Friday, April 28, 2023

Castro Kid Album.....Finally a dream Fullfilled.

Who knew that in 2023 the album "Castro Kid" would be dropping. Well what had seemed like a failed mission resurfaced as a chance to once again share my story of what it was like growing up in such a colorful place. 90's SF was a revolution that I was lucky to be apart of being that I grew up in the historical Castro. I call it growing up on a rainbow because it was literally rainbows everywhere and I remember moving in to our home on 01/01/1989 and my mom had made sure my room was everything Rainbow Brite. As a kid growing up on 15th and Noe it was a mission to find other kids to play with outside. I would literally hang out with the flower guy named GUY if you know you know he is amazing and a huge part of my childhood. He would let me know when a new kid I could hang out with moved into the neighborhood. I was lucky to grow up at 2179 15th st and please dont disturb the people who live there now unless you want to remind them that your fav Maya Songbird grew up there and yall want to see what the inside of the house looked like. Well my room had really weird lime green shaggy grassy carpet but nonetheless the whole place was special and dreamy and I am really lucky to have grown up there. I saw a ghost there a few times. It was my landlords son who had passed away. I saw him maybe three times in my time staying there. I wasn't scared I just knew that he had died and that that was him and I told my mom and she didn't believe me.

My favorite things to do growing up on 15th and Noe was go to the corner and sell whatever I could sell from my house and play my clarinet and sing on the corner. I had a wholesome childhood filled with bike riding in my neighborhood. As I got older I would venture more to the castro by myself and go to the park in the castro and I remember pride when I was a kid was really just Church and the Castro and super non mainstream. It was a lot of marching and a lot of people on my block that my mom wouldn't go to church that day and I would get front row seats to the early days of pride.

Then going to the castro as a teenager was different because we would all link up with other teens who cut school and we didnt have cellphones all like that it was more so link up at Castro Street station and get in to trouble. So much natural fun. I miss just that. I miss not having cell phones and being special enhanced humans that literally intuitively knew where to meet each other. We really have gotten way to far from our lives as just that. I miss the good ole days where we read maps and printed out directions.

So ideally this album was to come out in 2012. Wow we even had a fundraiser and everything to raise funds for it but that project never made it to see the light of day. Why? Well I found out the truth about by former managers agenda and you know we all have the bad guy in our life that sinks our ship because they cant be the captain or should I say I was not about to sign that DEAD end contract she had for me. People can be so selfish and well I chose me! People really think that because I am kind compassionate that I am a fool and well I was adviced not to sign that contract and to never speak to her again and that is what happened. SHAMEFUL! I decided to walk away and take the longest journey which led me here to 2023 with a completed Castro Kid album. Not saying there were no obstacles in this new project as well. In early 2022 Wam (Womens Audio Mission) granted me a chance to record an album in their studios under a grant and I spun the block on this project and it was to be produced by Tomu and Dorsey. Well Dorsey couldn't commit so I gave the full on gig to Tomu to produce and we were scheduled to go record late february early march. I wrote and recorded this whole new project in a weeks time only for Tomu to instead congratulate for acomplishing just that but to pull her beats for saying I was to sexually explicit and kinda taking away my power and before it got real nasty and she was acting as if she was not just a collaborator on my project she kinda backed me into a corner and I didn't like it. None of us did. Yeah people be for on a self sabotaging hype and make sure you aren't a victim in that. What a fool. So insert Nate Manic who literally saved the day and re composed this album and can I say it is literally way better than any of the other castro kid projects.Nate ran circles around Tomu's production So yeah Tomu you tried it with all that weird energy. For reals though used me for my studio time to add BASS to your beats and then pulled this stunt But you did not stop anything so hahahaha. People for real be on some weird energy but ain't nobody got time for that. JUST SHAMEFUL WHAT SHE DID. SHE TRIED IT AND In the end I got a better album that really takes you on a journey through time iconically. Produced by NATE MANIC.

Thank you Nate for Accepting this project while under a tight schedule literally massacreing a song a day. I literally laid in bed distraught about Tomu's actions and just trying to figure it out and you showed up daily with the best energy and re imagined this project the right way.

Got to give recognition also to Danielle who Enginereed and Mixed this project. It was a lot of work but thank you for getting through this with me.

Don't ever stop until you get what you want. I completely own myself and my legacy. Never sign your life away to anyone.

Sincerely the CAStro KID....Black Girl from 15th and Noe.

So stay tuned! The album drops this year but you can catch a sneak peak at upcoming shows in MAY! Starting with the Party in the park thrown by wam happening on 5/13! My set is last and I am headlining! I can not wait to slide in the new grooves amongst the older grooves that are so special to me to perform. It is going to be lit. Get your tickets here!

A big thanks to Womens Audio Mission for providing me and many other femmes a Chance to execute an album recorded in a beautiful studio space. For backing this project and making sure It got done even with the unexcpected drama.