Thursday, December 29, 2011

My New Look For 2012 brought to you by Stages Salon and Spa!

I am excited to inform you that I have the best Hair stylist in the World! His name is Thomas and he is a Master Stylist at Stages Salon and Spa!
Thomas also styles My favorite hot mama San cha.

We both are the sexy mommas that will be representing Stages Salon and Spa and the magical work of Thomas the Stylist in 2012..
I know. We are So Hawt. Loves My San Cha...

Let me tell you about this Salon Called Stages...

Stages Salon and Spa is a Full Service Salon and Spa located in the heart of Downtown San Francisco..Right around Union Square...How Jazzy!
They offer full hair Services, Facial/Massages, and Makeup application. The full Salon and Spa experience to make you feel amazing of course.

And What I personally love About Stages is the setup of the Salon.
The Positioning of the stations to make your styling experience one on one with your stylist.
I also love the shampoo bowl where you lay down in the sink as if you are in bed.
It's a total relaxing experience...Not to mention the hand massage that is included with your shampoo. So Luxurious.
I also love the text message system that reminds and confirms all scheduled appointments with the Salon...LOVE IT!! :P

So the day of my appointment, I checked in for my appointment at Stages Salon and Spa at 12 noon and changed in to my Fancy hairstyling robe provided by the salon..

Then I sat in Thomas's Chair for my one on one Consultation...

"Oh my Nappy Two toned hair...:)"

We figured we try something new as I told Thomas I was getting tired of the same ole two tone look.
So he sectioned me off on my blonde side and said "Girl, we about to shave this."
Or Something similar to that. I am bad with Quotes...

Oh the Fun has Just begun...

The Finished Look...

It's like two hairstyles in one right? However still simple Yet Effective...And the curls top it off making it extra glamorous...

Now lets talk about the amazing products that Salon uses!
Only the best of the best for Stages customers...


from Paris was the main product used during my visit to Stages...

And Thomas Sent me home with some products by Kerastase that saved my blonde side from total damnation...Its not easy being part blonde! My Blonde side has been the life of the party and has been damaged but the Keratase Shampoo and Conditioner has made my blonde side healthy again...Like magic!

So there You have it... My New Look for 2012!!

Brought to you by Stages Salon and Spa and My Supreme Stylist Thomas!!
Stay tuned for more fun creations from Thomas and please "Like" Stages Salon and Spa on Facebook HERE
and check out their website HERE
They have awesome introductory rates for new customers..

Call and Book your appointment with Stages and tell them Songbird Sent you...



Maya Songbird

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