Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Still believing in magic. 2024 style.

Hey its been a minute but I am glad to be back.

I got a new environment that I have been adjusting to that I love so much and has helped me with healing and prioritizing myself for once in my life. Its been a struggle to do just that as I have 100% been there for everyone and not there for myself like that and I have been in isolation figuring it out and so far so good. I am thankful to in this short life hold space for myself and seeing the positive results that stem from that you know.

We are in crazy times and I personally took a lil break from social media. Usually I am the first to say happy new year but this year wasn't such a happy new year on the strength that everyone is trying to ignore the state of our world with the massive genocide happening in Palestine. I asked google why does genocide happen and the response was "Genocide happens because of choices people make. Within a society , hatred makes some people decide to murder people whom they see as different. Other people decide to sit by and allow it to happen, without acting to defend those being attacked" now let that sit with you. Think about that...are you a person who sits back and allows it to happen or are you a person who stands up and fights for the rights of humanity. I was so shocked and speechless to see how many folks ignored and let Israel get away with murdering innocent palestinian civillions. Palestine belongs to Palestinians not israel and for the american governmen to be involved in this has just left me speechless yall. I know our government is one that throws the first stone in a lot of world events. To see our government play the oppressor and the savior in the same sentence is mind blowing. This is our world yall and it feels like we are 2 far gone!!! What honestly will save our world? This feels beyond repair. I will say though that now more than ever Community is needed and is so important! I am thankful for my community of loved ones who support me guide me and genuinely love me and reciprocate my love. Trust me I have been through it all and to still be open and vulnerable at my grown age is a blessing. So I will tell you lets not give up on our world. "A new world is possible" and I believe in magic.

I want to invite you to some positive spaces where I will be at this month and I hope you can make it out to celebrate joy and good vibes. I am glad to still use this platform as a beacon of information and thank you for letting me express myself always.

On March 7th I will be vending Maya's Magic Shop goods at the legendary Continental club in Oakland for The Hood Witch's new book release Blood Sex magic!

See you there!!!

On March 9th daytime I will be celebrating my good friend Maria new event space called Grand Opening Arts. The event will be from 1-7 Pm and I will be Vending Magic Shop Goodies so see you there and here is the flier...

Later that evening I will be at Popperz SF at El Rio in SF! I am so thankful for my Popperz Community! They are holding a fundraiser event for me and the magic shop. You might not know but our new location is in Chico and I am thankful for my community to look out for me like they do and I will be performing a 30 minute set so be there!

I want to talk about the new location for the magic shop, Mayas Magic Shop started out as an underground Brick n Mortar in Oakland in 2018. The magic shop then joined Slurp Art Gallery for a pop up install from 2020-2022 and in 2022 we also moved into Sour Cherry Comics in SF as a store within a store install kinda like what Claires is to Walmart just to help you better understand our setup. My oakland location closed in 2022 and since I moved near Chico I took a leap of faith and launched a Chico Magic Shop and so far so good but I still need a lot of support. So I will be starting a Patreon soon and will be back with more info on how you can support that.

Right now we are open Thursday/Friday 1-5pm Saturday 1-4pm! Stay Tuned

3/13 and 3/27 I will be playing a live set online for URSA Live which you can tune into from their website at www.ursalive.com and find my name MAYA SONGBIRD!

I am excited to announce my collaboration with the Omni Commons for two tarot workshops happening 3/21 and 3/31! Thank you Silver for this oppurtunity. If you are interested in attending please sign up here.

Later that evening I will be at Thee Stork Club opening up for TELE HEALTH so stay tuned for that flier because I don't have it yet but coming soon!

Lastly on 3/29 I will performing at Boomerang Lounge in Mill Valley for the Undercover lovergirl tour feauturing Taylar Elizza Beth and WD4D! Check it out...

I just want to say thank you for supporting me for 15 yrs as an underground independent queer black indigenous artist! I want to always remain for the people. I am always People over profit. Free Palestine,Sudan, Congo, Haiti, Yemen, Puerto Rico, Tigray, Hawaii, Ethiopia, Somalia and you! Peace, Freedom and love is all that matters. You are in control of your life and have the power to make positive change. GOD is real and the only GOD. Celebrities are not GOD do not worship celebrities. Worship GOD!

Be good to yourself and hope to dance with you soon! Keep Dreaming and Nurturing the GOD within!

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