Friday, March 31, 2023

"How the Sunshines" Video + Behind the scenes and lyric breakdown

So happy this video is out finally and the goal was to drop it Spring Equinox to celebrate the sunshine after a wild winter.

We shot this video the day we shot three videos and this was the first video of the day.

As the story goes Krista and I drove down to LA early morning non stop from the bay. Pulled up on Santiago like at 8am but he was still sleeping so we took a disco nap in the car until he came out and knocked on our window and we went inside and took a little more napping before waking up around noon to plan three video shoots in one day.

We then spent the day mobbing around LA going everywhere to get everything we needed for the looks and props.

This is me trying on looks for the video BTW. So clutch. I was super excited.

That evening we had an incredible meal cooked by the amazing Santiago.

And I thought I had pictures from that but I can't find them sorry yall. I be trying to document cuz I am high key annoying and I love good times and our little dinner was the fuel we needed to wake up hella early and execute the plan.

So yeah we got up hella early and of course had our Yerba Mate's Cranberry Pomegranate to get us going. Of Course I have a picture of that.

It was super far out from Santi's house and we got stuck in fun LA traffic and had to make a few uturns but when we got there....Eureka! I don't remember the name of the spot yall but just know it was chefs kiss for what we had planned and that was a video shoot.

Krista helped me get ready in to the first look.

Meow a total kittens growl. and then we took some test shoots before I put on my wardrobe.....

So we got me dressed and then the park ranger came and was like ya'll got a permit and I was like oh shit lol I knew this one lady walking by previously was gonna snitch and she did but the ranger was like look you got 50 minutes to shoot and then you have to leave. Thank you Mr Park ranger and to the lady that was hating now what did you gain from doing all of that. lololol

My favorite part honestly is when Santyi baptizes me as a black cat. Not gonna lie yall know the water was cold and I was not trying to get my hair to wet lol.

Our next scene was the convertible scene and it got a little scary but I microdosed and did what had to be done. Krista was driving kinda fast ahem Krista. What was crazy was the police was like out but didnt stop us or say anything to us they ended up going to someone house in the neighborhood and doing a wellness check on them We guess. We were all like well thats weird they didnt care I was like literally hanging out the car lowkey could have died and they were all like this is LA everyone does this hahahaha.

This was my favorite shoot of the day. Cuz after our energy kinda went down and we all had little attitudes and then we wasn't expecting when we shot "People Hold On" for it to be a scary scene. At the end of all of the video shoots Krista and I took a disco nap and then went back to the bay. Thank you Krista for letting me sleep and getting us home safely.

So I am very happy this video is out and I wanted to save it for last for the fact it was such a great day shooting it. This song was produced by Oji and released in 2015. It is never to late to give a song a video and I always perform this song and I know people love it so it was great to give it a video.

What is this song about? Its about Capitalism being such a harsh force in humanity that we can't even enjoy the sunshine. Its really realizing that people care only about money and that is sad. Earth is so beautiful. Look at what money has done to us all. The greed is destroying this planet. Look at the weather. I had starting thinking about life without the sun on earth. About how days become a little darker as violence, ego, hate and disruption is the only way of life. I thought about the dream I had where the days were pitch black and Sharks were everywhere and it was waterworld. I have been having a lot of visions in my sleep about the world under water. We can all be a little more loving genuine and kind. We need each other more than ever. Our future does not look good and money does not equate to freedom. Money will not save or liberate you.

Thanks for watching and sharing. Pay attention to the destruction of our society. Honestly the animals got next and I can't wait to see them evolve in to the main habitants of earth. I dream of a world of Black Cats surely. Also a big thanks to Yurba Buena Gardens Seeds Commision Grant for funding this video and more video projects to come!

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