Wednesday, December 5, 2018

End of the Year...December is here...

I can not believe I have not updated my site but TBH I have been busy but never to busy for a post. So here I am catching you up!

So last time we talked was in September and as you know I lost my sister and that sucked.

Since then We debuted my band Telepathic Children and that was amazing and I thank you for that love and support world. Ya'll showed up to our rave debut and danced and sang along and we were all shocked at how ya'll knew our songs. Must be our Telepathic connection. #TotallyTelepathic.

We have a Rave we will be closing out the year with. Just waiting for Retrograde to end so we can share all the fun deets. Follow our page on Instagram. @TELEPATHICCHILDREN.

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Ok so November 26th was my birthday and it was amazing. We partied at the Stud and brought my birthday in beautifully.

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Happy Birthday to Maya Songbird. I just want to say last year this time I had got out of a very toxic situation with someone who never deserved my trust. I felt broken but mostly upset that I lost so much in one day putting my faith in someone unfaithful. Please leave abusive relationships so you can continue to enjoy birthdays. Someone who loves you does not hit you. I have left so many men and will continue to as many times as it takes to end it all. I have survived so much and am committed to exclusive self love. I’m commencing on a 26 day journey of self discovery alone. Scared but open to the freedom and growth that has chosen me. I am thankful for the light despite the dark days that still shines in me. But most importantly great friendship and sincere birthday wishes. And an amazing rhinestone birthday cake from @aliend0g. And a family of freaks who always comes out to my shows around the globe and dances with me. Sincerely 36 yr old tits. Also @mayasmagicshop launches online today and @creepyjoni and I drop our song “Chocolate Cherry”

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This birthday for me was a chapter closing on a level for me. Just a realization of where I have been appreciating. Where I am going...forgiving people who tried to stop or harm me in my past. Moving on.

I launched my online merch store. For years I have vended Maya's Magic Shop at shows and on the road and I have attempted many times and failed with going online with the storefront and this year the match finally lit. I am glad to have opened a physical storefront and Online Storefront and of course you can catch Maya's Magic Shop in stores nationwide. I have an option to blog from the storefront site and will also update where you can shop restocked items nationwide for 2019.

This has been a blessing. A true testament to hard work and never giving up. Shop our inventory here at

Three more things. I play three more shows this month. Up Next I am in the NOLA ready to Dance! A dream come true thanks to Maria from Special Interest and Edge RA. 12/17 at Banks Bar in the Nola!

12/22 or 12/23 TBA TELEPATHIC CHILDREN Party

12/28 Party at the Dildo Factory TBA More

Also this Techno Collaboration with K Hole Kardashian, Jasmine Infiniti and I has been released and it is all the stir! "Coming for my gig" which is scene kid term for someone who is coming for your life. A leach and psychic vampire. An internet thief for likes. "Did she Just come for my gig...Look at her she's trying to be meeeee"


Also collaborated with Zedgar Infinitii for a cute little song called "The Blame Game" in a true lovers quarrel.

Lastly....The Debut for my new video collaboration with the legendary Creepy Joni....Is on Youtube...You have been dancing to this song for a whole year at my performances and now the official video! "Chocolate Cherry"

Thank you for reading and subscribing and supporting all these years. Happy Holidays and stay blessed. #SAGSEASON

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