Friday, November 13, 2015

#FLASHBACK Traveling on that Cosmic Spaceship...Sessions With Sasha Kelley

In Early 2012, I was introduced to Sasha Kelley at Omiroo Gallery in Downtown Oakland by KT the Groovy Tiger.

We immediately hit it off. Two sweet souls meet and the rest is history.

We scheduled a session for Sasha Kelley to come over and shoot me at my Palace and interview me on my release "80/90" that was out at the time.

I don't know why I never officially shared the picture collection. Just bits and pieces here and there..

But I was on Dropbox last night and came across the full collection and thought to share it with you and to further share with my readers the magic of Sasha Kelley and any good that can go to this incredible phenomenal woman please direct it to


What Made this day even more special? We had some of the best Ice Cream I Have ever had in my life in the Fruitvale when we walked to the bart station after our session. I never saw that Ice Cream Cart again. The guys wife with the ice cream said he had finally got the courage to share his ice cream. It had a peculiar feel on my tongue. Tasted like sweet vanilla cold sand. It was so good and I never saw him out there again. From time to time I still look for him in the Fruitvale. Must have been magic?

Continuous blessings from the most high to you Sasha! Check out To keep up with Sasha. Follow her Magic on Instagram @YesSashaKelley.

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