Thursday, November 19, 2015

Saving Aura.

You know life is so funny how events transpire.

Kinda just have to give thanks for every moment on this journey of the unknown.

Flash back to about late September, I had started to hear a cat meowing and I would think it was my cat but it was not her at all. I would look at her like girl what is up and she would look at me like girl it isn't me meowing in your head.

Now first thought would be am I going crazy? No way! Why would I snap to that extreme to where I am hearing cats meow in my head now.

So the madness continued and then finally one night the meows got really really loud.

I was actually trying to record a song and I could not because the meows were so loud. I even posted on Facebook like who the hell has there cat in the hallway!

Everytime I would walk into the hallway the cries would stop. I thought the madness would never end because as soon as I went back in my living space the cries would start again.

Then finally at 4am, I found the culprit. A baby black kitten! I liked to have fell out the irony. You know how much I love my black cats. This Baby was outside our gate and peaked at me and screamed and then ran away. I said oh My. I must save it.

So I go in the house and get my cats traveler carrier and flashlight and come to find the kitten had ran and hid behind a rock. The kitten hissed at me and spit at me so violently, But I was able to get her in the carrier.

Come to find out our apartment manager had been chasing the cat around most of the night. She had to have a cigarette to calm her nerves.

So the kitten was very mad about being saved and was extremely feral and I called up the nearest SPCA to get advice on handling the cat but they would not even see her without me paying massive amounts of money up front.

So I took matters into my own hands. I had a very wild kitten in my bathroom and I was terrified of her.

This Kitten was really mean. Growling, Hissing and spitting. I thought would I ever get close to this kitten?

I was afraid of her. Lol

I would like open the door, slide her cat food in and shut the door so fast.

I even experienced the treacherous kitten growl.


To make her more at home. I made her this little bed shindig.

And this was the first time she let me hold her.

Just like that those big growls turned into soft purrs. Must have been the contact with my heart. I had a new friend.

I even gave her, her first bath.

There was just one problem. Kitten Aura and our Cat UTI hated each other. The fur just would not stop flying. No matter how much we tried to make them get along. :(

It is true. The women are feline. And everyday my house was like an episode of Love and Hip Hop.

Things was tense in our home. So I had to find Aura a good home. Even though I really wanted to keep her.

Look at all that love.

Well we ended up this past weekend giving Aura to my friend Georgia who lives in our building so I would still get to see her and be apart of her life. Kinda like a good Co-Fur mom.

Look At Aura! Look at what some good loving can do for you!! Love is so good.

Our last few days together I made sure to overdose Aura with lots of kisses, so she would be ready for her new home.

Kitten Aura loved me so much, She even would get in the bathtub with me. I took time off from my everyday schedule to invest love into Aura. I had a dream when I went to sleep after rescuing Aura that if I had not I would have found her dead outside my window.

God Bless the world. Save all of our babies whether they have skin, scales, or fur.

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