Thursday, November 5, 2015

November Shows...It is my Birthday Month.

When I think of my birthday as I age, I think a black space in my head about it all.

It is really weird, like when I was a little girl, I could remember this whole spectacle where I would have a serious countdown and be all excited about it.

Now I am more so having blah thoughts. Hmm and I think another chance to achieve life at a new level and you so know how much I am completely in to Numerology so the big 33 for me seems divine.

Especially since most of my numbers in my numerology chart are 3. Most things in my life come at me in threes. 333 is me. Now I am turning 33.

I am really excited about this although it feels like I am a bit of a late bloomer. I feel the journey has been long and now I just really want to be in the best place to preserve what is left of my "sanity". Whatever that means. Surely, I must say when 11/1 hit I put on my birthday suit and never looked back. I was like wow, it already is now my birthday month and I am already always in my Birthday suite and now I have the excuse to wear it so much, my cats will want one also. Everyone in honor of my birthday,may even WEAR one! Send me pics if you do.

One thing that remains for all of my human years I will say I am in my skin all the way deep in the flesh.

But Most importantly, here are some places where you can see me in the Flesh.

On 11/13 I will be playing a fun set at Grease Diner Art Gallery in Oakland for the Paintings of Love Event by Laurie Shapiro.

and here is the official Facebook invite.

Thank you Laurie and Jon Jon for having me and thank you Pineapple.

Then On 11/20 I will be performing an all dance set where I will twirl us out of this world and back.

I will be at ASSTROLOGAY... A dance Party celebrating all of the Scorpittariuses of the world like myself. Those born on the cusp of Darkness and Debauchery. So much fun.

And you can RSVP on Facebook here...

Thank you Foxxy Newport/Jesse for having me.

Now I will tell you were I will be celebrating my Birthday officially.

On 11/25 (the day before my actual birthday which is 11/26)I will be super disorderly with my New World Dysorder family for my birthday at their weekly event that is at the Rock Steady in Oakland. This is the ultimate dance weekly party happening at Rock Steady every Wednesday. I am so excited because Jasmine is throwing me a party because she loves me. I will also play a small set!

You know what they say about the friends that Slay together...

I will post a flyer for that event when I have one.

It is so weird because I was thinking about all of this birthday stuff all day today and 2015 has been so weird. I feel like as I get older, all I have is Air in my head. What has happened to my brain here? It is that feeling to constantly know whats next you know. Even though you are getting old and you don't really care. I am so happy with the patience of a saint who is glad all of her wishes are coming true.

But surely it is my birthday every day this month and I will act accordingly and soak up the sunshine, metaphorically because it is getting cold. I also noticed how great it is to be born in November and hi-five to all of my gracious and genuine fellow November natives...we are DOUBLE SEASONED. Able to navigate fall and winter. Wow, we are great. If you would like to send me birthday gifts because you think I deserve them for being such a good girl. ;) Send to!

Happy BIRTHDAY to you and to me!!!


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