Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Birdie had ONE job. #TBT traveling on that eighties spaceship edition.

My life path number is #3 which is pretty cool considering what #3's contribute to the planet.

But then things got really interesting when my soul number is also 3 as well as my destiny number, also a 3. I am like on the angel vibration path of #333. love flowing all up and thru me.

I read that at a young age I knew what I wanted to do and that has always been an artist (everything artistic.) and I expressed that to my mom at an early age. So she made sure to put me in all the artistic shindigs around SF.

I find it funny at this particular performance my Job was to hold up the "T" in Christmas.

That's me right there in the top row with my woes. Holding it down at our Christmas performance. I don't even know how I was able to focus. That was my boyfriend Jon Jon holding the "I". I was upset about being the "T". I just wanted to be the "S" next to him. I think I even got in trouble for talking to him while we were up there. I also had to make sure ole girl with the "S" wasn't talking to my pup.

Ya'll Ready?

BAM! Had to make mom proud. I knew she was taking my picture. I held it down for the "T" bro! I was the "T" in Christmas ya'll! Look at the guy next to me.. He was not ready for what the birdie was cooking. lol

Black girl was feeling herself after like. Like total black girl power. Gotta start somewhere!

Thanks for traveling in time with me.

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