Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spread the Music. Spread the Positivity.

Welcome to August!! I want to share some positive music with you to get your month kicked off right!

First I would like to share you with a debut EP by Khalilah Isoke (Isoke Custom Designs)

Her Debut EP "From Oakland With Love" is uplifting.

My favorite songs on the project our "I did it", "You & Me" , "From Oakland With Love" and "Everything"...Wait thats the whole project!

The bridge on "I did it"... ""No more blues today, push the pain away...No you can not stay" <~~~A Great Mantra...

The whole project is sweet and sincere with massive positivity to lift your spirits with pure vibes sooo play it again and again and share!

Next I have to tell you all about "Blocka (Don't Block My Shine)"!!! By MADLines

I heard this song and was like ok my new Anthem.

and Then I saw the visual!!!And I put on my sunglasses!! and I leaned back in my stance This song is way to cool! Maddy got the Sexy dance moves...and don't even think about blocking her shine.

"Your lost not mine, wanna be a hater better do it on your own time.. Don't block my shine, wanna be a hater better do on your own time."

This song is 2 real and I can relate. We all can. But guess what~~~> Keep Shining!

Massive positivity to you all. Happy August.

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