Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tap Dancing in December and a Ho Ho Ho...

I am not going to be all like OMG guys its December and where did the year go. But I will say OMG guys it is December! WOw! 2015 a super blur of everyone's Ego out of control. Can we blame it on the several easy access to each others lives via the monotonous casual updates on your favorite social media platform where you see someone is happy and you choose to try to ruin their sunshine for your own heated moment in hell. Or Maybe you learned your hellish dance routine from watching the downfall of humanity on TV aka REALITY TV. I don't know, I feel like maybe in 2020 we will sit down and laugh at how the 10s era really bought out the fake Ego monster in you.

Well I preached and well here is my fun show for the month! Closing off the year just right with my friends over at Fucking Sculptures.

There will be an evening of fun on December 11th at the Bohemian Glass Warehouse and I am on the bill curated by my great friend Miss Moist.

Here I am with one of the owners of Fucking Sculptures, holding one of the many orgasmic Masterpieces.

So much Glory in those Fucking Sculptures!

What is even more amazing is you can purchase a package in advance and make your own sculpture at the event.

Here is your official Facebook RSVP.

See you there!

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