Friday, December 1, 2017

Official visual for "Staying Alive"

So yeah 2017 has been very interesting. A lot of endings which I am sure in the long run I will be all excited a lot of these things happened for the good of my soul to expand and elevate. But why lord did I have to go through all of this and why did you also? But as we are now in December. Thank Gawd. Things seem to have lightened up even though I am legit holding on to the ceiling of an upside down room like a frazzled black cat with her claws all the way out. This year was a painful one in the aftermath of loosing a lot of people I considered chosen family in 2016.

The universe sheltered me I feel though with a chance to lick my wounds and heal properly. I never thought I would be travelling the world. Playing shows. Meeting new audiences worldwide and that has been special and I promise a recap before the year is completely over.

I am proud to share with you the official Visual for my song "Staying Alive" off of the project collaboration with AmraIsland. Thinking maybe a full release for the project and you are in for a treat 2018.

I thank Ananyah and Nikki for bringing this idea to life. We shot this visual in London!!!!!!!!!!

This video is directed by Maya Songbird @theweirdestmaya and Ananyah (Nai Du) @yennavo and Edited by Nikki Kaplowitz @cockroach.princess

Just a example of that continuous lady power! Music production by @Amraisland and of course all of these @'s lead to pages on instagram!

This video was ideally trying to basically cope with the idea of how life can easily morph into death so take it easy and enjoy life smoothly as possible.

Ok so expect me to tell you about my 2017 adventures filled with ups and downs. I got some tea. I know my friends in heaven smiling down on me like she still crazy and full of life.

Also watch and share the video on YouTube.

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