Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The official Visual for "Seduction on the Low" out now!

Pretty excited to be dropping the official Visual for "Seduction on the Low"

Directed by the great SANTIAGO for SANTY's Gallery. We have collaborated on so many projects released and unreleased and we work well together. This particualar day we shot this video and I am all naked in the forest and some bike riding crew randomly rides through. lol I had to play it off it was AWKward lol. We ended up at this particular forest a few times in the span of two days because we got to smoked out on 4/20 last year when we shot this and thought we left the bluetooth speaker and had to come back in the storm and it was night time and spooky and we were both stoned and scared. It was like a scary movie cuz it was pouring down hard and dark and we were searching for the bluetooth in a forest.
This is the Speaker.

WE can laugh at this now but trust we were both freaking out lol and it turns out the bluetooth speaker was at the house under the couch the whole time. Anyway this was fun to shoot and glad to give this song a video.Thank you SAntiago for always working so very hard, for being an outstanding creative and having a magical brain to make outlandish visions come alive. A pure genious and original in a world today. Check out his portfolio here and book him for all things creative. He really is the best.

This song was a freestyle and is on the Cats From Venus Album. It was written in 2015 even though CAts From Venus did not fly until 2022. Got to trust the process and perservere. Just really out here expressing fat girl desire and reminding you Fat bodies are attractive. Its not fair to only admire one body type. Many Body types exist and should be applauded and celebrated for getting a body. You know how hard it is to make it to earth and here yall go choosing to be close minded and making all these rules on how to exist. Miss me with it cuz I am having a good time in my body as a big magical being. Although these days I am 40 pounds lighter but we will get into that in another post. But today and right now we will celebrate my body in this video and my sexual desire. Normalize pleasure and worship not fetish for all bodies.

Here goes "Seduction on the low". Worship me.

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