Friday, February 19, 2016

Welcome to the world where "No one is turned away for lack of funds" #NOTAFLOF Community Collective

Wouldn't it be nice to have more community driven organizations....

Where you can go to your neighborhood salon and Not be turned away for not having all the money in your pocket.

It is sad we live in a world that does not invest more in the positive side of the life spectrum.

A shame we live in such a cutthroat world that bases the worth of human existence upon the amount of money you can spend and how rich you look.

Every person should feel the beauty of being able to not feel worthless because you don't have all this fake money in your pocket.

At #NOTAFLOF Community Collective you can get beauty services for the amount you have in your pocket because you are worthy of that.

And on 02/26 you can support NOTAFLOF by coming out to a 3 day benefit special! I will be performing and we are going to dance! Its a Party!

Check out the space.

Now we need your help, The Community, to make this a super Plur Beauty Services Space where no one is discriminated on for not being super rich. A space where we all chip in to service our community with their beautifying needs.

Come out and support all three days of fun and art in the official opening of NOTAFLOF.

I know I am proud to support this fabulous movement. I hope the spirit of NOTAFLOF becomes a serious positive rainbow effects among communities worldwide. What will it take? If everyone was poor would we all laugh and agree how money completely got out of hand and everyone was totally unrealistic in the torment of attempting to harm or destroy lives or label worth. NO you are not going to be turned away from this establishment if you do not have money.


The people who are broke just want to get their hair done!

Also,if you would like to sign up to volunteer and work this event...

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