Sunday, July 8, 2018

July Shows. #LEtsDance

Excited to have a good calendar of dancing this month.

So On July 13th meet me on the Dancefloor.

Excited to play with Mallrat, Cat Mahatta, and Lucky Cat....At Octopus Literary salon Oakland!


Then on July 14th I will be at two shows and I can't wait...

First up is a performance to raise funds for legal support for immigrant and refuge children at Bottoms Up Community Garden.


Then Later on that evening I take on a little Risque performance for a monthly event called Body taboo Defiance and I am stoked about it because I get to do something different from the norm which I am always up for. So It is very Body positive and real and personal so come out it will be so rare and shocking. Maya exposed. I am excited. And it is at the Legendary Shelton Theater SF! SAy What!!!


On July 15th I will share the stage with Drew Trap Girl at the Knockout SF. I will update with more info on that show once I have it!

July 20th I will be at Slut Island Festival in Montreal, Canada! This will be my second year playing this show and I can't wait to dance with everyone because last year was special and lit.

Happy to be playing the same evening as London Jade and look forward to the whole weekend of amazing performers. Slut Island Festival is lit and should not be missed!! RSVP HERE!

On July 25th, Oakland! I will be hosting a DIY Choker making workshop...inviting 15 individuals to come and play with our imaginations and vast creative minds using recyclable products to create unique chokers. That happens at the East Bay Creative Depot Reuse and is sliding scale 5-10 for materials and NOTAFLOF(No One turned away for lack of funds)!


LAstly I will be closing the month in Fontana CA playing the Decompression Chamber With Fattycake and the Puff Pastry and Squid Ink and I am excited of course because I love Manny. Can't wait to see everyone on the dancefloor and at the workshop this month. So far so great! July...JuLying. LEts Dance!


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