Monday, July 22, 2013


I remember walking into what was once a hair salon in the process of becoming a store that caters to the beauty and positive mentality of femininity.

Fast forward months later and I am at the official Grand Opening of CONCEPT FOURTY SEVEN Where I got a chance to celebrate with my girl, the owner, Stevonne!

I was so juiced because we had been talking about a lot of the products prior but one product stayed in my mind because of the customers nick name for it. A special oil they nick named "Cooter juice"

After smelling the potion behind the scenes, I knew this "Cooter Juice" was all the way for me.

I was able to cop me a bottle at the Grand Opening. The actual name for the oil is "Juicy Summer Fruit Oils". And Ladies, After a nice shower this oil works wonders in our most precious areas.

I love this oil!

Also Stevonne has awesomely aroma therapy sprays, to be sprayed for energy shifting and positive vibes.

Along with other great goodies created by Stevonne for you to Explore! Especially for all the Natural hair Queens!

Make sure you stop by Concept Fourty-Seven in Oakland! Make sure to Cop the "Cooter juice" and discover many more great aromatherapy and products! And of course support an awesome black owned business in Oakland California!

Tell her Maya Songbird sent you!!!

(Talking with Stevonne about all the fabulous products..)

CONCEPT FOURTY SEVEN is located at 4727 Telegragh Blvd, Oakland CA

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AND enjoy this video on Instagram of us having a good ole time at the opening!!