Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#PARTY Alert...#RATSKINRECORDS presents "Queen Of Darkness" EP Release Party/Wired Weird ENT Launch Party at LCM

Gather around. Let me tell you a tale. About the QUEEN OF DARKNESS. #QOD.

Once upon a time, In a World colored WHITE. There was a Need for DARKNESS to appear.
Darkness wasn’t allowed to be happy there. Darkness was considered everything attached to phobias.
A big misunderstanding of the magic of darkness. Something completely to be feared.
Darkness was forced to hide from its true purpose. Darkness had no identity. Darkness was not allowed there.
Darkness had a hard time understanding how to be itself when Darkness had been banned, abused, killed, and neglected.
There was no protection of Darkness in an attempt to drain the magic of Darkness. For without DARKNESS.
There is no pure light. Polarity is everything.
So one day out of being truly tired of the bullshit, in steps courageously the boldest bad Regal Slut there ever was, A Ladybird by the name of, Maya Songbird.
She stood up and said, "Enough of this bullshit!!!" and that if you give her your ears ,and be open to hear then she will surely say this!
"Play my Song without a stupid hashtag!! Just good bloody ears, a pure heart, and magical dancing feet.
SO, Repeat after me and I will only say it three times!
'Maya Songbird is the Queen of Darkness! Maya Songbird is the Queen of Darkness! Maya Songbird is the Queen of Darkness!"

Join us January 28th, 2016 as we bring Maya Songbird all the way to life at Life Changing Ministries (1629 8th St, West Oakland). Show starts at 7Pm Sharp and also features performances by Tyler Holmes, AH MER AH SU. Hosted By Miss Moist. DJ HeeShee of New World Dysorder and DJ Sailor Saturn will be providing grooves.

CD and CASSETTE Tapes of the "Queen Of Darkness" EP along with memorabilia will be for sale!
CD Song Lineup is "How The Sunshine", "Wicked Attraction" produced by Oji and "Delicate Chemistry" produced by Maya Songbird!
Cassette Tape Lineup is "Universe" Intro produced by SANCHA, "How The Sun Shines", "Wicked Attraction" produced by OJI and "Delicate Chemistry" produced by Maya Songbird!

We will also be celebrating the Launch of #WIREDWEIRDENTERTAINMENT with lots of cake and a Video release of a song called "Delicate Chemistry" and the unvieling of WiredWeirdENT.NET

We are having a serious EXTRAVAGANZA. There will be lots of glitter! So please come prepared with your best dancing shoes!

Photos by Nex Iuguolo (https://www.facebook.com/SymbiotixFungi/?fref=ts)

Thank you for almost seven years of love and support!

See you January, 28th! RSVP on Facebook here....https://www.facebook.com/events/1644182815851103/1645520269050691/

Peace and Rainbows...with massive amounts of DARKNESS!

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