Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year...#2016

WEll Hello.

Here we are all in 2016 looking all glitterized and rejuvenized with high hopes of a complete life story of 365 degrees fool circle and it is Chapter one. January.

For me I take the official leap with my launching of Wired Weird Entertainment. Which I have been putting together since 2013 and I wonder why my life always manifests in the form of three's.

I can't tell you fully everything about what I am doing with Wired Weird Entertainment, but I will tell you it is mine. Yes Wired Weird belongs to me. WE officially Launch on 01/28/16 at Life Changing Ministries in West Oakland. On that day the closet door will open and out will jump me With a big ole Upside down heart. It is my way of fighting back against such a controlled system. Hoping everyone is inspired to lighten up. To have something big enough to seriously touch all souls who are open to receive it. Might be starting a cult. lol If you are into cults. But most importantly. Black Power. Women Power. Weird Power. Wired Weird Power. Regal Slut Power. Mom Power.

More info and all of that as we go along the path.

I also want to apologize about my album "Writing My Life" not dropping on Christmas day. I guess it is hanging out with Rihanna's album.

Soon. Everything will be just fine.

A Big Thanks to the Magus @DuckWrth for bringing this baby to life...May the Most high continue to bless your brilliant life. Also a continous thank you to @DOSGLOBAL for the original #MayaSongbirdlogo Please hire these brilliant Black men to handle your creative digital art needs!

I want to tell you what I have learned from working for big corporations who did not care much about my life nor my families lives. I learned to DREAM BIG, at Comcast but it is massive contradiction in that but I took it wholeheartedly as I stood in that parking lot May 2009..almost seven years ago. Fresh out of Corporation prison. With that I take with me forever and in all future galaxies. Live your life your fucking best.

A Quote I take with me forever and may it bless your mind.

"The road to your dreams is somewhat dark and it's sometimes MAGICAL! But The Wizard of Oz had one thing right: It's ultimately about the journey and the characters who accompany you on it...NOT the Destination!" -Kelly Cutrone

The Journey is as important as the destination. Filter out the bullshit! #STAYBLESSEDandOPENtoMOREBLESSINGS!


Maya...The Black girl from 15th and Noe. #Frisco

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