Monday, December 2, 2013

"Pretty Bird, Song Bird" A BirdieTAPE Vol. 1 is here!

Whassup Birdies...So a lot of you have been streaming on Soundcloud The Official first Volume of the BirdieTAPE series...And I thank you Mucho Grande!

Now that you have been listening for a few days I must tell you the synopsis of it all..

So here is a breakdown of the five song project and what was happening with me in the midst of conjuring up these lyrics...

"Happy Birthday" was so real to me...It was a few days before my 30th birthday last year...When I wrote it and I just wanted all the things to be great with the decade switch off. To me it was like leaping in to the 30s galaxy so If I was going to take that Leap....I for sure wanted it to be major bountiful...I was really excited especially since prior to this song epiphany I had a Conversation with Zoltar to make me "Thirty and Flirty"

So this Birthday song is special to me. I hope it finds you well..

"I Don't Like Him" I feel the song speaks for itself. lol You know in your late 20s the pressure is on for you to start playing with the idea of settling down. Well you know there is that fear there to fall in love... with *gasps* the wrong person...This song is connected to a song I wrote on the "80/90" EP "No No No Don't do It (Be AFraid to fall in Love)" So I was all afraid then I was like Hold up. I don't even like Him. ugh. I resonate here. I have the face that guys love to make sweet promises to. LIKE. "I want to have a picnic with you by the Lake" Then No Action. I don't have to continue to put any pups on blast but we will just say they key words in the song are "When honesty is so close to the truth" if you feel that way then make it happen. No No No I don't Like him!

"LittleBoy Pup" I wanted to give the planet a Ballsagonistic song as I am so tired of the misogyny that occurs all day everyday in your hip hop tunes and your rippity rap. So hear goes. A Nice ball Crunching song. Also to let you know love is a responsibility that I am willing to take if you are willing to put on your collar. Your wedding ring.

"People Hold On" was a Freestyle. I let my heart get on the mic. My heart spoke everyword. And I hope you see what I see through my blind eyes.

"Call It(How I see It)" A message to hopefully open up minds rapidly. For the sake of our future. It's easy and simplistic.

Thank you for vibing to the first volume of the BirdieTAPE series.

We plan to drop the second Volume in January near Auk the God's birthday for Good Juju...

You can download your Copy of Volume one on Thursday Dec. 5th at MayaSongbird.Bandcamp.Com

Hardcopies will be available on Bandcamp on December 16th...A very Special Edition...

Also I will be Performing these new grooves live in LA thanks to Kyle Guy.. Two Dates with Special Guest...

12/15 MidNite Records


YAY! I'll post Fliers for the LA BIRDIES at and on Twitter...Facebook also!

Thank you for always visiting my planet with such happiness and positivity!

Massive blessings to you and yours.


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