Friday, August 2, 2013

What's the word, Songbird?

Oh you know...New Music Coming Soon...

and what I enjoy much about being the official curator of musical polyamory..

Is the fact that I am able to create lots of Musical babies...

Here are two feature projects you can expect from me August/September...

"Under a Cosmic Moon" Produced by Oji The Gift Bearer

Look at us! We discovered we are actually cousins! Which is hella awesome. But I call him my Big Brother Oji. And it has been fun building with him on this project and I love his family!

Check him out! Listen to his future Funk sounds and follow him on soundcloud so you are prepared for our project. Its a mind blower.

Also got a dope project with the swaggggggest of them all...#TrippySwaggert... We created this project and whole lot of epiphanies occurred simultaneously for us in our own personal lives and its captured via music! That's powerful.

Most importantly we had fun. WE are big kids. I am thankful for Trippy because he always encourages me and looks out for me. That's a friend. Oh and you have to follow him on Instagram because he posts really great videos that will keep you in tears. He Deserves his own TV show. Someone give him a TV Show! (Trippyswaggert on instagram)

The project was originally named "Writing My Life" but it might not be called that anymore so please stay tuned.

Check out Trippy on Souncloud...

If you would like to make musical love with me...hit me here...

Peace and Xo..

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