Monday, February 1, 2016

"Queen Of Darkness" EP release and WiredWeirdEnt.NET Launch was a complete SUCCESS!

I am so excited everyone! This feels really great! I want to start out saying a big thanks to Erin and Nastia for the the beautiful article in the EAST BAY EXPRESS! It feels good to get started in the right direction on this new Path of owning my own entertainment company. Ya'll gave a birdie blessings to fly on this and that is true woman empowerment! I thank the most high for your existence!

We Had a awesome open for WiredWeirdEnt.Net and a great Release dance party for the "Queen of Darkness" EP!

On 01/28 we all got together at LCM (Life Changing Ministries) in West Oakland for a night of Magic. WE started the night out right with Performances from some of my great friends Tyler Holmes , AH MER AH SU and Miss Moist.

DJ HEEESHEE had us dancing all damn night! It was so great! Everyone was dancing!


We debuted my video for my song "Delicate Chemistry" and the crowd went wild! (Thanks for that guys) That felt really good. Ensued me to feel like I had hella Kanye Moments!

WOW! And the Co-Director and Co-Star of the video were in the building it was magical! Shout out to @ScaryBlack13 and @Joacimsdotter! That is where you can find them on #Instagram!

I am still on a super galactic high from such a successful event!

We had the oh so Cool BirdieMade Collage Cassettes and CD's for sale!

Thank you to everyone who took home their Cassette Copy of "Queen Of Darkness"

Thank you for purchasing my Musical Art! My tapes will be available for purchase on WiredWeirdEnt.Net So very soon! They are currently available for purchase here....If you click the art thumbnail on the Bandcamp Widget!

Guys we totally had a party! It was a spectacular event!

DJ SAilor SAturn was in the building and Took everyone on a great galactic spaceshipe! Enough for Charmeelah to cancel her Lyft and stay a bit longer!

A now for the Outro. Thank you Everyone. I really just want to express more than just appreciation for all the serious love and support in flight of my ideas and dreams over the years. It is so much more than that. I love and support you back. That feels so good and I am thankful for that. I have so much love to give and I am thankful to receive that love back abundantly. It makes my heart bigger. I can combust many times have way more love to give so many times.

Continued Peace, Love, and Happiness.

The world of Weird is here. Your lovely new portal is and it feels so good because it is mine. I am so excited about each link/Page to be seen and Always make sure to watch me always on this site! I feel really awesooommmeeee! My Own super Serious world!It is Mine! Mine! All Mine! Thank God For magic!

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