Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Maya Songbird is an honorary SF Cockette!

I made the announcements that I was in the amazing SF Cockette:Eternal Emission Musical review in SF this year.
But let me tell you more about the whole experience!

Wow to be a native of SF. Straight out of the iconic Castro. Castro Kid and all and too achieve this level of Querness. I have truly elevated. My inner child is fullfilled. We have come a long way from singing on the corner of 15th and Noe!

I want to thank Dan, Scrumbly, Noah, and Birdie! First of all Thank you Dan for reaching out and having me audition.
Thank you Scrumbly for being supper encouraging and a genius to work with. Thank you for making time for private rehearsals to get the songs right. As well as the amazing outrageous stories.

Thank you Birdie for being a sweet Pisces and helping me get my mic on every night and teasing my hair perfectly!
This has been an experience and a chance to express my self in a new way. I considered it a challenge I achieved successfully. I literally have not done a musical in 22 years. This experience was a lot of fun. Especially since The songs I sung were literally sung by Sylvester. I literally pumpd my hair and Gave all I could in Sylvesters honor. Thank you everyone for your love and support in this Performance. Alot of my loved ones Showed up to see me sparkle and sing "Jaded Lady" and "Wondering". Its Crazy how legendary those songs and all the songs written by Scrumbly have been living rent free in my head even after the shows

Enjoy some behind the scenes photos!

Thank you to the cast and crew! Thank you for good times backstage.

Please Educate yourself about the history of the legendary SF Cockettes!

An Iconic Acid Drag Sexual ANARCHY! A super BIG part of SF HIstory. So glad to say Maya Songbird is a honorary Cockette!

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