Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sasha Kelley:HeadSpace

Was able to finally catch the Exhibit by one of my favorite illuminating Photographer, Goddess Sasha Kelley.

On a Sunday, July 7th, Cosmic church was held at Krowswork in Downtown Oakland Showcasing Sasha's Photography, Videos, and Stories.

I was intrigued to attend because ONE I love Sasha Kelley and TWO one of the photos She shot of me was apart of the exhibit.

REWIND. I met Sasha Kelley early 2012 through a mutual friend who shared my "80/90" EP.

We then linked for a photo/interview Series. Which Sasha titled "Lol. Brainwash." Which is on her site

That was a great day because I wore fishnets and got a chance to photograph with Sasha on my freshly painted Yellow wall. Sasha Pinned my braids up in a creative crown and The shoot/documented interview begun.

Also I recall us walking then to the Fruitvale Bart Station and on our journey their was a man selling Ice Cream he had made and it was so delicious. It tasted like cold Flavor sand and for some reason was so delightful to my taste buds. I still search for this guy while walking down International BLVD.

Back to the Demi- Present, Sasha Kelley's Exhibit will be available to be viewed at Krowswork in Downtown Oakland...More Details here...

Enjoy some of the photos I snapped with my Iphone Device. But don't cheat yourself based on my experience. Your eyes must be delighted. You must head over to Krowswork before July 13th! Also of course stay tuned to www.SashaKelley.Com...

Queens D. Light

This Brilliant Shot of the Dynamic Duo..Queens D. Light and Duckwrth..aka Them Hellas So Powerful!

Then of Course Me.
Sasha Described this shot as "God Holding the universe in her soul"
Sasha see's me for who I am. Prodigy Eyes that has seen many lifetimes!

Sasha Kelley and I...

Good Vibes for all!

Xo, Maya Songbird


  1. I love Sahsa Kelley's work!!! I also did a post about her on . :-)

    1. super fabulous. what a phenomenal woman Sasha Kelley is! We celebrate her Brilliance! thanks for stopping by. sorry i am galaxies late in replying. be blessed.