Monday, November 11, 2013

A BirdieTAPE

wooooh...a birdietape shall arrive on to the planet on NOV.26th...

My birdie birthday..

Really excited about this Mixtape because I conjured up a batch of sexy grooves. for you and you and

I put a lot of #birdiejuice in to these grooves..
and I worked with the best engineer on this planet...adding all the bells and whistles to this Space ship...So that you sit back and smoke, meditate, and grow to this...

Mark your Calendar and say its A BirdieTape called "Pretty Bird, Song Bird" three times..

And I will appear to Place a heart right there on your lips, on Nov.26th!

I will be announcing shows for December...all places where you can get your hardcopy version..with a very special booklet..Peace...and #PrettyBirdSongBIRD

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