Monday, December 21, 2015

"Writing My Life" The Album on Itunes, Spotify, And Everywhere on Christmas Day!!!

What a great way to end the year!

We started the year smoothly with "Take Me To Moon" Produced by Bayroo.

And Now We are closing the year with a whole Album!

Agh! I am so happy!!! Just for the fact that we put in work over the years and made a really good album, Brother Trippy and I.

We started production for this project in 2011. So it feels good in 2015 to be putting it out!

Here are some promo shots for the album taken by the great Leon "DNAS" Sykes.

How I felt when TRIPPY told a black girl her Album was dropping on Christmas.

I curled my hair for those pictures. I wrote all those lyrics and thoughts on my wall when I ran out of space in my writing book. While #WritingMyLife.

I am Happy this album is finally coming out. I am thankful to Express. Word to Trippy for believing in me and rocking with me all the way and always being good to me. God Bless you , brother. You are loved.

Make sure to follow Trippy on Instagram. He has the best feed on the gram. @Trippy_Sanders

See you in Five Days with where you can purchase and stream (Itunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud) And the tracklist (aka me describing the songs and story behind it all.)

Thank you. Stay Blessed.

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