Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September Shows. #LetsDance

Hey Virgo Season participants. So far all the season have been intense but Virgo season feels smooth as I literally organized the hell out of my closet and have been catching up with work like posting this blog post. The end of August was the worst so I am sorta healing it out and picking up the peaces. On August 25th my biological sister Alice passed away and it shook up my world and I am very saddened by her death. I am going to say it really sucks when you don't get access to proper healthcare because of money. My sister in her own words told me that they never offered her a cure just day to day survival in which she felt like a guinea pig. She did not deserve to go out like that! I am going to miss my sister always calling me and being in my business and telling me family tea. I am going to miss her bad ass cancer woman behavior. Her slick talk. Talking on the phone for hours and when she would visit me as a kid. When she went through this phase of piercing everyone's nose in the community and she called me as a kid and said for me to ask my mom if she could pierce my nose and my mom said no and I was all upset because I wanted my cool big sister to pierce my nose. I am going to miss Her power but most of all her love. So when you see me hug me because I am still very much mourning the loss of my big sister. Glad for family love and support. Family is all of y'all giving me kind words and hugs without stabbing my back. Can you dig that?

RIP My sister.

Thank you for letting me vent. So here are the places that you can meet me at on the dancefloor.

On Sept 8th I will be at Classic Car West performing to raise funds for The Oakland LGBTQ Community Center and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. An event called Punx Saturdays which will occur from 3pm-10pm on Saturday the 8th of September! This is the only place where I will be performing at for Oakland pride!

My set is at 7pm so come ready to dance.

So on the 9th of September I launch my very first tiny pop up storefront. I am literally stepping out in to the unknown on this one. I have been vending my handmade merch out of a suitcase for some years now and now finally a actual storefront and I am excited about this opportunity and their will be champagne and tiny treats to celebrate. So if you would like to come shop please RSVP at this email by the evening of 9/8 at I have a special guest who will be blinging out everyones teeth. My friend Shamar will be in the house with his tooth gems. Check him out on Instagram..

I am excited y'all and I have spent many long days and night prepping for the launch and I am happy to also host art from Jean Eric.

Okay on 9/13 I will be playing at the Whitehorse along with touring experimental hip hop trio from Seattle, Nauticult...bay Area's own Najee Amaranth, the leader of the Oakland Mind..., And Band Worshiprr. You can see us at the Whitehorse. My set starts at 10:45 pm!

On 9/22 I am scheduled to play a house party in the city. I don't have all the details but will update you on all social media platforms because you are invited. Tune into my stories on instagram my screen name is @theweirdestmaya....Everything goes down on instagram! That is my favorite platform next to facebook. So tune in.

9/25 at Au Lounge I will be freestyling my set with a band. I will be sitting in on an intimate band so be ready for that. I haven't freestyled with a full band in a long time so this should not be missed Oakland!

On 9/26 I am excited to perform at the second edition of @TidesSF at El rio. An all femme kick ass event happening once a month so save the date and i will have a flyer coming at you soon.

On 9/28 I am excited to play at Queerspace for the very first time and I can't wait LA Lets DANCE!All my LA friends and Family mark the calendar!

Also a Second KIKI has been added but it is super underground so just know LA 9/29 I got something special part 2 for you. we gonna keep on dancing.

And that is that! i am so happy to dance with everyone! Thank you for supporting me. I will update this site with the flyers soon and follow me on instagram (@theweirdestmaya) and Facebook (!


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