Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: I will be opening up for Ise Lyfe at Yoshi's Oakland Nov.3rd!

How lucky am I to be opening up at Yoshi's for Sir Ise Lyfe. Lets just say Lyfe is truly grand!

I met Ise Lyfe through a mutual friend who played a very ruff version of "Lust" for him and he dug my track and like that next week we were in the studio working together on a track for his album. The track is hot fire by the way..;)

I am so happy to be playing this show with him and I thank Ise and Aja for this oppurtunity!


I will playing a opening set of "Maya Songbird Classics" ;) with Henry Moser, Next Thursday Evening, 8pm.

Check out what Ise Lyfe has in store for you! He will be paying homage to his top 5 artist that have influenced him musically!
That means an evening full of Respect to some amazing artist. Billie Holiday, Fela Kuti, 2PAC, Gil Scott-Heron,and Nina Simone. All Legends!
Check out the Press for this event and don't forget to purchase your tickets ASAP!

"One of the nation's greatest young performers and writers performing live at the legendary Yoshi's Jazz Club
November 3, 2011

Paying homage and adding his twist
to the classic and powerful music of
these iconic musicians:

(Fela Kuti, Nina Simone, Gil Scott-Heron, Tupac Shakur, Billie Holiday)

"Essentially, these five artist best represent the core of my artistic inspiration and embody a standard of both content and skill that I am always aspiring for. I'm excited to be performing back in myhometown at such a great venue to honor these giants."
- Ise Lyfe

Opening for Ise Lyfe is the brilliant soulful talent, Maya Songbird."

There you have it! An official Press release!

Purchase your tickets Here!

Hurry. I have a feeling this show is going to sell out. ;) So don't be left out.

Love and XO,

Maya Songbird

Did you miss the Show? Aww man!
We love you, Here is video footage.

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