Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter. In a world Today.

I am an 80s baby and I remember all of my encounters with Fictitious Holiday characters as if they occurred yesterday.

They always seemed to be like a scene out of a movie. Easter bunny chilling on a easter bunny throne with easter bunny helpers and photographers.
People smiling and waving. Some kids terrified of the furry mass, some pulling on fur.

WELL let us fast forward to 2011!!!
Apparently the Easter Bunny is feeling the crunch of the recession and has decided not to play well with our children.

Tyree and I just happened to stumble across this unfriendly bunny on Saturday!


I know it is hard to believe. I am still shocked!

Luckily my son is a trooper and was not ruined by this easter bunnies actions!!

Shame on you MR EASTER BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!

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