Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Music Love

Oh. There are some Gems to be shared with you and I am excited to be the mother who is about to tell you about them!

I'm a little late but my Brother From a similar galaxy dropped a Project called "Ethics"!

A follow up to his Debut "Mathematics"

I am proud to share I am on this album. The whole project is fire and I was super excited when he asked me to partake in the "Ethics" project as I am a super fan and Enjoyed "Mathematics"..

I love his vocal delivery and production. But most importantly the LYRICAL CONTENT. The lyrics of every song. just take you there. a beautiful thing. worthwhile experience!!
Check out the track I am featured on called "Wildflower"...

Also the Cosmic Brethren Duckwrth dropped a new project called #Taxfree! The whole project is simply amazing.

I was super excited the first time I heard it had to bring it back a few times and repost on the soundcloud! I love the whole project! My favs though are "Travel" because of massive great vibes through out the whole song and "Voltron" Because Queens D. Light ripped so beastly like and I love the Sankofa Nigga at the end! You will love it too!



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