Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello New York! I Love Thee!


Life as I know it will never be the same.
New york, Where have you been all of my life? :)

Alicia and I went to New york for a week, and I got to see how New Yorkers get down. The grind is intense in NYC and EVERYONE is on their hustle SON.

I fell in Love with New York and I fell Hard.
(On the Subway)

Alicia and I stayed in Brooklyn (Bedford Stuyvesant) with her cousin Leah and her beautiful daughter Annie.

 I felt like I belonged! Leah and Annie were so hospitable!

The week we were there it was Leah's birthday and she had an awesome birthday party at The Brooklyn Bowl and Questlove was on the ones and twos. Hella Good times!

I also got to attend my first New York Brunch in honor of Leah's Bday and it was , you guessed it, AWESOME. We ate at spot called A BISTRO.
I had french toast :) and every bite was the
Here's a pic. Sorry I didn't save you any. :)

(Blackberry Shot)

Leah also made a kick ass Red Velvet Birthday Cake for us all to enjoy in honor of her day!


I smuggled a slice home but it didn't make it on the plane. That is how delicious that cake was. :)

I also got to see my sister who drove up from Philly to see me, and she took me out to be a true tourist. To really see New York.

I had to twirl in Time Square one time!

I even got to sit in New York Traffic on The Brooklyn bridge!

(brooklyn bridge)

Just the Ambiance of New york is amazing. Even the Traffic.

So down to the business aspect of our trip.
There were meetings and pounding the pavement.
We went to New york with over a hundred Promo cds.

Made some new fans and business connects.

Every night was a success in meeting new connects and of course we were flyy every night out on the town.


We met an awesome singer by the name of Len Xiang ( singing so sweetly in a New York subway station.


And I even got to jam with him SON!

.. I just went with the flow and had a good time. I almost fainted though, I have never been swooned by a male singer. I fell in love.

Music was all around me in New York!!
I got to collab on a track with my good friend  Khalil Anthony, and be in his energy. He is so awesome.

I also Got to record a dope track with the man DJ KIVA.
I met him a while back when he was in the bay area working with a Fellow Musician by the name of Sunru, and he said if I was ever in his neck of the woods to give him a holler and So I did and the outcome was amazing.


Stay Tuned Son.

-Maya Songbird

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