Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Recap of the "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Tour with BbyBangz and Tig Bitty!

I must warn you. This was quite the adventure.

When Bby and I hit the road we had no idea what we were getting in to.

So we were like driving when all of a sudden my car decides to express his inner bucket.

I did all the things I was supposed to do by getting the car checked out and everything but surprise while we were driving down the highway to hell, my right tire exploded which knocked off my belt and damaged my Axle.

Which left us completely stranded roadside. A voice instantly went off in my head like "How bad do you want this"...But literally within minutes of being stranded a good Samaritan came to our rescue.

After two hours of getting the car back up in running we were headed to Salem, Oregon. Special thanks to John Bolles, who saved us with no hidden agenda, just a pure and kind heart.

So after 8 more hours of driving carefully in my fancy bucket who I have since named "Orion" in response to the tricky and troubled belt in my car. Named after the infamous "Orion's Belt"...I thought that would be awesome as now I would say a little prayer that our Good Samaritan taught us for the rest of our Journey. I was taught the St. Peters prayer and maybe you know it to. I will share it with you as you may need it for your journey's also.

"St Peter keep your shadow on me. Don't let me have any flat tires. Or accidents or any cops stop or arrest me or impound my car."

Well believe it or not that little prayer got us through. I swear every time we turned on the car it knocked and grunted and just was not trying to act right. By the Grace of God, stamina, We got through.

So we made it to our Salem stop at the awesome Space Concert Club. Late as ever. But we were greeted with this awesome name in Chalk...

Everyone at The Space Concert Club was so warm and kind to us. They fed us and gave us great liquor and I played a small set. We ended up actually rescheduling our show for the next Wednesday after it all though.

We then got back in Orion's belt and headed to Portland to crash at Vern and Ian's place. Thank you Vern and Ian for the Hospitality.

Got a chance to hang with Vern in the am and chill in Vern's Fern Garden.

Later that evening we had a gig at Le Voyeur. The legendary punk DIY venue of Olympia!

So we packed up Orion and said our St Peter's prayer. We magically arrived in Olympia.

Olympia was cool because that is where we met up Tig Bitty and we played our first show all together that night.

That is Bby opening up the evening with great Trap Queen Vibrations.

All in all the evening was interesting but fun nonetheless.

But the best was that evening meeting Caitlyn ( The Queen of Olympia who also happened to be a November Sagittarius) and Gabriel who just so happens to go by St Gabriel and is an awesome guy in two cool bands. So yeah we met them at Le Voyeur and then crashed with them for several nights. We even got to have a small house party where Tig Bitty and I performed. Every night spent in Olympia was well spent. Oly has my heart. Here are some Oly moments.

Gabriel took us to a swimhole. It was amazing. Also shout out To Dumpster Value for that amazing swimsuit!

The best part was when we were leaving and Bby picked up what she thought was to be a caterpillar but was actually a poisonous Centipede which secretes Hydrogen Cyanide. Omg.

Our Seattle gig. Well we didn't get paid. They paid the sound guy instead. It was about three touring acts and no one got paid. But the venue was nice. And the drinks were good.

Bby's Set was awesomee.

More beautiful pictures coming from Rachel soon of the Seattle Event.

(me and Tigbitty in between sets)

We didn't leave Seattle without visiting and hanging out in Seattle's night scene. Bby and I packed up Orions Belt and headed to Dwntwn Seattle to hang out with Rachel at a cool hip hop spot! Also thanks Rachel and roommates for letting us crash at your pad after!

We Then headed back to Portland to play The beautiful Twilight cafe and bar. We stayed with my friend Lauren. This was my look for the evening!

Instantly when we walked through the door of the Twilight we were drawn to the magic wall on the stage.

Portland was awesome, although we didn't have the best turnout.

My favorite about Portland is the pot shops everywhere and not needing a Pot card to get in!

We also enjoyed First Thursday's art walk. That was amazing.

Up next we were back in Salem Oregon and that was a majestic evening to be had.

We had a full house at The Space Concert Club and played with Salem legends Night Lizard and Oakland Goth Girl Band, Composite.

It was a smooth evening and every body danced! You would have to have been there to believe the magic was real and felt! Just want to thank Doug and Summer for being so great to us! Along with all the other awesome Salem native that were so hospitable to us not once but twice! The love in Salem is real and if you are ever in Salem make sure to stop by the Space Concert Club because the food is amazing!

So then we packed up the car and headed to our last gig in Arcata at The Outer Space Clubhouse!

OMG the ride down from Portland Oregon was delicious, De-Groovy, and DeGorgeous! Agh! Every single curve turn and uphill and downhill was imperial. Ugh I lived!

We made it to Arcata just in time for Soundcheck and also grabbed some good Pizza.

OMG so Good!

Arcata was perfect! Thank you Cole for this moment!

Thank you Lisken for these awesome photos.

Arcata! You brought it!!!!! Thank you for such good love!

But the After party was also so very lit! IT was so nice to meet and party with everyone!

Thank you to everyone who supported us on this tour! Thank you to our friends in Olympia who donated to our tour fund.

Thank you for the beds to sleep in. Thank you for taking care of BBY and I. Thank Tig Bitty for showing up and showing out! You are amazing and your Success is over the moon high! Love you much! BBY thank you for surviving this adventure with me! Excited for our September adventure. And all of our future endeavors together. You are the bomb my bby from the Bronx!

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Until next time! XO


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