Sunday, January 15, 2023

Happy New Year! 2023 what you got for me?

Wow we made it to 2023 and although Covid is here and destroying the planet still. I hope this is the year people find their true happiness. Life is way to short and they say you only live onve although I be feeling like a few past lives resurface just on the daily but you know YOLO if you lucky cuz to return to earth after one full human life span is a nightmare groundhog day no one should have to experience.

So here we are on day 15 of 2023! Wow the storm was really crazy. God was like you gonna feel me and see me so you know ya'll better be on your best behavior this year because God for sure ain't playing.

Say it with me...2023 what you got for me. I hope all the good things for you and for me and accepting tower moments with grace. Every time the tower falls you get real creative with the rebuild of things and after so many falls the foundation is v strong. Just be happy with the life even when you want to cry. Cry tears of joy for life and always Give thanks to God for life and magic in everything God has created for us not any man made things tap into the real source and beauty of this now very much green earth.

I am so excited to have kicked off my year with a new episode of Regal Slut Radio and you can check it out here! and also tune in Thursdays 2-4pm on Psyched Radio (

Thank you for love and support all these years! Making some personal changes in my own life and I am excited to share that journey.

This Blog site has been here for 13 years this year and that is exciting. WHo has been tuned in since day one? Thank you for that I love you!

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