Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March Performances, New Video, and New Song. Chilling on a 3 cloud.

Hey here is March filled with a super Powerful Solar Eclipse that has been felt. Not to forget along with a brilliant new moon. And all though it feels like Nothing was ever the same every second of the day. Like maybe an alien invasion is occurring in our heads. Well.

I Just want to say hello to all the Souls hanging on to Life and dancing while doing it.

I am happy to be Playing two shows this month.

I will be back with my Asstrologay friends playing at midnight...3/18 At ONE FAM. 1606 7th st..

Which will be fun and you can call me Midnight Maya as I plan to dance us into a new oblivion. Thinking to debut some new Soler grooves.

It gets pretty packed and it is always a cute event. Glad to be back.


Then the next Night 3/19, I will be playing a set for the Berkeley Liberation radio Benefit. Lets all show our support for liberation on the airwaves. We need your help to keep Berkeley Liberation Radio on the air.

The show is put on by the Aporeia Radio Show

So here is the official video for "Fucking My Life Up". We shot this end of summer 2015. Thank you Cleve and baby Pharoah!

A day in the life of Utopia...Now Playing exclusively on #Facebook. The official video for a song called "FMLU (Fu*&^king My Life UP)"Shot by Cleve. Produced by OJI.Download link in the comments!

Posted by Maya Songbird on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

and now a new song. "How The Sunshines"...It's Pretty Much A form of Disco from my world. Produced by OJI.

It is a happy song. That is all that matters.

Keep it Soler.

I hope everyone is having a great 2016 so far. Stay Up. No matter how crazy this world gets.

Peace, Magic, and RAINBOWs.

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