Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Two Year Anniversary to Lessons Learned..."Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Vol.2!

Happy Two Year Anniversary to "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Vol.2 released on my Pisces risings birthday 2/22.

What better way to celebrate then with a video for "Heartbreak is OK"...

And Also I am pretty excited because "HeartBreak is Ok" is in the Movie "Frisky" which has been winning all types of prizes all over the world. Cheers to Claudia Pickerling!

"HeartBreak is Ok" -Maya Songbird

Celebrating the two year anniversay of "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Vol. 2 with a surprise video for the song "Heartbreak is OK" Exclusively playing on Facebook. Download this project here to Lessons well Learned. #HeartBreakisOK

Posted by Maya Songbird on Monday, 22 February 2016


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  1. Same to you! I remember this song and attached are beautiful memories of my wedding at Malibu wedding venues. It was a great day as I tied knot with my loved one in presence of all. Really feel blessed to be with him.