Monday, January 15, 2018

New Year, New Logo.

So here we are deeply and officially and fully immersed in 2018. With 350 days left to circle around the sun and already we might feel defeated. I hope we are all taking this as an opportunity to heal from the last few years as they have been really hard on all of us. I think we have to take the time to heal and find what works for us all to be happy.

I have taken on new things personally that I am excited to share them as they open and progress. This is the year where we are approaching Eight years full time as Maya Songbird so it is special to introduce new things showing growth and expansion. It has been a journey of expression that I never could have imagined. And here we are eight years later at the tender age of 35...Which is not to old as long as still can ride the groove. I am pleased to bring more excitement and expansion from my galaxy to yours. In hopes to inspire as usual.

I am happy to share this new logo that you might have slowly seen or taken a peek at last year.

So initially my good friend @LaurieShapiroArt (instagram) and, offered to make me into a painting.

It started out as a simple sketch...

Then it became a gigantic piece in Laurie's Studio...

Then the piece was featured in the San Jose Quilt Museum.

We both agreed that this would be dope as a logo and now we have the new logo.

And these awesome prints are available for sale soon at Maya's Magic Shop!

The original logo was created by Mike Dos in 2012.

And now here they are all together.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing!

Maya Songbird's new logo is alive!

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