Friday, September 20, 2013

The Journey of a two-tone Chanteuse...

Well I must tell you my first occurrence with hair color came unexpectedly...

I was new to Everett Middle School back in 95 and no one wanted to be my friend because I was ugh morbidly strange, shy (yet outgoing) and awkward. lol I actually was somewhat popular because I could sing. I was like the WB frog or something. That was the story throughout my life in school. Kids were mean. Jeezus.

Everett was my first public school experience ever and all the kids teased me every day saying I talked white and I was weird...(SIDENOTE: To every Everett Middle School person that was mean to me!!!!! That was so not nice how you treated me!!)

Not even the kids from Summer school that I knew and was cool with acknowledged me.

However two girls befriended me...Sorta.. They used me to sneak out of school to go to the corner store and get us all sandwiches.

I have the capability to make myself invisible so sneaking out of Everett Middle school to get dutch crunch sandwiches at the corner for myself, Marina, and Leticia was awesome..

Anywho one day Marina came to school with awesome highlighted hair! She told us both that we should try "Sun-In".. I thought wow that is so awesome. I want "Sun In" hair...

We were afraid it wouldn't work on my hair because I am a black girl and I have luxurious royal hair that takes precaution to chemicals and the first few times were an epic fail. However I kept spraying this "Sun In" product on my hair and using a blowdryer to "process" the product...I didn't see it lightening but when I went to go and get my hair pressed at my Cousin Bonnie's shop my hair was auburn. Sister Mary Frances was Heated..(Pun intended)

My defense..Mom I have been in the sun and my hair ugh lightened....EPIC FAIL

Sister Mary Frances beat my behind and put me on punishment. :-(

Well that was my first hair color experience.

I always felt hair color to be an expression of the souls ultra persona and I have been all colors of the rainbow. (Album Plug...Debut album is called Castro Kid)

I went to beauty school to learn more about the art of hair and hair color. Was inspired by the musical Grease when I was a young girl...I used to have nightmares about going to school and becoming a beauty school dropout. lol

I initially took the two tone jump inspired by my beauty school teacher Mrs. ChuChe at the end of 2008..

Wait. This is the infamous sentence where I tell you I am licensed Cosmetologist on top of being a Regal Slut..Been Licensed since 2005..

This is the day before I went two toned in 2008..

With the help of a friend That next day Birdie was half Black...half Auburn...Yay!

As I started slipping deeper into this life of creative hair got lighter and lighter. (SIDENOTE: I feel like Diamond in Players Club when she said something similar in the movie about her stripper lifestyle....) anywho...Cue the photos!

Then one day I became Platinum! Holy Shit! Black Girl Platinum!!!!

And after my hair broke off and I kept having to get haircuts I realized maybe Platinum was not the one for me. Also my natural curly hair wouldn't curl up on the blonde side.It was weird. The black side would curl but the Blonde side was straight with like a curl at the end and felt really weird! OH NO! So I got an artist endorsement deal with Stages Spa and Salon.. (Thanks Sancha, Rosalie and Thomas) Thomas the uber Master stylist at Stages suggested we shave the side and he healed what was left of the platinum side...Read about it here...

Even did two tone braids when the shaved side grew in...Shoutout to the best hair braider in the Land..Jonisha!

But eventually I faded to black to heal my hair...

After a little over 8 months my hair finally went back to a healthy state and I was able to do my now signature Birdie Two-tone all over again! The Birdie is BACK! But this time healthier on the hair. Less Heat more heart. And we don't need any platinum blonde. Umm...lets make platinum worthy music instead? Yeah!

The beauty of all this is the creativity of experimentation of our hair. Bravo Humans Bravoooo!

Welcome me back to my two tone life of sin! Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my journey!!

Peace and XO,

Maya Songbird

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