Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The official Visual for "Merry Me"

So this is my first single drop of 2018. Excited that I produced this song which was on the "Welcome to the Darkside" project released last year on Ratskin Records and the "Darker" album available for purchase in person and online at www.mayasmagicshop.com.

Gonna dive right into my feelings and thoughts about heterosexual marriage and the limits placed upon women with gender roles.

Submitting to a man and becoming subservient to a man in order to feel complete as a woman?

Where as you are absolutely not valued as a woman unless a man chooses to marry you? So I am less than a person because a man deems me unworthy of marriage? This is what we are teaching our future generations of girls today?

Now, totally since day one as coming to this earth with a vagina there has been this constant reminder of preparing myself to be accepted for a man to marry me. I emphasize as if it is some sorta fairytale of the perfect marriage where he is not going to cheat on me or beat me. Yeah you have read that correctly we all know how men can get. Well I want to smash that idea. So what if you never marry as a woman. So what if you don't stay in a bad relationship. Fuck marrying a man for likes on facebook or society roles.

I am asked so many times if I will marry a man. Even on my Grandmas death bed and I told her I Go by Maya Songbird now she rose up and said "Some one married you!" and I politelty said well I might be married to the stage grandma.

I just want to smash this idea with a baseball bat that marriage will make or break you as a woman.It is ok to remain Solo Dolo. Treat your self right. Hook up and ditch how many men you choose.Travel the world. Open a Tinder account across the globe. Break up with that man who keeps you as an option and limits you. Treat men how they treat you.

You don't have to be a married woman you can be a single lady. If your mom ask you when you will get married tell her you will marry your dildo.

Here goes Merry Me....The perfect unmarried manifesto. Shot and Edited by a married woman, Claire Staples. I will say I am not against marriage but I won't force a relationship with someone unworthy of my time. I love freedom and unconventionality. Would love to have a family on my terms. Nothing traditional and I never want to wash the dishes.

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