Friday, November 26, 2010

Turning 28. Totally KICK ass!

I must say I had to start this year off RIGHT.

12:00 am hit and your girl rolled a JOINT...Popped a bottle of sparkling wine... Hopped in the tub... you know had to wash off 27 correctly!

Man I tell yah..27 was intense..I went through this tremendous REBIRTH that was off the hook.
The Universe was drop kicking my ass left and right!
It wasn't bad though?
I would say the universe was like my big sibling dropping me down but holding out a Hand to help me back up.
Weird Shit.
It was cute I guess. :)
There were even amazing people I met along the way who sensed what I needed and gave me the tools to survive and HERE I am.
I love you all who helped me survive.
You know who you are.
yourself and scratch your back! I hope this finds you well. MWAH!

I am now officially on my Saturns Return Journey...Please stay tuned! Life just got very interesting.

What I would like for 28?
Good Health, Good Mind, Lots of Kisses and WELL WISHES!! Oh and of course I want to give YOU GREAT MUSIC!

I love you.

-Maya Songbird

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