Monday, March 3, 2014

"Pretty Bird, Song Bird.." Vol.2....

Do you mind if I sing you a Song of Lessons Understood?

"Pretty Bird, Song Bird" Vol.2 is available for Download on Bandcamp!

Please make sure to like, share, and play all of these songs with your friends.

Check out some Awesome Visual clips of my top three Fav songs!


"Thirty and Flirty"


Will there be a Vol.3? As the Journey continues why yes..yes there will be... This is a whole Audio Book Series filled with DEBAUCHERY!

Thanks for Enjoying Vol.1 and 2! and if you haven't heard Vol.1...The time is NOW!!!!!

Press Up's (CDS) coming soon so you can like lick me sooner than you know!

CD PRESS UPS Will be available at all upcoming shows because i hired My mom to do the merch table work so make my mom proud and purchase your copy!

Harambe! UHURU! PEACE!

Wait! Stream on Soundcloud also so volume 2 can become massively popular!



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