comments to yourself especially when approaching someone in fat skin who loves themself. You should take inspiration from that daring act of self love to love your self. There is no weight, height, skin tone, or gender requirement for bold self love. All are allowed and deserve to be loved and love themselves. #cheers!

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