Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Black Girl, Black Lips..

It has been forever since I rocked my Black lips...Ok Maybe since last Halloween :)

Anyways, It felt good to switch up my lip color from Red to Black.
Took me back to my teens when I went through an intense Goth phase.
Please do not ever expect to see any of those photos. I hope.
That would be true BLACKmail. *cringes*

I highly recommend black lips though for all my fellow raw fashion sluts. :)

My full Black Lips brings all the boys to the yard. :P

I call it Black Lips in Control!
I have had more fun with these lips then my red ones. But I don't kiss and tell.

My Black lips bought to you by *TADA* ~~~> "Black Radiance".

Why Black Radiance?
Because it is a recession and its affordable only 2 bucks at your local walgreens and it has good moisture to keep your black lips luxurious..simple and gets the job done...However I peeped MAC's black lipstick and that looks tasty as well...

Find the Best Black lips for you and I Would love to see and post your black lips. Please lets keep this black lip Epidemic going!

Send me your Black lips! I want Them!


Make sure to blow me a kiss!

Viva La Black LIPS,

Maya Songbird

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